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Amidst so many technological advances, the music business could not be left out. After all, there are several techniques being improved among composers to create melodies, songs and jingles quickly and practically. One of the most popular techniques in recent years is VS, which basically consists of Virtual Sound. But do you know exactly what that means?

What is Virtual Sound?

In general terms, Virtual Sound is about sound reproductions that can be generated by means of electronic devices. In the absence of an instrument, for example, some programs are able to replace it so that its physical lack is not as impactful.

Learn more about Virtual Sound to improve your musical compositions.  (Rupam Dutta/Unsplash/Reproduction)Learn more about Virtual Sound to improve your musical compositions. (Rupam Dutta/Unsplash/Reproduction)Fonte: Rupam Dutta/Unsplash

There are also several mechanisms that make the virtual instruments look a lot like the real ones, making everything more agile for musicians when they need to work with issues that are far removed from their reality.

The ease of Virtual Sound features means that fewer and fewer people are involved in a soundtrack. In times of pandemic, this has become even more recurrent, as it prevents crowding at various levels.

What are the best vs breeders?

If you are interested in this technique and want to know more about it, you can’t miss the programs listed below. You will see all the advantages as well as disadvantages when choosing each one of them. Our mission is to help you choose some of the best players for vs on Windows.

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Ableton Live

(Ableton/Reproduction)(Ableton/Reproduction)Source: Ableton

Framed as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), which in free translation would be something like a workstation for digital audio, this software was released in 2018 for the most popular operating systems on the market, including Windows — as of the 7th version.

A feature that sets it apart from other programs is its ease of handling, in addition to being essential for live performances, replacing most instruments, and also to facilitate virtual composition and creation of arrangements in the studio. Ableton Live also features a huge collection of effects, importing and exporting videos in various sound formats such as WAV, MP3 and FLAC.

Voice meeter

(VB Audio Software/Playback)(VB Audio Software/Playback)Fonte: VB Audio Software

Another possibility available for download is Voicemeeter, which works directly with the sound issue of the voice. In addition to performing real-time manipulations on what is being said or sung, it is possible to distort it in different aspects to increase bass, reduce noise and create new perceptions from a single file.

It’s interesting to see how the program can be used in various audio projects, showing the versatility of people’s voices. Inside the program, there are some specific components like microphone, virtual sound player, sound monitoring and editing, as well as control channels.

Audio Playback Recorder

(Tongsoft/Reproduction)(Tongsoft/Reproduction)Fonte: Tongsoft

Specialized in audio recording, this program will surprise you with all the functions it is capable of performing. Broadly speaking, the Audio Playback Recorder fulfills what it promises in its title, after all, it is perfect for recording sounds coming from the virtual field, like the computer itself, as well as offering editing and manipulation tools for all captured elements.

In this way, users who want to use it will be able to carry out a series of virtual actions, including conversions to numerous formats and players, making it an indispensable software for those who want to infiltrate virtual sound music media.

Solo Performer Show Controller

(Alien Apparatus Company, Inc./Reprodução)(Alien Apparatus Company, Inc./Reprodução)Fonte:  Alien Apparatus Company, Inc.

For musicians who want to perform or compose themselves and don’t have mastery of several instruments, this program for Windows can be an effective solution in all senses, after all, it offers a range of creative possibilities, which can be used without complexity.

Within its package of differentials are the vs playback with audio in playback, lyrics of several songs, control of sound effects and also allows, in a live performance, the stage lights to be controlled in a single place. That way, the shows will be made easier, especially if you’re alone in this musical journey.

FL Studio

(Image-Line/Reproduction)(Image-Line/Reproduction)Fonte:  Image-Line

To close this list of recommendations, we could not fail to mention FL Studio (Fruity Loops Studio), an audio sequencer so that your songs are edited in a single environment in a safe, easy and practical way. Its main features deal with editing and mixing sound for all audiences, allowing recording of instruments by vs and voice.

The software also offers effects such as reverb, delay and filters to enhance compositions, as well as being compatible with ASIO and WDM. An advantage is being able to save everything created within the program in different formats such as WAV, MIDI and MP3.

If you liked all the options listed, be sure to let us know which one is the best in your opinion!

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