Plenković and Škoro killed themselves politically, and Bernardić was lost. A new one will decide

The pre-election campaign, ie the past two weeks, was marked by incredibly stupid mistakes of Miroslav Škora and Andrej Plenković. First, the head of the Homeland Movement argued that raped women should consult with their families before deciding to have an abortion, and then the HDZ president arrogantly refused to apply anti-epidemic rules and go into self-isolation after being in close contact with infected tennis player Novak Djokovic. .

The starboard ship rocked

Outside of these two events, there was no serious discussion in the campaign, nor did anything else reach the voters. With his statement, Škoro rejected a good part of the voters, except for the most conservative ones, and he must share them with Most, who, with the help of Nina Raspudić, also rides on the topic of banning abortions, and even raped women. In addition to rejecting voters, he also provoked unprecedented resistance on social networks, through which countless known and unknown women showed him their middle finger.

Instead of falling silent, covering his ears and looking sadly into the distance, Skoro threatened to get them on his toes when he came to power. Candidates from Skorina’s lists then dispersed, trying to explain what their leader really meant and invent a context from which his statements were allegedly extracted. In vain, at that moment, the right-wing electoral ship rocked and it seemed that it would sail into the HDZ port where they were waiting for it with enthusiasm.

Plenković refused to lock himself in the house

However, Andrej Plenković really had to meet Novak Đoković at the tennis tournament in Zadar, say a few courteous sentences and take a photo of himself touching him. The harmless opportunity for propaganda photography created a huge problem after the coronavirus infection spread at the tournament, and Novak Djokovic himself announced after testing in Belgrade that he was positive for covid-19. According to all the rules, Andrej Plenković had to go into two-week self-isolation after that, but he rudely decided that he would not do it at all because that would mean that he would have to face the elections in his home.

>> Headquarters and the government are mumbling, look at what the EU Centers for Disease says about close contact

“You will not watch that film,” Plenković said rudely, humiliating all those who had to be locked up in their houses for 14 days just because they crossed the Croatian border.

Their jobs, obligations, desires, freedom… All this is irrelevant, Plenković told them, compared to his desire to remain prime minister. Millions of lost working hours and billions of kuna quarantined by his move became a pointless expense, and the messages: “Let’s stay home” and “Let’s stay responsible”, which appears even as a traffic announcement on Croatian highways, are just hypocritical phrases and a reminder that some animals more equal than others.

>> Plenković touched the infected Đoković, and now he is touring Croatia. Where is the self-isolation?

Plenković is persistently pulling out for testing, which showed that he was not infected, but yesterday it was announced that Goran Ivanišević was also infected, for whom the first test was also negative. All this is not a good enough argument for the HDZ president to accept the rules that apply to everyone else, but he is still touring Croatia.

>> Will Plenković now go into self-isolation?

Voters began to disembark

The already mentioned right ship, after Plenković’s rudeness and direct threat to public health, then began to spin in a circle, but also to swing more and more, and the voters began to fall out of it. Those who are not completely dumbfounded cannot swallow Skor’s rage over women’s rights, but they cannot stand Plenković openly mocking them. They disembark from that ship and it could easily happen that some of them stay at home on election day, concluding that this time they have no one to vote for. There are, of course, many stubborn people who would give a vote to both HDZ and Škori, regardless of what they did, but marginal mandates could slip out of their hands.

Bernardic showed an incredible lack of talent

On the other hand, the Restart coalition and its leader Davor Bernardić did not make a single big mistake in those two weeks, but that does not mean that they did a great job with the campaign. Davor Bernardić shows an incredible lack of political talent. Without a vote, he allowed the HDZ to dissolve parliament and go to the polls without passing a law on rebuilding earthquake-stricken Zagreb and the surrounding area. He also refused to offer a confrontation with Plenković and he did not forget that, just like rewriting part of the Kukuriku coalition’s program.

>> Bernardić refused to confront Plenković on HRT, it was canceled

>> SDP rewrote SDP’s program, look at this

The green-left coalition is gathering SDP voters

Some of the voters he could count on turned to the green-left coalition after seeing that some of the Social Democratic front-runners were not on his lists. He simply failed to capitalize on all the mistakes of rivals, primarily Andrej Plenković, and to mobilize all voters from the center to the left who would sweep away the currently lost right-wingers. Failing to impose himself as the true leader of the opposition, Bernardic opened his hips wide with new movements in the center and the left, which are slowly biting his voters.

The Liberal Center coalition may have emerged too late

From the liberal center he is attacked by the coalition of Smart, Focus and the Party with name and surname, and from the left by the green left-coalition that gathers a wide platform from Možemo !, through Za grad to Nova ljevica and Radnička fronta. Fortunately for Bernardić, there are not many very talented politicians in the liberal center or in the green-left coalition. The Liberal Center in particular has this problem, and they have gathered too late. However, both the left front and the liberals could bite off the restart of the Restart coalition and ultimately be crucial for the formation of a parliamentary majority, if at all possible.

>> The center finally has a serious political option

Scattered voices

According to all relevant polls, the votes are so distributed that none of the big options will have enough votes to form a government on their own. Judging by the mood of the voters, the SDP will be the relative winner of the elections, but in the end it could be just one in a series of interesting facts in Croatian political history because it will be difficult to form a majority and secure support for its government. Just because they didn’t know how to take advantage of the fact that everything changed drastically in a month and that Plenković made a mistake by gambling with quick elections immediately after the quarantine ended.

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