PS5 crashes reseller sites, Amazon employees steal € 500,000 from iPhone, week’s recap

Gamers flocked to the PS5 when it was released causing technical problems at reseller sites, Amazon fired five employees for stealing € 500,000 worth of iPhone 12, a chip in the infotainment system Tesla Model S and Model X will make driving 159,000 cars more complicated … Here is the recap of the week!

recap of the week

We suspected a little: the exit of the PS5 caused some technical problems on the sites of the resellers, who could not manage the flow of visitors coming to buy the console. Anger is also rumbling over a documentary on the coronavirus released on November 11 and relaying many conspiracy theories about it. Two big numbers also made the headlines this week: € 500,000 worth of iPhones stolen by Amazon employees with a relatively simple trick, and 159,000 Tesla cars soon to be obsolete due to the storage chip in the system. expiring infotainment. Finally, a photo revealing the significant size difference between the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 + has surfaced on the web.

PS5 sales crash retailer sites

Available since yesterday in France, the PS5 has triggered a real tsunami on merchant sites having succeeded in building up stocks. It didn’t take a long time for platforms to encounter technical issues and display a maintenance page. The grass was not necessarily greener in the neighbors, as UK dealers also suffered the anger of users unable to get hold of the precious console. “There are extremely high levels of demand for our website this morning and we are experiencing some technical issues. Our teams are working hard to get the site up and running again as soon as possible. We apologize to our customers for any inconvenience caused ”, John Lewis said on his site.

PS5 price

€ 500,000 in stolen iPhones, Amazon lays off 5 employees

You don’t have to be a crime genius to steal a lot of money. These five Amazon employees understood this well, since they had to develop a simple trick to steal the equivalent of € 500,000 in iPhone. Specifically, it is the latest iPhone 12s that have been the subject of repeated thefts. To do this, they have made many low-cost orders on the platform, then have replaced the contents of the packages by precious smartphones. Amazon became aware of the deception thanks to the weight difference displayed between packages and actual orders. After installing cameras in his warehouse, the criminals were caught with no less than 10 iPhones in their pockets.

Amazon warehouse package

159,000 Tesla cars will soon be obsolete

Tesla Model X and Model S NAND Chips Are Coming soon to expire. If so far this information does not worry you, know that these chips collect and store data from all the equipment managed by the infotainment system. Once the date has passed, the reversing camera, turn signals and other audible alerts will be subject to many bugs. To delay the fateful deadline, Tesla has rolled out a patch that “Reduces the memory used, improves data storage management, changes the method of controlling the turn signals and automatically sets the HVAC system to 22 ° C in the event of frost”. While admitting that sooner or later we will have to go through the box chip replacement.

Tesla infotainment system

Photo reveals size difference between Galaxy S21 + and S21 screens

The famous Ice Universe leaker posted on his Twitter account a diagram of the Galaxy S21 and Galaxy 21+, revealing at the same time the impressive size difference between the two smartphones. According to some sources, the standard S21 is equipped with a 6.2 ”, while the top model would be built around a slab of 6.7 ′‘. The Galaxy S21 Ultra, meanwhile, would measure 6.8 ”. These diagrams also confirm the use of the Infinity-O display by Samsung, as well as a design inspired by the iPhone 12. Other information indicates that the Galaxy S21 range will be officially announced on January 14 next.

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 + comparison

Coronavirus documentary creates controversy

2h43 from conspiracy theories and accusations launched against the elites, this is the program of “Hold-up”, the documentary on the coronavirus signed Pierre Barnérias-Desplas. Posted on November 11 on Vimeo VOD, the paid version of the video host, the film quickly attracted a lot of criticism: 400,000 tweets were written in a week. Faced with this outcry, Vimeo withdrew the documentary from its platform, before it ended up on Odysee, a site popular with conspirators. He has since also landed on YouTube, where he has a total of almost 3 million views on the fifty accounts that posted it. As YouTube tries its best to remove the video, its creators have harvested 147,000 euros per month on Tipee.

documentary heist coronavirus

Our tests of the week

Two mini smartphones and two giant graphics cards, perfect parity among our tests this week! The Sony Xperia 5 II impresses with its power and autonomy, while its use with one hand is very pleasant and, something quite rare to notify, its SIM drawer can be removed without accessories. Nevertheless, the quality of his photos is quite disappointing and the Google Assistant button is revealed. almost useless. It is marketed at a price of € 899. The iPhone 12 Mini has nothing to envy the power of its competitor and even allows itself to innovate for smartphones of its size with the presence of a dual speaker. Although the price 859 € for its 128 GB model is very good value for money, it seems unnecessary to pay € 809 for the 64 GB version, and downright excessive to spend € 979 for 256 GB version, especially considering no adapter in the box. The Radeon RX 6800 and RX 6800 XT, for their part, do not go all the way: they are powerful, low in energy and sign the arrival of ray-tracing at AMD. However, it seems difficult for them to compete with the cards of Nvidia, because less powerful and less innovative. The only advantage over its competitors, their price is respectively € 579 and 649 €.

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