Prime Gaming: July has Telltale’s Batman and more free games!

Since acquiring the Twitch streaming platform, Amazon is increasingly investing in the Prime Gaming service, which offers free games and exclusive in-game items to its subscribers. It is part of the Amazon Prime package, which costs R$9.90 a month and includes free shipping on the shopping site, streaming movies and series on Prime Video, as well as books and music on the company’s other applications.

The truth is that Prime Gaming’s free games may not be as interesting as other such services. However, if you already have the Prime subscription for other things (like Twitch itself), it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the titles that the company has separated for the month of July, right? This time there are six.

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1. Batman: The Enemy Within — The Telltale Series

This is “season two” of the episodic game The Telltale Series — which was among Prime Gaming’s free games in June. The highlight of this title is its story, with good dialogue and character development. The way the Joker is portrayed, in particular, was well praised by critics at the time of release (in 2017).

To read other stories about Batman: The Enemy Within here on Voxel, click here.

Image: Microsoft/ReproductionImage: Microsoft/ReproductionSource:  Microsoft/Reproduction

two. RAD

This game was developed by Double Fine and, like other titles from the producer, it draws attention for its pop aesthetic and fun dynamics – which makes the player lose track of time having fun in the various stages.

In the analysis published by Voxel in 2019, RAD was considered a bit repetitive, but creative and interesting for moments of distraction. Since it’s free on Prime Gaming, it’s worth checking it out.

3. The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature

This is a much lesser known indie title than the others on the list: we had to do some research to find information and explain to you what it’s about. But if you like literature and games with beautiful graphics, Frankeinstein’s Creature may interest you.

That’s because the adventure game puts the player in the universe of the classic Mary Shelley book and allows you to rewrite history. The art direction and the soundtrack, in particular, were highly praised, earning an average of 70 points on Metacritic.

Image: Steam/ReproductionImage: Steam/ReproductionSource:  Steam/Reproduction

4. Tales of the Neon Sea

Just like the previous title, Tales of The Neon Sea is an indie adventure game that stands out for its visuals and story. However, instead of beautiful drawings, we have retro pixel art and a cyberpunk universe. The game proposes that you explore a retro-futuristic city, while interacting with NPCs and solving puzzles.

Image: Steam/ReproductionImage: Steam/ReproductionSource:  Steam/Reproduction

5. Automachef

The proposal is very simple, but those who like creative puzzles and ironic humor can guarantee a good hour of fun with Automachef. The idea is to create a kitchen, fitting the machines in sequence and managing the resources to pass the phases. Nothing too complex, but it’s fun and makes your head work.

Image: Steam/ReproductionImage: Steam/ReproductionSource:  Steam/Reproduction

6. Portal Dogs

It is a casual game, with versions for Android and iOS, in addition to computers and consoles. The story puts the player as “King of Dogs”, exploring 2D platforms and puzzles to pass the levels.

Image: Steam/ReproductionImage: Steam/ReproductionSource:  Steam/Reproduction

So, did any of these titles pique your interest? Leave your opinion on Prime Gaming’s July free games in the comments!

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