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A new generation of consoles is approaching with the launch of the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. On the Sony side, the Playstation 5 arrives to replace his older brother, so let’s get to know the main features of Playstation 5, see what changes in relation to Playstation 4 and it pays to buy a console at its launch.

PlayStation 4 vs PS5; what changes on the Sony console?

Let’s make it clear, that this is not a direct comparison about which console is better, after all, the Playstation 5 is a more modern console, launched seven years after the Playstation 4. We will see here specifications and features that make the biggest difference in the new console .

Playstation 5 GPU and the famous Teraflops

Explaining in a basic way, the GPU is the graphic processing unit of a computer, used in several operations such as: rendering images, video and 2D / 3D animations. ANDwhile Teraflop is a mathematical unit of measurement for measuring computer performance. A Teraflop is equivalent to the processor’s ability to calculate 1 trillion floating-point operations every second.

The Playstation 5 has a processing capacity of 10.28 Teraflops, so it has a large advantage over Playstation 4 base, which has a capacity of 1.84 Teraflops.

While a high amount of Teraflops is important (and something good for marketing), having a higher amount of Teraflops does not mean that one machine will perform better than another, in a context between equivalent machines. A better performance will depend on how the hardware construction is done to optimize the whole set.

Ray Tracing on PS5

Ray Tracing is one of the most talked about technologies in the gaming world at the moment and one of the most publicized features of new generation consoles.

Ray Tracing consists of the hardware’s ability to easily calculate where different objects are in relation to each other in a 3D environment. The use of this technology results in a more realistic and dynamic display of reflections, lighting and shadows, making the visual experience closer to reality.

The concept of Ray Tracing is not exactly something new, the film industry has been experimenting with it since the late 1960s. However, it is a technology that requires powerful machines and this greatly increases production costs. Maybe that’s why consoles are only getting this technology now.

It’s worth checking out the video in which Matt Walker, producer of Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition shows how some elements of the game will work using Ray Tracing.

Playstation 5 SSD x Playstation 4 HDD

The storage unit is one of the biggest differences between PS5 and PS4, as the Playstation 5 has an SSD (Solid-state drive) or solid disk drive.

These disks have characteristics such as: reading speed much higher than traditional SATA HDDs, better capacity for allocating space for recording data and a quieter operation, since it does not have mechanical elements.

For having a more modern and better performing disk drive, the idea is that PS4 games will receive some kind of improvement on the PS5, but this has not been well explained by Sony.

Due to the speed of the SSD, some features can only be used in this type of unit, as said by Marcus Smith, creative director of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. One of the main characteristics of the game, which is the exchange of worlds through the dimensional slits, could only be done on a fast reading device such as the Playstation 5 SSD.

The difference in reading speed between the PS5 storage unit is quite large, compared to PS4, as the PS5’s SSD can read 5.5 GB per second, while the PS4 only 50 to 100 MB per second.

Although there are many advantages to using an SSD, the big problem is the high price of the devices, so much so that the PS5’s SSD has only 825 GB of storage capacity.

DualSense x Dualshock 4

PlayStation 4 vs PS5 what changes on Sony console

DualSense is the PS5 controller and according to Sony it is a controller that will have the characteristic of reacting differently, depending on the way the player interacts with him.

In Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, if the player makes a firing command with a gun and makes a shorter or more elongated command, the result will be different, between a common shot and a stronger shot.

The concept of sensitive buttons is not new on Sony consoles. The Dualshock 2, on Playstation 2, had buttons that could generate different results in some games, depending on the pressure when pressing them. But probably DualSense will do something much more elaborate.

4K x 1080

The PS5 will output 4K video at 120Hz, and can generate graphics at up to 8k, while the base Playstation 4, only reaches 1080p.

PS4 or PS5?

If we look at the technological question, the answer is very clear that the Playstation 5 is the best console. However, buying a console is a very serious decision, after all in Brazil, the price of the most complete versions of a console is around 5,000 reais. Almost 5 times more than a minimum wage. Yes, I know that there are promotions that reduce the price of the console a little, but it is still very expensive.

Of course, if you have the money there is no problem. Now if that is not the case, it might be worth stopping and thinking a little, so as not to buy a console due to the euphoria of social networks, which influence us so much.

Playstation 4 support

As in other generations, Sony and other developers will not cut support for Playstation 4 overnight, after all the installed player base is huge. So games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West will receive versions developed for Playstation 4.

If you own a Playstation 4 and are concerned about the lack of support and games, you can rest assured, as it happened in other generations, 2021 will be a year full of “cross-gen” games, as is common in the first year new platforms on the market.

Of course, there are people who need to buy a Playstation 5, as journalists and influencers in the technology field, as they produce content about it. But if that is not your case, maybe you can look at your games backlog fondly and wait a while.

Another important point is that often, the first version of consoles usually comes out with some hardware flaws, this has already happened in the PS3 / Xbox 360 generations and also in the PS4 / Xbox One generation.

Choosing the PS5

If you don’t have a video game and have decided to buy a console, it might be worth going straight to the PS5, since the Playstation 4’s prices are in the range of R $ 2,500.00 in the most popular stores. As the Playstation 5 will be backwards compatible, nothing prevents you from buying the cheapest PS4 games and running on PS5.

In the end, buying a new console at the beginning of the generation is a very personal decision and each player must carefully evaluate their own context before deciding what to do, but I hope I have helped a little in their decision.

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