Premiere has a reduction of up to 40% in the Brasileirão streaming subscription – Tecnoblog

Good news for those who like to follow football: the Globe reduced the value of Premiere in the annual plan. The service, which allows streaming of Brazilian Championship games, now starts at R$29.90 per month. The price of the monthly modality has not changed, but annual combos with Globoplay now have better prices.

Football field
Soccer field (Image: Emilio Garcia/Unsplash)

Here’s how the prices were:

Plano old price Current price
Premiere Anual BRL 598.80 per year
(equivalent to BRL 49.90 per month)
BRL 358.80 per year
(equivalent to 12x of BRL 29.90)
Monthly Premiere BRL 59.90 per month BRL 59.90 per month
Globoplay with annual Premiere BRL 778.80 per year
(equivalent to BRL 64.90 per month)
BRL 514.80 per year
(equivalent to 12x of BRL 42.90)
Globoplay with monthly Premiere BRL 69.90 per month BRL 69.90 per month
Globoplay + live channels with annual Premiere BRL 1,018.80 per year
(equivalent to BRL 12x of 84.90 per month)
BRL 778.80 per year
(equivalent to 12x of BRL 64.90)
Globoplay + live channels with monthly Premiere BRL 89.90 per month BRL 89.90 per month

The biggest price reduction is seen in the annual Premiere, which is down 40%. In the annual combo with Globoplay there was a cut of approximately 34%, while the most complete package with live channels fell by 23.5%.

For those who want to keep both services, it is worth hiring the combo even with the lowest discount: at the tip of the pencil, it is more advantageous to subscribe to the package than to pay for Globoplay and Premiere separately.

A pity is that Globo did not reduce the price of monthly plans, which may turn away viewers interested in specific games. THE TV news found that the new values ​​will be fixed and it is not a promotion for the beginning of the Brasileirão season.

Nothing has changed for those who subscribe to Premiere through Amazon Prime Video: the monthly fee remains the same at R$59.90.

Reduction does not reach Premiere on Pay TV

Those who watch football on Pay TV will not notice a reduction in Premiere prices. THE technoblog verified that Claro (NET), Vivo TV Fibra and Oi TV continue to sell only the package without loyalty, with a monthly cost of R$ 59.90.

Of the major operators, Sky is the only one that offers monthly or annual options to satellite TV customers. But don’t get too excited: the price is also higher than in streaming, and is equivalent to R$ 49.90 per month.

For those who want to watch football all year round, it is more advantageous to cancel the Pay TV Premiere and switch to streaming. The downside is that internet broadcasting has longer delays than cable or satellite TV, and chances are your neighbor will score a goal ahead of you.

The sports broadcasting market has been shaken up in recent years. Several channels and streaming apps won rights to broadcast matches, which ended up affecting the relevance of Globo and Premiere.

For the consumer, this was both good and bad: on the one hand, it was possible to find different and cheaper options to watch the matches, but whoever wanted to follow all the games had to subscribe to various streaming services.

For the 2022 Brasileirão, Globo got the rights to all 20 clubs in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A. The caveat is for Athletico (PR): the station will even be able to show the matches on open TV, but Hurricane Live was exclusively for paid broadcasts.

The return of all broadcasts of the Brasileirão to the Globo group was only possible after WarnerMedia, which broadcast matches of several teams on TNT, gave up. The American group had rights to Athletico, Ceará, Coritiba, Fortaleza, Juventude, Palmeiras and Santos until 2024.

It is worth remembering that not all championships can be broadcast by Globo and Premiere. THE Brazil’s Cupfor example, is exclusive to the Amazon Prime Videowhich costs R$9.90 per month for the monthly plan or R$89.90 for the annual plan.

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