Plenković: As soon as epidemiological measures allow, we will open the border with BiH

PRIME MINISTER Andrej Plenković said on Sunday that he was sorry that the SDP, as an opposition party in the campaign, was trying to undo the credibility of the National Civil Protection Headquarters and the experts participating in it.

After spending time with members and sympathizers of the party, Plenković, when asked by journalists about the SDP’s criticism of the Headquarters, said that epidemiologists, infectologists, virologists and people who are experts were taking part in it.

“It’s not good if politicians, quacks, start giving us advice”

“It is not good if politicians, quacks and specialists from other disciplines start giving us advice, instead of listening to those who helped us overcome the coronavirus in the first wave of its outbreak, in February, March and April,” he said.

Unlike such, he assessed, the government has shown itself in preserving the public health system, reducing infection. a large number of cured.

“At the moment, we have a slightly increased number of infected people, but like the whole world, in the time ahead, we will have to balance between health protection and maintaining the economy and tourism,” Plenković stressed.

He assesses the positive circumstances that after the outbreak of the infection in Đakovo, there are no serious forms of the disease and no one is on a respirator.

Thanks to the government, the health care system has been raised to a high level

“It should be reminded that, thanks to the government’s engagement, the entire health system has been raised to a high level, protective equipment has been provided, all this has been provided by the HDZ government, it is certainly not the opposition, and we will continue to act responsibly,” he said.

The journalists were also interested in how he explains that the media in BiH report on cases in which their citizens were not allowed to transit through Croatia, and that their Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it would respond with reciprocal measures tomorrow.

Plenković said that BiH and Croatia are directed at each other and that both must make maximum efforts to reduce the intensity of newly infected people, and for the safety of the citizens of the two countries.

As soon as epidemiological measures allow, the closure of the border with BiH will be lifted

“From that side, we will conduct a dialogue, and as soon as the epidemiological picture allows, the measures will be lifted,” he said.

He pointed out that in IV. constituency expects a better result than in 2016, when the HDZ won six seats, recalling that in the past four years of implementation of the “Slavonia Project” for five Slavonian counties so far contracted projects worth 12.8 billion kuna, and only in Osijek- Baranja County about 5 billion.

“On this track, we want to continue this project in the next term, because the ‘Slavonia Project’ has become an unavoidable instrument for the development of Croatia,” said Plenković.

Reduction of VAT on all food from 25 to 13 percent

As some of the measures when, as he believes, he will form a new government after the elections, he announced a reduction of the VAT on all food from 25 to 13 percent and a reduction of the income tax and profit tax rates.

When asked to compare his mandate with the mandate of the SDP government in terms of budget and credit rating, Plenković said that, despite the assessments of international financial institutions that we, like others, will lose our credit rating due to “the biggest crisis in 100 years “, two credit agencies in Croatia maintained their investment credit rating.

“Many investors were not interested until we reached the level of investment credit rating provided by this government. The SDP government owed us 70 billion, and this government has had a budget surplus for three years in a row, which no government has done since 1990. . to here, “he pointed out.

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