please your loved ones with the Withings ScanWatch connected watch!

For those who want to prepare for Christmas in advance this year, we have a gift idea for you: the ScanWatch hybrid connected watch from the Withings brand. Able to monitor your health, but also to monitor your sleep and your sports activities, it is available from € 279.95 on the Withings website.

withings christmas watch

Between confinement and the closure of many stores, Christmas is prepared in advance this year. And for those who are not really inspired and are looking for a gift idea that is sure to please, we advise you to turn to the Withings brand and its many connected objects.

The Withings ScanWatch: a hybrid connected watch focused on health

All centered on health, Withings products are very diversified and can allow you to control your health goals in the medium and long term, without effort! Among all these products, THE star of the end of 2020 is the hybrid smartwatch ScanWatch. Considered the most successful connected watch so far in terms of health, it is available from € 279.95 on the Withings website.

With a simple and elegant design, the Withings ScanWatch hybrid watch is a real gem of technology. In particular, it allows you to:

  • Save ECG (electrocardiograms) certified medically and detect the most common and yet too often underdiagnosed form of arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation.
  • Track your cardiac frequency throughout the day and be alerted in the event of an anomaly.
  • Register your oxygen level in the blood thanks to a medical SpO2 sensor.
  • Detect breathing disturbances during your sleep via a respiratory scan which can detect the risks ofSleep Apnea.
  • Track your sporting activities via Training Mode which automatically detects over 30 sports.
  • You wake up gently with a Smart Wake-up feature that respects your sleep phases.
  • Receive the notifications from your smartphone.

At the end of 2020, when health has never been so central to all concerns, the ScanWatch watch will undoubtedly be under many trees.

Sleep sensors, blood pressure monitors, connected scales: Withings, the health ally of the end of the year

If your loved ones already have a connected watch, no problem. With Withings, you can choose from a wide variety of products, as original as they are useful for your health! From the brand’s website, you can choose between different products such as:

  • BPM Connect, a connected blood pressure monitor that measures blood pressure and heart rate, € 99.95.
  • BPM Core Connected Blood Pressure Monitor, a connected blood pressure monitor that measures blood pressure, can record ECGs and electronic stethoscope service, to € 249.95.
  • The Sleep Analyzer, a sleep sensor that allows you to monitor your nights in advance, € 129.95.
  • Body Cardio, a connected scale with arterial stiffness indicator and analysis of body composition at € 149.95.
  • The Body +, a connected scale with complete analysis of your body composition (calculations of percentages of water, muscle mass, fat and bone mass) and nutrition monitoring, at € 99.95.

So, what are you waiting for to fill your hood for Christmas with Withings products? If any of these products interests you, don’t hesitate and prepare your Christmas presents in advance by going to the Withings website!

This article is a publication sponsored by Withings.

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