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As promised, Pokémon GO was integrated into Pokémon Home and players can transfer the catches from the mobile version to the app Nintendo Switch. However, only level 40 coaches have access to the role and with a weekly “energy” limit, unless you pay 1,000 coins in Pokémon GO to move more in less time.

Nintendo Switch with Pokémon Home app (Photo: Lucas Lima / Tecnoblog)

Pokémon Home was launched in February this year, to replace the Pokémon Bank and allow players to transfer their little monsters between games in the franchise. So far, it is possible to send to the Home of Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee! & Pikachu! and Sword & Shield. With integration with GO, those caught in the pocket version may also be sent to the eighth generation game.

However, only level 40 coaches in Pokémon GO has access to the function and still with a power limitation in the so-called “Transporter GO”: 10 thousand a week. As the Serebii, each transfer of GO for Home has a cost, which varies in relation to the type of Pokémon.

Standard Pokémon Legendary Mythical
Criterion Cost Criterion Cost Criterion Cost
Base 10 Base 1000 Base 2000
Shiny +1990 Shiny +9000 Shiny +8000
PC 1001–2000 +100 PC 1001–2000 +300 PC 1001–2000 +500
PC 2001+ +300 PC 2001+ +500 PC 2001+ +700

This energy is recharged at 60 points every hour, this takes a full week to get the 10,000 back. Only, as Pokémon GO billions billions, of course there is a method to speed up the process: if the player pays 1,000 coins (the equivalent of R $ 19), he can have 10,000 energy points immediately.

If the player has a Legendary Shiny, all the energy is already consumed, as described by this user on Twitter:

They are charging me $ 10 (or seven days) to transfer one of my Legendary Shiny (which I spent God knows how much on Raid Passes) to Pokémon Home. Besides I need to have a copy of Pokémon Sword & Shield, so it doesn’t get stuck in Home.

Who is it interesting for?

Pokémon Home is interesting for those who have the Nintendo Switch and more than one game in the franchise, such as for example Let’s Go Eevee! & Pikachu! and Sword & Shield. Especially to players who are more attached and have had more memorable achievements, such as a Pokémon Shiny or a Legendary and Mythic difficult to obtain.

It is possible to bring the species captured in previous games (X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, Ultra Moon), making the link with Pokémon Bank, and then sending Home.

Home is the current method for saving Pokémon captured in various games and transferring them to current and future releases. It also facilitates the process for competitive players, instead of having to train a Pokémon from the beginning, it will be enough to transfer between games with Home.

There are restrictions, however:

  • When sending from Let’s Go for Sword & Shield, you cannot return the Pokémon to Let’s Go;
  • When sending from Pokémon GO for Home, he will not be able to return to GO;
  • To transfer from GO for Sword or Shield via Home, it is necessary that these species were previously captured in the eighth generation game.

With information: Serebii.

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