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Inflation reached apps like Uber, 99 and others in Brazil. This Wednesday (10), the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) released the results of Broad National Consumer Price Index (IPCA) of October. The period was marked by a 19.85% increase in transport app prices. There was also an increase in the values ​​of other categories, including electronics and electricity.

Prices of transport applications, such as Uber and 99, increase in Brazil, according to October IPCA results (Image: Reproduction)

The IPCA is one of the indicators to measure inflation in Brazil. The results released today comprise prices collected between September 29 and October 28, 2021. During this period, the rate was 1.25%, a figure above the September result: 1.16%. The index accumulated in the year and in the last 12 months is 8.24% and 10.67%, respectively.

The Transport group is the segment with one of the biggest variations at the moment: 2.62% in October against 1.82% in the previous month. In addition to fuel, the skyrocketing values ​​of transport apps, such as Uber, 99 and others, draws attention. In this case, the result climbed from 9.18% in September to 19.85% in the following month.

The category also includes other highs. The price of airline tickets enters the list, which rose 33.86% compared to September. The price of gasoline (+3.10%) also deserves attention. According to the IBGE, “it was the sixth consecutive rise in the prices of this fuel, which accumulates increases of 38.29% in the year and 42.72% in the last 12 months”.

According to Amobitec, demand for racing has been increasing in recent months (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)
According to Amobitec, demand for racing has been increasing in recent months (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)

Demand for racing is increasing, says Amobitec

O Techblog got in touch with the Brazilian Association of Mobility and Technology (Amobitec), which represents services such as Uber and 99. In a statement, the organization informed that the sector has been registering an exponential increase in the demand for racing in recent months. As a result, this factor has led to a “temporary imbalance between supply and demand in the market”.

“Since the beginning of Covid-19, several surveys (Datafolha, PoderData, Ipec, for example) have shown that people started to use mobility applications more during the pandemic and, with the reopening, have preferred to use them in their displacements, as they consider it a more practical and safer option in relation to other modes with greater agglomeration of people”, they stated.

Amobitec also observes that companies have their own policies and strategies related to prices. Thus, race values ​​are influenced by some factors. They are the time and distance of the races, traffic conditions, selected vehicle category, level of demand at the chosen time and location, among others.

“According to IBGE data, transport by apps had a very low influence on October inflation, weighing 0.17%, compared to items such as electricity (5.07%) or health plans (3.79 %), for example”, they concluded.

Person typing in notebook.  (Image: Christin Hume/Unsplash)
Prices for TV, sound and computer items have increased for the ninth month in a row (Image: Christin Hume/Unsplash)

Electronics and electricity prices go up in October

Inflation also advanced on consumer electronics and electricity. In the Residential Articles group, the IBGE informs that the prices for TV, sound and computer articles rose for the ninth consecutive month, with another increase of 0.99%. Already electronic items and equipment had a high of 1.54% in October.

The electricity bill is another factor that gained more weight in Brazilians’ pockets. The results of the IPCA reveal that electricity increased by 1.16%. But the institute observes that the result of October is lower than that of September (6.47%). It is worth remembering that the water scarcity flag was maintained during the analysis period.

All other groups were also discharged. Check the results:

Group September October
Food and Drinks 1,02% 1,17%
Housing 2,56% 1,04%
Articles of Residence 0,90% 1,27%
Clothing 0,31% 1,80%
transport 1,82% 2,62%
Health and Personal Care 0,39% 0,39%
Personal expenses 0,56% 0,75%
education -0,01% 0,06%
Communication 0,07% 0,54%
General index 1,16% 1,25%
Source: IBGE

With information: IBGE

Updated at 1:26 pm with the positioning of Amobitec.

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