Post office warns of delay in imports and international shipments | Brazil

The post offices published two notices to the public explaining that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no way to guarantee delivery times for international shipments. The company stopped shipping parcels to 177 countries such as China, Argentina and Canada, either due to lack of flights or due to limitations in destination postal services. Imports from these countries may also be affected.

“As a result of measures against the coronavirus in several countries, there is no way to guarantee that the delivery deadline for international shipments will be met,” explained the Post. According to the company, the routing and distribution of orders were hampered by three main reasons:

  • decrease or lack of flights;
  • decrease in the number of employees allocated in the distribution of postal items;
  • suspension of delivery.

These restrictions may also affect imported products, according to the Post. “In some cases, the cargo has been compromised from the beginning, and contact with foreign post offices is being maintained to optimize shipments”, says the company.

Post offices suspend shipments to 177 countries

The Post Offices suspended shipments to 177 countries, “in view of the guidelines of the companies at the destination or the lack of flight offers to these locations”. The list includes Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Canada, Mexico, China and Japan; it can be checked in full at the end of the post.

The objects that were posted to these countries may be returned to the senders: the tracking will have the warning “impossibility of sending due to embargoes abroad”.

In addition, the Post Office recalls that some postal services in other countries no longer require a subscription at the time of delivery, to protect the health of postmen and recipients.

For this reason, the international tracking of registered objects can say that the receipt was made by “Courier” or “WITHOUT CV19 SUBSCRIPTION”. According to the state company, “this measure is temporary and will remain in force until further notice”.

country code Country (shipping suspended) Suspension date
AF Afghanistan 3/20/2020
ZA South Africa 3/17/2020
AL Albania 3/17/2020
TO Angola 04/03/2020
THERE Anguilla 03/16/2020
AG Antigua and Barbuda 03/16/2020
SA Saudi Arabia 3/20/2020
DZ Algeria 4/6/2020
AIR Argentina 03/18/2020
AM Armenia 4/6/2020
A W Aruba 03/16/2020
AU Australia 04/03/2020
AZ Azerbaijan 4/6/2020
BS Bahamas 03/16/2020
BD Bangladesh 4/6/2020
BB Barbados 03/16/2020
BH Bahrain 4/6/2020
BZ Belize 03/24/2020
BJ Benin 4/6/2020
BM Bermuda 03/16/2020
BY Belarus 3/20/2020
BO Bolivia 03/16/2020
BA Bosnia Herzegovina 3/17/2020
BW Botswana 3/17/2020
BN Brunei 4/6/2020
BF Burkina Faso 4/6/2020
BI Burundi 4/6/2020
BT Bhutan 3/17/2020
CV Cape Green 04/03/2020
CM Cameroon 4/6/2020
KH Cambodia 4/6/2020
HERE Canada 03/24/2020
KZ Kazakhstan 03/11/2020
QA Qatar 3/17/2020
CL Chile 4/1/2020
CN China 02/12/2020
CY Cyprus 3/20/2020
SG Singapore 4/6/2020
CO Colombia 03/24/2020
KM Comoros 4/6/2020
CG Congo 3/17/2020
KP North Korea 3/20/2020
CI Costa do Marfim 4/6/2020
CR Costa Rica 03/16/2020
ASS Cuba 3/20/2020
CW Curacao 03/16/2020
DJ Djibouti 4/6/2020
DM Dominica 03/16/2020
SV El Salvador 03/16/2020
EC Ecuador 03/19/2020
ER Eritrea 4/6/2020
ET Ethiopia 3/17/2020
FJ Fiji 04/03/2020
PH Philippines 3/17/2020
GA Gabon 4/6/2020
GM Gambia 4/6/2020
GH Ghana 04/03/2020
GE Georgia 4/6/2020
GI Gibraltar 03/24/2020
GD Grenade 03/16/2020
GR Greece 3/20/2020
GT Guatemala 03/16/2020
GY Guyana 03/16/2020
GN Guinea 4/6/2020
GQ Equatorial Guinea 4/6/2020
GW Guinea Bissau 04/03/2020
HT Haiti 03/16/2020
HN Honduras 03/16/2020
HK Hong Kong 3/20/2020
GP Guadeloupe Island 03/16/2020
NF Norfolk Island 04/03/2020
RE Reunion Island 3/17/2020
KY Cayman Islands 03/16/2020
CK Cook Islands 4/1/2020
SB Solomon Islands 4/1/2020
TC Turks and Caicos Islands 3/17/2020
SAW Virgin Islands 03/16/2020
VG British Virgin Islands 03/16/2020
IN India 3/17/2020
ID Indonesia 3/13/2020
GO Will 02/27/2020
I Q Iraq 4/6/2020
IE Ireland 3/25/2020
IS Iceland 4/6/2020
JM Jamaica 03/16/2020
JP Japan 03/16/2020
OJ Jordan 4/6/2020
KI Kiribati 4/1/2020
KW Kuwait 3/13/2020
OVER THERE Laos 3/20/2020
LS Lesotho 3/17/2020
LB Lebanon 4/6/2020
LR Liberia 4/6/2020
MO Macao 02/12/2020
MK North Macedonia 03/18/2020
MG Madagascar 3/17/2020
MY Malaysia 3/13/2020
MW Malawi 3/17/2020
ML Mali 4/6/2020
MT Malta 3/17/2020
MQ Martinique 03/16/2020
ONE Mauritius 3/17/2020
MR Mauritania 03/23/2020
MX Mexico 4/6/2020
MM Myanmar 3/20/2020
MZ Mozambique 04/03/2020
MD Moldavia 03/18/2020
MC Monaco 4/6/2020
MN Mongolia 02/12/2020
ME Montenegro 3/20/2020
MS Montserrat 03/16/2020
AT Namibia 3/17/2020
NR Nauru 04/03/2020
NP Nepal 3/17/2020
NI Nicaragua 3/20/2020
HUH Niger 4/6/2020
NG Nigeria 3/17/2020
NAKED Niue 4/1/2020
NC New Caledonia 04/03/2020
NZ New Zealand 4/1/2020
OM Oman 4/6/2020
PAN Panama 03/16/2020
PG Papua New Guinea 04/03/2020
PK Pakistan 4/6/2020
PY Paraguay 4/1/2020
PE Peru 3/17/2020
PN Pitcairn 3/20/2020
Federal Police French Polynesian 03/18/2020
PL Poland 3/20/2020
PR Puerto Rico 03/16/2020
KE Kenya 3/17/2020
CF Central African Republic 4/6/2020
CD Democratic Republic of Congo 3/17/2020
OF Dominican Republic 03/16/2020
CZ Czech republic 3/20/2020
RO Romania 4/6/2020
RW Rwanda 3/17/2020
UK Russia (Russian Federation) 3/20/2020
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon 03/24/2020
WS Samoa 3/25/2020
AT American Samoa 4/1/2020
SM San Marino 4/6/2020
SH Saint Helen 3/17/2020
LC Santa Lucia 03/16/2020
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis 03/16/2020
ST Sao Tome and Principe 04/03/2020
YOU Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 03/16/2020
SC Seychelles 4/6/2020
SN Senegal 04/03/2020
LOL Serbia 3/20/2020
SY Syria 4/6/2020
LK Sri Lanka 3/13/2020
SZ Swaziland 3/17/2020
SD Sudan 3/20/2020
SS Southern Sudan 4/6/2020
SR Suriname 4/6/2020
TJ Tajikistan 4/6/2020
TW Taiwan 3/17/2020
TZ Tanzania 3/17/2020
TL East Timor 4/6/2020
TG Togo 4/6/2020
TK Tokelau 4/1/2020
TT Trinidad and Tobago 03/16/2020
OK Tristan da Cunha 04/03/2020
TN Tunisia 03/18/2020
TM Turkmenistan 4/6/2020
TR Turkey 3/17/2020
TV Tuvalu 04/03/2020
UA Ukraine 3/17/2020
UG Uganda 3/17/2020
UY Uruguay 4/1/2020
UZ Uzbekistan 3/20/2020
VU Vanuatu 04/03/2020
VE Venezuela 3/17/2020
VN Vietnam 3/17/2020
ZM Zambia 4/6/2020
ZW Zimbabwe 3/17/2020

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