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The Central Bank released the registration of Pix keys this Monday (5th): you can associate your account with the CPF, email address or cell phone number in order to receive transfers. THE Nubank, Bank of Brazil and Santander (SX) are raffling prizes of up to R $ 1 million for those who register; while the C6 Bank awards points in the Atoms loyalty program.

677 financial institutions are allowed by the BC to access the DICT (Directory of Transactional Account Identifiers), API to register Pix keys and consult them. That way, you only need to enter one data – your cell phone number, for example – for someone else to transfer money to you, even without knowing your agency and account.

Each Pix key can be associated with only one bank account: if your CPF is linked to Bradesco, for example, it cannot be used on Nubank as a Pix key. That is why banks and fintechs are fighting over this registration.

please note that Pix transfers will only be released to everyone on November 16; that’s when you can use your keys.

Nubank draws R $ 370 thousand in prizes

The promotion of Nubank is called “There is WOW in this Pix”: fintech will be giving away six Super WOW prizes of R $ 20 thousand each, plus five Mega WOWs of R $ 50 thousand each. Will be two phrases:

  • between October 5 and November 15: each Pix key registered with Nubank gives a lucky number, and the customer receives an additional lucky number if they register the CPF / CNPJ + email + cell phone combo;
  • between 16 November and 31 December: each transfer made via Pix, initiated or received in the Nubank account, gives a lucky number; it must be (or for) another title, it does not apply if it is for yourself.

The Super WOWs draw (first stage) takes place on November 28th. In the meantime, the Mega WOWs (second phase) will be on January 16, 2021. The lucky numbers from one stage do not apply to the other.

To participate, go to the app, tap on your name and select “participate in our promo”; this applies even to the PJ Account. The promotion regulations stipulate that, if the customer is drawn, he can only receive the prize if he has at least one Pix key with active registration on Nubank.

Banco do Brasil draws R $ 600 thousand in prizes

Pix and Banco do Brasil (BB)

THE Bank of Brazil, in turn, will draw a total of R $ 600 thousand divided into 37 prizes. Each Pix key will yield a different number of lucky numbers, whether CPF / CNPJ (2 lucky numbers), cell phone (2), email (1) or BC’s random key (1).

Whoever registers the combo CPF / CNPJ + cellphone + e-mail will have twice the chances, taking ten lucky numbers instead of five. In addition, the first transaction via Pix – whether sending or receiving – will yield five more lucky numbers between November 16 and December 3.

Will be thirty drawings of R $ 5 thousand, five of R $ 50 thousand and two of R $ 100 thousand. The regulation notes, however, that “individuals or companies that transfer Pix keys registered with BB during the promotion period” will be disqualified.

Santander and C6 Bank give advantages by Pix keys

THE Santander is offering 10 interest-free days per month at the account limit, to “even make those payments and transfers that cannot wait”.

For that, it will be necessary to keep at least the CPF and cell phone number as Pix keys. The bank will check every month, at the beginning of each account limit cycle, whether they are still registered in the account; otherwise, the 10 interest-free days will be removed.

In addition, the SX do Milhão promotion will draw two awards of R $ 1 million each: one for individual Santander customers, another for PJ. You get 5 lucky numbers for registering with SX and the promotion; if you use CPF and cell phone as Pix keys, you get twice as many lucky numbers (ten instead of five).

Pix transactions – whether sending, receiving or transferring – yield another lucky number each, limited to 75 throughout the promotion. You will be able to check all your lucky numbers in February 2021, when the draw will take place; find out more here.

THE C6 Bank announced that it will grant points at Atoms, your loyalty program, for those who register their CPF and cell phone number as Pix keys at the institution. And so:

  • customers C6 Carbon card (Mastercard Black) will earn 500 points monthly for twelve months, totaling 6 thousand;
  • customers C6 card without annual fee earn 100 points monthly for twelve months, totaling 1,200.

Atoms points can be exchanged for different types of products and services, such as cell phones, wines, resort nights or airline tickets – there are more than 40 thousand options in total.

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