Power skills: the big trend for 2022

O labor market is changing rapidly, as a result of the transformations that had to be hastily made in 2020. Today, although technical and scientific knowledge is still very valuable to companies, it must be added to the behavioral and personal skills that evidence the professional development of the employee.

These changes put power skills at the top of the trends for 2022.

Hard skills x Power skills

The term hard skills refers to knowledge that has been learned and can be proven, such as the technical and scientific specifications of the area of ​​expertise. These skills can be evaluated through tests and are usually linked to a certification, being decisive for the professional to be recognized as an expert.

Developing hard skills is only possible from theoretical and practical learning, therefore, they are skills obtained through technical and professional courses, training, graduations, masters and doctorates. They receive this nomenclature not because they are more difficult, but because they are solid and grounded capabilities.

As power skills, on the other hand, are the behavioral and personal skills that favor professional development, but cannot be assessed through tests or certified by any institution. These are skills that are present in each professional in a different way, that is, they make the individual unique and irreplaceable.

The term can be loosely translated as “power skills”, being just a new way of referring to the concept that was formerly known as soft skills, or “light skills”. The name change is due to the inadequacy of the word soft, as it suggests that they are skills that are easy to achieve.

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How to develop power skills?

With a growing number of companies prioritizing skills over technical training, courses and training focused on improving power skills are already among the biggest market trends in 2022. The objective is to train professionals capable of developing behavioral skills focused on innovation, communication, emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships.

Interested professionals can invest in self-improvement paths to develop the behavioral skills most sought after by organizations, just as companies that emphasize power skills can offer internal training for employees, always paying attention to each one’s strengths.

Power skills trends for 2022

Power skills in general are a trend in the job market, however, the changes that have taken place in the last two years have made some of them even more necessary and urgent.


The professional able to communicate assertively has a great chance of reaching leadership positions, after all, he is a person who is able to present his ideas clearly, listen carefully and address colleagues and customers correctly. Communication is among the most valued power skills by companies, regardless of the area and they can effectively generate a positive impact on the career.


Power skills linked to problem solving, innovative solutions and self-management are at the top of the list of trends for 2022, which is due to the transition that many companies have made to the home office or hybrid model. The proactive professional is one who does not need to receive an order to solve a problem and takes initiative whenever necessary, therefore, he stands out in the job market and area of ​​activity.


Being able to really understand the needs of other people is one of the characteristics that make a professional stand out the most, especially in areas that deal directly with the public. Currently, empathy, especially for professionals in leadership roles, is at the top of the list of essential power skills in 2022.


With adherence to the home office, companies are looking for professionals capable of managing their time and activities with mastery, that is, people who can be productive without the figure of a leader around. Self-management also refers to the ability to analyze your weaknesses and constantly seek to improve them.

Let’s improve your power skills

Although investment in hard skills is essential, it must be added to personal improvement to create complete professionals capable of achieving the deserved prominence in the corporate market.

With this in mind, an increasing number of young people seek inspiration and guidance in the development of power skills that match their personality, ambitions and field of activity in the job market.

To assist in this process, Vamos Subir, a social startup with a professional preparation and replacement project, in which great leaders share their knowledge, in order to inspire young people to develop essential behaviors and skills for their growth, emerges as an interesting path in this scenario. . Based on events, workshops and rich content focused on improving power skills, the project aims to invest in the future and inspire the new generation of professionals.

Flavio Generoso Valiati is CEO of Vamos Subir and leader of the Education segment at Zoom in Brazil.

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