price, release date, range, everything you need to know about the electric city car

All the technical specifications and information on prices, equipment and availability of the Dacia Spring Electric are now known. Here is everything you need to know about the cheapest 100% electric car sold in France.

dacia spring electic recharge

Dacia, the Renault subsidiary specializing in low-cost vehicles, has formalized a good deal of information on its new Spring Electric, a city car focusing on value for money. The vehicle is made in China and not in Romania as is generally the case with Dacia. It is assembled in a factory of the automobile manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Corporation, which is in the top 4 of Chinese automobile manufacturers, located in the city of Shiyan. The Dacia Spring Electric is the result of a collaboration between Renault, Nissan and Dongfeng.

What is the price of the Dacia Spring Electric?

Its main selling point is its price. The Dacia Spring Electric is presented as “The most affordable 100% electric car on the market”. The vehicle is therefore marketed at a particularly attractive price, making it accessible to as many people as possible.

  • The Dacia Spring Electric Comfort version is displayed in series at the list price of 16,990 euros, i.e. 12,403 euros after deduction of the ecological bonus. It is possible to add an optional spare wheel at 180 euros as well as a mode 3 Type 2 charging cable for the sum of 250 euros. Lightning Gray, Cenote Blue and Goji Red metallic paints are billed at 500 euros, while Kaolin White is included in the price.
  • The Dacia Spring Electric Comfort Plus version (+) is delivered from 18,490 euros, or 13,498 euros by taking into account the ecological bonus that the buyer can claim (see our file on the bonus-malus system and the conversion bonus for more information). Lightning Gray, Cenote Blue and Goji Red metallic paints are included in the price this time, as is the spare tire. This model also adds the Techno pack with 7-inch central screen, integrated GPS, reversing camera and rear radars. Finally, the Comfort Plus version also offers orange finishes on certain exterior and interior elements of the electric car. A mode 3 Type 2 charging cable can be purchased as an option for 250 euros, as can a 30 kW DC Combo socket for an additional 600 euros.
  • The Dacia Spring Electric Business version is dedicated to professionals. Sold for 16,800 euros (12,264 euros with the ecological bonus), it is very similar to the Comfort version. But it has more options, available on the Comfort Plus version, to allow the vehicle to be personalized more precisely. For example, it is possible to add the Techno pack for 450 euros, while individuals are obliged to buy the Comfort Plus to benefit from it.

The promise is kept: the production Dacia Spring Electric is indeed the cheapest electric car sold in France. Remember that the Citroën Ami is a 100% electric vehicle available at a lower price (from 6,900 euros), but that it is not approved as a car. This is a license-free quadricycle that cannot be compared to the Dacia Spring Electric. Our Citroën Ami test will teach you more.

dacia spring electric

Is the Dacia Spring Electric available for rental?

The Dacia Spring Electric is also available for long-term rental. For a 49-month, 40,000-kilometer contract, count 89 euros rent per month for the Comfort version and 94 euros for the Comfort Plus version, after deduction of the ecological bonus and with the conversion bonus, the latter making it possible not to pay a contribution in the first month. The Business version is not available in LLD. For rental, the 30 kW Combo quick charge socket is optional.

Remember that at the end of the long-term rental, you do not have a purchase option to acquire the car, which you must return to Dacia unless the contract is extended. It is therefore really a rental and not an alternative to consumer credit, it is important to distinguish between the different forms of car leasing.

We should add that it will also be possible to rent a Dacia Spring via the E.Leclerc brands. A partnership between Renault and the distributor has been announced to provide customers with a fleet of 3,000 electric vehicles. The price is based on a daily rental fixed at 5 euros, to which must be added the electricity consumption, based on the mileage. Details on this are still awaited. This alternative allows you both to troubleshoot for a one-off need, or to test the car for a few days before a possible purchase.

When is the Dacia Spring Electric released?

Pre-orders for the Dacia Spring Electric open from March 20, 2021. But the delivery of vehicles will only start in the during the fall, without specifying an exact release date for the moment. Remember that component shortages have seriously hampered automotive production since 2020.

A priori, Renault should on the other hand manage to deliver the first Dacia Spring Electric to E.Leclerc in March or April, where they will be offered for daily rental.

Each pre-order gives the right to a prepaid recharge card for about 2000 kilometers on the Plugsurfing network. The pre-order period should last until June. From there it will only be possible to order the car in the traditional way.

Note that the Dacia Spring Electric is derived from the Renault K-ZE (which is itself inspired by the Renault Kwid), launched in China at the end of 2019, but whose sale was stopped in mid-2019. 2020 because of its commercial failure. The latter is in particular due to the fact that the vehicle has not been approved in China so that consumers can benefit from local financial aid. The Dacia Spring Electric should generate more enthusiasm here than the K-ZE did in the Middle Kingdom.

dacia spring electric

The Dacia Spring Cargo, a utility version of the vehicle with only two seats, will not be marketed until 2022.

A compact city car design

The Dacia Spring Electric adopts a compact format with its dimensions of 3.74 meters in length (slightly longer than a Twingo), 1.62 meters wide (1.77 meters with mirrors) and a height of 1.52 meters. All for a weight of 950 kilograms when the vehicle is empty. This does not prevent it from being able to accommodate up to four people in the passenger compartment and from offering a five-door system.

These characteristics make it a good city car, easy to maneuver in the city and can easily find a place to park with its turning diameter of 9.40 meters. The Spring is equipped with roof bars, a rear ski and high ground clearance. The trunk with a capacity of 300 liters is relatively spacious for a compact, with also the possibility of folding the rear seat to free up to 620 liters of space.

dacia spring electric trunk

Aesthetically, the vehicle looks pretty good for a Dacia, with muscular lines and 14 black diamond rims. It almost looks like a small sporty SUV, especially with the orange accents available on the Comfort Plus model. The new Y-shaped light signature of Dacia inaugurated with the latest Sandero looks very good on the Spring Electric, the attention paid to the front and rear lights is appreciable.

dacia spring electric lights

Inside, obviously, space is reduced. The driver is seated high, with the steering wheel which is suddenly quite low. This cannot be adjusted since the position at the top of the seat and that of the steering column of the steering wheel are fixed. The seat can only change position forwards and backwards. Half-leather, half-fabric upholstery is found on the versions for individuals, and only TEP for the variant intended for professionals. The latter also benefits from protection to the door sills and the trunk sill, as well as floor mats at the front and rear.

dacia spring electric interior

What is the range of the Dacia Spring Electric?

With its battery with a capacity of 27.4 kWh, the electric car is advertised at up to 230 kilometers of autonomy in the combined cycle of the WLPT measurement standard, which is based on a full standardized cycle consisting of 57% of journeys. urban, 25% peri-urban journeys and 18% motorway journeys. The Dacia Spring Electric reaches up to 305 kilometers in the WLTP urban cycle, which only takes into account the city journey of the cycle previously described. We would like to remind you that the Spring is intended above all for city use and not for backpackers.

The vehicle is recharged via the socket located at the front. As usual, several power options, and therefore charging speed, are available:

  • 1:30 p.m. for a full charge on a standard household outlet of 2.3 kW.
  • 8:30 for a full charge on a Green Up or Wallbox socket 3.7 kW.
  • 4h51 for a full charge on a Wallbox socket. The Type 2 connector fitted as standard only supports power up to 6.6 kW not allowing full benefit of the performance of Wallboxes at 7.4 kW and above.
  • 50 minutes for a load up to 80% with the Combo DC socket 30 kW (optional at 600 euros) on a compatible fast charging station.
dacia spring electric recharge

The Dacia Spring Electric consumes an average of 13.9 kWh / 100 km in the combined cycle, and an average of 10 kWh / 100 km in the urban cycle.

How does the Dacia Spring Electric perform?

The engine is based on a power of 33 kW, or 44 horsepower. The Dacia Spring Electric is capable of reaching up to 125 km / h, but the electric city car will take time to get there. It has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 19.1 seconds. And it takes the trifle of 24 seconds to go from 80 to 120 km / h.

A energy saving mode is available, allowing up to 9% autonomy. The power of the vehicle then drops to 30 horsepower for a maximum speed of 100 km / h.

What functions are connected to the Dacia Spring Electric?

dacia spring electric gps

The MEDIA NAV multimedia system and its 7-inch touch screen, available as an option or included in the Comfort Plus version, allows smartphone replication via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It is possible to make calls, have messages read and dictated, launch a GPS route, request the playback of a playlist, a podcast or an audio book … all by voice command or navigation commands, tactile via the screen or knobs and buttons. Spotify, Waze, WhatsApp and many other apps are compatible. Finally, the Dacia Spring Electric has Bluetooth connectivity.

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