#PorOndeAnda: Michelle Trachtenberg, Georgina Sparks of Gossip Girl

Actress Michelle Trachtenberg lived the covert and iconic Georgina Sparks in gossip Girl since 2007. In the first four seasons, the actress was a recurring character on the show and in the last two years she appeared in almost every episode.

After the end of The CW’s teen series in 2012, the question remains: #PorOndeAnda Michelle Trachtenberg?

The beginning of Michelle Trachtenberg’s acting career

The New York actress has been in business for more than three decades. His career began with TV commercials, such as the laundry soap brand Wisk, which was his first. After that, he has starred in more than 100 advertisements.

His TV debut, however, was at the age of six, when he participated in an episode of Law & Order. The appearance was followed by a small job in the series Clarissa Knows Everything, in addition to some episodes of the popular American soap opera All My Children.

His first recurring role was in 1994, on the sitcom The Adventures of Pete and Pete, from Nickelodeon, like Nona. In 1996, he left the series to star in the film The Little Spy.

(Nickelodeon / Reproduction)Source: Nickelodeon

In 1997, he would star in his first series, Meego, like Maggie Parker. The show, however, had only one season with 13 episodes.

Main career years

Trachtenberg joined the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2000, in the 5th season. The actress played Dawn, Buffy’s younger sister.

Although Michelle is a big fan of the vampire series, Dawn’s presence in the plot was not so successful with the fans, probably because the character came out of nowhere and served only as a catalyst to develop the central character.

(The CW / Reproduction)(The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

In the years following the end of Buffy, in 2003, Trachtenberg acted in the film EuroTrip, participated in the series Six Feet Under, from HBO, in addition to Dreams on Ice, a remake of Horror Night, and voiced Tika in the animation Dragonlance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight.

In 2008, Trachtenberg, who was already familiar with vampire stories, almost starred in one of the most successful franchises of the time: Twilight. In an interview with US Weekly, the actress said there was interest from both parties in putting her in the role of protagonist Bella Swan, but the agendas never matched.

However, his biggest role so far came next. In 2007, she was cast as Georgina Sparks, a young manipulator who caused many disagreements between the characters. Her first appearance on the teen hit gossip Girl it was like Serena’s ex-friend, who escapes rehab to cause chaos on the Upper East Side. During the series, the character occasionally appears to create more dramatic episodes.

(The CW / Reproduction)(The CW / Reproduction)Source: The CW

What happened to Michelle Trachtenberg after Gossip Girl?

After her debut in GG, the actress even starred in 17 again, as the protagonist’s daughter played by Zac Efron and Matthew Perry, to which Michelle was cast for her lack of chemistry with Efron. In the film, his father magically turns into a teenager, and his character, without knowing who he is, tries to seduce him.

In the following years, he also participated in the series Criminal Minds, NCIS Los Angeles, Sleepy Hollow and Guidance, a web series produced by AwesomenessTV in 2015.

Michelle Trachtenberg in 2020

(Jamie Mccarthy / Reproduction)(Jamie Mccarthy / Reproduction)Source: Jamie Mccarthy

These days, Michelle Trachtenberg has not been seen on screen. Her last work was dubbing Judy Reilly in the animation Human Kind Of.

However, Trachtenberg continues to use his voice to speak out against drugs.

The actress has also been writing scripts since she was 23 and revealed that she has sold several projects. Currently awaiting approval for some TV pilots written by her.

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