#PorOndeAnda: Melanie Lynskey, the Rose of Two And a Half Men

Actress Melanie Lynskey was one of the important pieces for the success of the series Two and a Half Men (also known in Brazil as Two and a half Men). The CBS production had 12 seasons, of which Rose, Melanie’s character, participated in about 63 episodes.

After the end of the series, in 2015, the question that remains is: #PorOndeAnda Melanie Lynskey?

Melanie Lynskey: from her early career to Two and a Half Men

The actress has New Zealand origin and was born in New Plymouth. At 16, she won her first role as a professional actress in the film Heavenly Creatures, starring Kate Winslet. For the production, about 500 other young actresses auditioned for the role of Pauline Parker, but Lynskey was chosen.

Then she accumulated small participations in other films and made her debut in television series in Rose Red, acting as Rachel Wheaton in the only 3 episodes of the production, in 2002.

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: CBS

In 2003, after participating in 2 episodes of The Shield, she joined the cast of Two and a Half Men like Rose, a character who was introduced to the plot as a secondary, but who gradually became a very important figure for the narrative.

Rose, in a way, chases Charlie Harper (played by Charlie Sheen) and ends up falling in love with him. She was one of the first women in her life, but she acted in an extremely obsessive way and did some hilarious but very strange things during the episodes.

Even though she participated in the CBS series, she continued to participate in other television productions, such as Drive, Comanche Moon, Psych and House, M.D. In the cinema, he was in the cast of the Oscar nominee Love without Scales, Besides The Informant! and The advantages of being invisible.

What happened to Melanie Lynskey?

After the end of Two and a Half Men, the actress followed her career with other interesting roles in both audiovisual media. In cinema, she continued making small appearances in other films that were not so successful, but in series Melanie was part of the fixed cast of some and was involved with these productions for a long period.

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: HBO

It is the case of Togetherness, from HBO, in which she played the role of Michelle Pierson, one of the protagonists. Created by Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass and Steve Zissis, the production focused on themes such as marriage and friendship during its 2 seasons, subjects always approached in a very good mood.

However, with the series canceled, Melanie participated in other projects on television, even lending her voice to the character Sharon, from American Dad!. He also acted in Girlboss, from Netflix, and brought Zara Skelton to life in the series Sunshine, from TVN.

To complete, she was also protagonist of the film I no longer feel at home in this world, from Netflix.

Melanie Lynskey today

Other important participations of the actress’s career are in the series Castle rock and Mrs. America. In Castle rock, Hulu original, Melanie played Molly Strand in 10 episodes of the first season, aired in 2018. Already in Mrs. America, from FX, she played Rosemary Thomson, alongside Cate Blanchett, Rose Byrne, Uzo Aduba and Elizabeth Banks.

(Reproduction)(Reproduction)Source: FX

Currently, Melanie is preparing to appear in Young Sheldon, CBS production derived from The Big Bang Theory. In the plot, she will play Professor Ericson, in the episode “A Philosophy Class and Worms That Can Chase You”, which will be shown on February 11 on the network.

We hope to continue to see you!

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