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The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to be the biggest redesign of Apple smartwatches since Series 4. While few new exclusive features are expected on this model, the new features of watchOS 8 will improve the experience. provided.

Credit: Jon Prosser

The Apple Watch Series 7 must come to improve the successful formula of connected watches from the Cupertino company, which already largely dominates the smartwatches market. What new features are expected on the Apple Watch Series 7, when will it be available and at what price, so many questions that we answer in these lines.

πŸ’° How much will the Apple Watch Series 7 cost?

The apple brand diverges little from the prices charged on the previous generation of Apple Watch when marketing its new connected watches. The prices of the various Series 7 models should therefore be closer to those of the Series 6 when they are released, Apple is not yet seriously threatened by the competition in this segment and therefore has no real interest in lowering. its rates.

We can thus count on an entry price of 429 euros for the Apple Watch Series 7 with aluminum case, WiFi connectivity and 40mm dial. We will have to pay more, around 459 euros, to be entitled to a 44mm dial. Then, Apple will not ignore 4G LTE compatible versions, necessarily sold at a higher price. Count an additional hundred euros to obtain this option, therefore with watches at 529 or 559 euros depending on the version.

The American manufacturer has also gotten into the habit of launching Apple Watch with more high-end materials. It wouldn’t be surprising to see one model fitted with a stainless steel case and another with a titanium case, both in 40mm and 44mm. But the budget will not be the same, with prices that can be estimated between 779 and 879 euros.

In all, therefore, eight models are expected. This is good, it is exactly the number of new references registered by Apple with the Eurasian Economic Union: A2473, A2474, A2475, A2476, A2477 and A2478.

πŸ“… When is the Apple Watch Series 7 released?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his predictions of upcoming Apple products, says the Apple Watch Series 7 will launch in the second half of 2021. It is extremely likely that the smartwatch will show up on occasion. a keynote in September, as has been the case for several years now. Last year, the Cupertino company had turned its schedule upside down because of the consequences of the health situation in the world, presenting its iPhone only in October. But the Apple Watch, usually announced at the same time as the new iPhones, had been maintained for September despite everything, indicating the manufacturer’s desire to offer a new generation of its smartwatches every 12 months.

⌚ Which screen and which design for the Apple Watch Series 7?

One of the major novelties of the Apple Watch Series 7 is the design of the watch. Often-on-target leaker Jon Prosser has revealed renders showcasing what the device will look like, and there is some change. In particular, the curved and rounded edges give way to flat slices. An aesthetic choice reminiscent of the latest iPhone and iPad Pro, Apple seems to want to standardize the design of its different product lines.

For the rest, the Apple Watch Series 7 retains its square-shaped case as well as its digital crown positioned on the right edge of the watch. The OLED display does not conceal a fingerprint reader for the Touch ID biometric authentication feature, a feature that had been mentioned by several previous sources. No micro-LED either this year, Apple has seriously looked at this technology offering, among other things, better brightness, but it would not arrive before 2023.

The panel should have the same technical characteristics as on the last generation, with a definition of 368 x 448 pixels or 324 x 394 pixels depending on the size of the dial, Retina OLED LTPO technology and the Always-On feature which allows you to keep it on the go. permanently display important information (time, battery level, notifications) without straining the battery too much. But Apple would have worked on reducing the size of the bezels between the screen and the case, so the watch could display finer borders. Prototypes would in any case have been developed according to Bloomberg, it remains to be seen whether the final product selected will benefit from this.

Regarding the colors, Apple will add this year the option of green, the same shade as the one we have already discovered with the AirPods Max. Finally, the Apple Watch Series 7 could be slightly thicker than the Series 6, but in a way that is almost imperceptible to the user.

πŸ”‹ What is the autonomy of the Apple Watch Series 7?

If there is a flaw to point out on the Apple Watch, and this since the first generation, it is the low autonomy provided by these connected watches, which must too often be recharged daily, like a smartphone. It is possible that the situation will finally improve somewhat with the Series 7. It is rumored that the chip on board the watch would be more compact, freeing up space for a larger battery. The thicker hair design of the accessory could also help to incorporate a battery with a more generous capacity.

🏎 The Apple Watch Series 7 even more powerful

The connected watch will be powered by a new Apple S7 SoC, which is expected to boost the performance of the smartwatch, although it’s unclear to what extent at this time. A coprocessor dedicated to wireless connectivity will support the main chip. It could be the Apple W3, which we know well since it equips the Apple Watch since the Series 4. Ultra Wideband chip (UWB) is intended to complete the configuration. This is used for what Apple calls spatial perception, but it is not yet known whether it is the Apple U1 Ultrawideband introduced last year or a new generation of chip that will equip the Apple Watch Series 7. This UWB chip will in any case offer better compatibility with AirTags and will make it easier to find a lost watch.

πŸ”Ž What are the new features of the Apple Watch Series 7?

If reports indicating that Apple is developing many features to improve its Apple Watch encouraged optimism about the novelties brought by the Series 7, we end up disappointed, because no major additions should be made. appearance this year. The Cupertino company would not be ready and apart from its design, the Apple Watch Series 7 looks like a transitional generation.

watchos 8
Credit: Apple

It will not have a blood glucose level sensor, a feature expected in particular by diabetics. According to Bloomberg, such technology poses a number of challenges for Apple engineers, and it’s not said to be built into the Apple Watch Series 8 either.

According to the same source, the apple brand has also drawn a line on the temperature sensor. Ardently desired to meet the needs related to the health crisis we are experiencing, such a sensor will not be available on an Apple connected watch until at least 2022.

The Apple Watch Series 7 should however remain one of the best smartwatches for health monitoring with the presence of an electrocardiogram (ECG) for heart rate measurements or an oximeter for measuring the level of oxygen in blood, or pulsed saturation (SpO2).

πŸ“„ What is new in watchOS 8?

During the last WWDC, Apple’s annual software conference, Apple formalized several new features and improvements to its operating system for wearable: watchOS 8, which will be offered natively on the Apple Watch Series 7. We will be entitled to a new dial, which takes a portrait taken with an iPhone and applies a dynamic overlay effect highlighting the protagonist (s) present in the photo.

watchos 8
Credit: Apple

This new version puts a definite emphasis on photos, with memories automatically synchronized with the watch and a selection displayed each day. And a collection of photos taken from the memories is presented as a mosaic on the device. Snaps can now be shared through the Messages and Mail apps with just a few taps, just like songs, albums or playlists through the new version of the Music app. The Messages app is also enhanced with GIFs to enrich conversations.

If the iPhone remains the preferred control hub for controlling its connected objects, the Apple Watch is making progress in this area and fits better into home automation ecosystems. With watchOS 8, it can view live footage captured by security cameras and be used to communicate through the camera with support for two-way audio. The interface will also make automatic suggestions for actions to be performed when a device is activated: unlock the door or turn on the entrance lights if someone rings the doorbell, for example. In addition, the status of all connected objects is now displayed at the top of the screen when opening the Home application: light bulbs on, thermostat temperature, etc.

The display of programmed scenes on the iPhone becomes smarter on the Apple Watch, with a focus according to the time of day in order to find more quickly the scene that is likely to interest us at a time precise of the day.

The Apple Watch will also serve as a wallet and keychain. The Wallet application allows you to keep a digital home key directly on the watch and to open different locks using a single key. A feature compatible with several popular smart lock brands.

watchos 8
Credit: Apple

The digital key can be securely shared with family members, friends, guests and even service providers. The watch also replaces the car key. With Ultra Wideband technology, the user is recognized as soon as he approaches his vehicle. And unlock the door, activate the alarm or adjust the temperature remotely becomes possible on compatible vehicles.

Still with Wallet, Apple wants to allow scan your identity documents. As the Apple Watch is already used to pay or present loyalty cards, the wallet would become superfluous.

The Breathe app has been renamed Mindfulness, and has a new feature: Reflection. To accompany a meditation session, she invites you to focus your thoughts on a short and inspiring theme, while contemplating an animation of the passing minute. The Breathe option has been enriched with new visualizations and tips to help the user focus and refocus on themselves. Finally, a summary of the Mindfulness minutes completed and the average heart rate is displayed after each breathing and reflection session to judge the effects of these spiritual moments on your body.

watchOS 8 also brings many other new features that will benefit the Apple Watch Series 7:

  • New focus modes and settings, with a message displayed for the caller when you are not available.
  • Measurement of respiratory rate during sleep.
  • Addition of Pilates to the workouts available.
  • Function Locate my device to find AirPods, an iPhone, AirTags …
  • Support for certain family transport cards.
  • AssistiveTouch to control the watch with hand gestures for people with motor disorders.
  • Always-on screen compatible with Alarms, Maps, Stopwatch and other third-party applications.
  • New Contacts application allowing you to add contacts from the watch.
  • Headphone audio settings.
  • Weather warnings with weather notifications in the hour to come and the intensity of those.
  • Programming several timers at a time.

The Apple Watch Series 7 being powered from its release by watchOS 8, it will benefit from all these new features.

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