Prixtel roughs up the competition with a 40 GB plan for less than 5 euros

Prixtel is revolutionizing the market for mobile offers with mini price and maxi giga packages throughout the Black Friday period. From only 4.99 euros per month with 40 GB included to 9.99 euros per month with 200 GB included, all of these packages are non-binding!

On the occasion of Black Friday, Prixtel has concocted good deals that you will not often see at the operators. For any subscription until November 30, this specialist in low-cost packages has outdone himself with three exceptional offers which, despite their low starting price, give you access to a maximum of mobile data.

  • A mobile plan from 4.99 euros per month which includes 40 to 60 GB
  • A mobile plan from 6.99 euros per month which includes 100 to 140 GB
  • A mobile plan from 9.99 euros per month which includes 200 to 260 GB

These packages include all unlimited calls in mainland France and from the European Union and the DOM, 10 to 15 GB for those traveling in the EU and the DOM and they are of course without any commitment!

Packages that adapt to your consumption

As you may not consume 100 to 200 GB of mobile data every month, Prixtel offers you offers tailored to your consumption, however irregular it may be, with step-by-step operation, which will allow you to have complete control. of your Budget. And always without any commitment on your part.

Thus, during Black Friday and only until November 30, by subscribing to the flexible package The little one, for 4.99 euros per month, you can consume up to 40 GB. In the event of an exceptional excess, your subscription will cost you only 7.99 euros per month within the limit of 50 GB or 9.99 euros per month, within the limit of 60 GB. Offers usually billed 9.99 euros, 12.99 euros or 14.99 euros per month. So don’t wait to take advantage of it, these rates are guaranteed for 12 months!

prixtel black friday

For the most greedy consumers, we can only advise the flexible package The big one, just as interesting during this promotional period, with reduced rates guaranteed for 12 months and always without commitment! By subscribing to this offer, for only 6.99 euros per month, you have 100 GB. The additional 20 GB, or 120 GB, will bring the monthly bill to only 9.99 euros, while consumption up to 140 euros will be charged 12.99 euros. Usually much higher prices, offered at the respective prices of 12.99 euros, 15.99 euros and 18.99 euros.

prixtel black friday

Finally, if you literally explode your mobile data consumption every month, Prixtel also offers a great deal to grab before November 30 included with its flexible package The giant, with 5G option, which includes 200 GB for only 9.99 per month instead of 15.99 euros.

For consumption up to 230 GB the package goes to 12.99 euros instead of 18.99 euros and up to 260 GB, it is charged 15.99 euros instead of 21.99 euros. Useful in this period of teleworking, if you need to connect from a place without Wi-Fi coverage! And these rates are guaranteed for 12 months! With Le Géant, you get 15 GB if you travel in the EU or the Dom and even unlimited calls to the USA and Canada in addition to landlines to the EU and Doms. For an additional 5 euros per month, Prixtel subscribers can even access the 5G network with this package.

prixtel black friday

Prixtel: guarantee of a quality mobile network that respects the environment

As an MVNO, Prixtel does not have its own 3G / 4G / 5G antennas, but rents them to the operator SFR for the benefit of its subscribers. The latter therefore have access to the 4G or 5G network, from one of the main suppliers on the market, with the guarantees that this may include. The SFR network thus covers 99.7% of the French population with 4G / 4G + and already more than 450 municipalities with 5G. Theoretical speeds can reach up to 500 Mbit / S in 4G + and up to 2 Gbit / s in the 3.5 GHz frequency band, in 5G.

Since 2019, Prixtel has been committed to protecting the environment. The operator thus markets CO2 neutral mobile plans. To achieve this, it has chosen to offset the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the use of its mobile plans by its customers (which represents on average 30 kg of CO2 per year and per person!) By reforesting French forests. Nearly 8,000 trees were planted from the start in Maine-et-Loire and Loir-et-Cher. Prixtel thus undertakes to offset 100% of the CO2 emissions produced by its mobile customers, with the objective of achieving zero emissions before 2050.

In 2021, Prixtel has even set a new objective: to support farmers who are partners of the FCAA (France Carbon Agri Association) over 5 years to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. In turn, by choosing to subscribe to one of Prixtel’s offers, you too will be able to limit your environmental impact. Do not delay!

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