Postponed movies that we would like to see in streaming

It will still be some time before the cinemas can reopen safely, and the public can re-fill rooms in big premieres. With that, the studios are in a dilemma: risk a release in the cinema and take the risk of not being able to have the audience expected, or bet on the digital launch in streaming and VOD?

Until now, Trolls 2 showed that this second option can have good results. Universal launched the film directly on the internet, and raised $ 100 million, reconsidering future premieres for this format.

Although it is still difficult for production as Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984, Warner, and Black Widow, from Marvel, are released digitally, without going through theaters, some other productions may have good results in this format. Check out some of them.


‘Mulan’Source: IMDb / Reproduction

Disney certainly does not want this film to be released directly in streaming. Production came to have a premiere with very positive reactions, and the film was expected to make $ 85 million at the US opening. However, with the uncertainties generated by the pandemic, perhaps streaming is the most guaranteed way for the film to reach the audience expected by Disney.

Bill & Ted: Face the Music

'Bill & Ted: Face the Music'‘Bill & Ted: Face the Music’Source: IMDb / Reproduction

Bill & Ted is an unlikely franchise, but it is about to reach its third chapter. Although Orion Pictures does not depend on a large audience to reverse the investment in profit, the film is still scheduled to hit theaters in September. On the other hand, the producer will also release the film on the Internet on the same date.

A Quiet Place Part II

'A Quiet Place Part II'‘A Quiet Place Part II’Source: IMDb / Reproduction

The long-awaited sequence of A Quiet Place it should have premiered in March and also had a US premiere. With the pandemic, the film needed to be postponed to April 2021, but it is yet another cheap production, which can gain space in streaming services.

The King’s Man

'The King's Man'‘The King’s Man’Source: IMDb / Reproduction

After having a lower than expected release with the previous film, the Kingsman franchise may have its next chapter released digitally. This may even become a way to prevent the film from having a box office below expectations, and to be able to re-establish the franchise again.

Witches Convention

Robert Zemeckis backstage at 'Witches' ConventionRobert Zemeckis backstage at ‘Witches Convention’Source: IMDb / Reproduction

The remake of the classic 90s movie will put Anne Hathaway in the role of the scary witch Eva Ernst. However, his film debut could be replaced by streaming, to avoid the same box office failure as the original film. On the other hand, who runs this new version is Robert Zemeckis, director of classics as Back to the Future, Forrest Gump: The Storyteller and Contact, so it’s possible that a theatrical release will have nostalgic appeal in your favor.


'Candyman'‘Candyman’Source: IMDb / Reproduction

Another sequel that is being postponed, but that could do well in streaming, is the terror Candyman. Continuation of the film from the 1990s, the film may have a more favorable result for Universal in streaming than in theaters, especially if the idea is to launch it soon after the reopening of theaters.

Death on the Nile

'Death on the Nile' Cast‘Death on the Nile’ CastSource: IMDb / Reproduction

In 2017, Kenneth Branagh was relatively successful with the Agatha Christie classic, Murder on the Orient Express. He hopes to repeat the result with Death on the Nile, another adaptation of the queen of suspense, due to hit theaters in October, but this is also a style of film that can reach audiences more easily through streaming services.

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