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The postal privatization bill runs the risk of being barred by the Federal Senate’s CAE (Economic Affairs Commission), where it is currently being processed after approval by the Chamber of Deputies, in August. For the time being, the government has faced difficulties in articulating agreements aimed at approving the proposal. The vote was scheduled for this Tuesday (9), but was postponed by a change in the report of the measure.

Correios: privatization bill runs the risk of being barred by the Senate committee (Image: Correios/Disclosure)

Postal bill vote is postponed in the Senate

CAE would vote on the Postal privatization project this morning. But a change in the proposal report, made by the PL rapporteur and government senator Marcio Bittar (MDB-AC), caused the vote to be postponed.

Bittar made changes to the section of the project that provides for the closing of post offices that serve municipalities with less than 15 thousand inhabitants in areas of the Legal Amazon. The emedebista, who is in favor of the project and has the support of the governing base in the Senate, responded to the request of opposition politicians.

The rapporteur proposed an amendment so that the closing of post offices that serve small municipalities in Amazonas is prohibited. The measure is effective for 5 years after the privatization of the company

Due to the change in the bill and an agreement with the opposition in the Senate, senator Otto Alencar (PSD-BA), president of CAE, postponed the vote on the postal bill. The government bench feared being defeated for lack of favorable votes. According to Poder360, only the government leader in the Senate, Fernando Bezerra (MDB-PE), declared that he would vote to approve the matter.

CAE has 27 sitting senators who participate in the approval of the Postal privatization bill. Of these parliamentarians, 10 are against the bill — among them are senators Marcos Rogério (DEM-GO) and Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), who diverged on several occasions during COVID’s CPI.

Government officials complain about lack of government support

Some benches are not in consensus on the bill’s vote. This is the case for the owners of Podemos at CAE.

Senator Orivisto Guimarães (Podemos-PR) told the Poder360 that the privatization of the Correios came at a good time: “all care is being taken with regard to the current employees, and equally with the part of the Correios that is already privatized”, said the congressman. His party colleagues diverge: Lasier Martins (Podemos-RS) did not define the vote, while Flávio Arns (Podemos-PR) confirmed the vote against the PL.

Senators from the governing base criticized the Bolsonaro government for the lack of articulation in the commission to mobilize congressmen in favor of the approval of the PL. With the postponement, the new Correios privatization report should be read next week.

“Nobody is comfortable voting”, says opposition

Even if the postal bill’s report is defeated, the government will have two working days to take the bill to the Senate floor for analysis.

The opposition has been trying to block the PL in the Senate committee. In today’s morning session, senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS) said that voting on the postal privatization bill is delicate:

“I have spoken with many senators. Nobody is comfortable voting this matter. See: we already have two separate votes. No one yet clearly knows where we are stepping. I agree with the postponement. Why not listen to both sides?”

For now, there are two anticipated votes on the privatization of Correios: Senator Rogério Carvalho (PT-SE), who voted against, and Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM), who was in favor of the PL.

With information: Poder360

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