Preview of Little Nightmares 2: An even scarier nightmare

Little Nightmares is an indie game released in 2017 by developer Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco. The game has an atmosphere of giving goosebumps to a lot of adults out there, with a gameplay full of puzzles and a very “cringe” (uncomfortable) story.

In the plot, we take on the desperate journey of a nine-year-old girl named Six, who is trying to escape the ship Bocarra while being chased without rest by grotesque enemies like the Janitor, who has immense arms, the Cook Twins, and the enigmatic and dark Lady – besides the passengers on the ship who are eager to consume the meat of the poor girl.

And now, Voxel had the opportunity to play a preview of the Little Nightmares 2, which despite being about an hour long, brought new mechanics, enemies and good scares to the one who speaks to you.

The frightening reality of helpless children

With an atmosphere as good as in the first game, the build starts right after the events of its predecessor, in what appears to be a decrepit hospital inside The Signal Tower, full of creatures that are a mixture of humans and mannequins, that vibe “ super nice ”that who played silent Hill must know well.

But this time the young Six is ​​no longer alone, becoming co-protagonist and helping Mono, a little boy with a cardboard bag on his head, with only the little holes in his eyes. The girl can help to solve puzzles, give feet to access higher places and even hold enemies for a certain time.

Right away we came across the first puzzle: looking for the fuses to activate the energy of the place so we can use the elevator. For this, it is necessary to investigate the rooms of the hospital / asylum, and that is, my dear reader friend, that the situation grips.

It starts in that footprint of a dark and uncomfortable place during exploration (but luckily we have a flashlight that lights up a little better, unlike the first game we had with the help of a xumbrega lighter), and a hand – yes, like the Little Hand of Addams Family, but in a possessed version – it starts to chase you wildly through various paths.

And this is where we have a great news regarding the first game. This time, we don’t need to take shit home or put our tail between our legs and run! It is possible to use a hammer that is lying on the stage, however, as the weapon is much larger than the poor skinny boy, it takes a little time to carry out the attack, giving the enemy chances to dodge, so it might be a good calculation right on time to strike.

Look at the mannequins coming, kid!


As much as I am a lover (aka masochist) of horror games and being used to the genre, there were several times that I felt that little chill in my belly and I may have let out a half dozen “ouch that scare”.

The enemies of Little Nightmares 2 they are more cunning and difficult. As is the case with certain patient mannequins that chase Mono in dark environments, eager to grab him. As if that weren’t terrible enough, many areas are without power, remember?

So I was forced to take courage with the little boy and run away from them while frantically aiming the flashlight so as not to be cornered, and even so I had to pay close attention, because at a certain point, they start to come out of all corners, a scene totally worthy of a child’s (and adult’s) nightmare.


At the very end of the Preview, after a very complicated battle with manic hands, we find that it appears to be the first boss in the game, hanging upside down and with a Machiavellian face, but before an escape or combat can be started, the screen goes black and the build ends.

Final considerations

Little Nightmares 2 has a great potential to become even more frightening than its predecessor, and even though the new mechanics introduced in the preview are few, they promise to make the gameplay more interesting.

The game seems to have become more mature, the scary and bizarre ambience together with the great soundtrack are extremely engaging, making you enter even more into this putrid and broken universe. Six, as much as it is there to help, has a lot of feeling that it has lost all its childlike innocence, especially after the events we experienced at the end of the first title. I finished the build with a taste of want more and very excited for what will come in 2021, I couldn’t even stop quiet in the place of so much hype!

Little Nightmares 2 will be released for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch on February 12, 2021. The game will also win a version for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S, but without a date set.

I hope you like the Voxel Preview! And of course, don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments section!

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