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O Pix will be released generally next week, but all users of the Iti Itaú can now make free and instant transfers to other banks right now, whether in the iPhone or Android application; in addition to receiving money through QR Code. The digital wallet announced the news on Wednesday (11), and the Tecnoblog took the test.

Iti on Android (Image: Lucas Lima / Tecnoblog)

Since the last day 3, everyone can receive money via Pix; however, only a few people can initiate a transfer in this restricted phase. According to the Central Bank’s schedule, between November 3 and 8, each financial institution was able to release Pix to part of its customer base (between 1% and 5%).

Between 9 and 15 November, this percentage can be expanded gradually; it will reach 100% on the 16th, when transfers will be released to everyone.

So how did Iti manage to release Pix to 100% of the base now? The digital wallet is part of Itaú: in fact, it has the same code 341 as Banco Itaú S / A and Banco Itaucard S / A. Thus, it can offer the novelty to all its customers while following the rules of the BC.

Pix is ​​free on Iti. It is worth remembering that, in most cases, the BC prohibits the charging of transfers via Pix made by individuals. There are some exceptions: banks are allowed to charge a fee if the transaction is made face-to-face at the branch, for example; or if the person receives more than 30 times in a month, indicating that it is for commercial use.

How to make Pix on Iti Itaú

Pix in Itaú's digital wallet (Image: Reproduction / Iti)

Pix in Itaú’s digital wallet (Image: Reproduction / Iti)

The Iti application has a Pix button highlighted, but it only serves to register the keys. To send money, you need to tap on “Pay / Transfer”. At the top, there is the option “Transfer to new contact via Pix key or agency and account”.

You will be taken to a screen with options to enter Pix keys, whether CPF, e-mail, cell phone number or random key. What if the recipient has not registered a key? Okay: in this case, the transfer is made using agency and account, just like in DOC and TED.

The next screen asks: “how much are you going to pay for [nome do destinatário]? ”. The maximum limit is R $ 5,000, and transactions start from one cent; I wanted to test the minimum limit because I’m very stingy.

After choosing the value, Iti takes you to another screen highlighting the value and, again, the name of the recipient. This is important because you cannot cancel transfers via Pix; it is important to make sure that the money is going to the right person.

Pix in Itaú's digital wallet (Image: Reproduction / Iti)

Paying R $ 0.01 to Felipe Ventura (Image: Reproduction / Iti)

Iti took a few seconds to confirm that the transaction was completed, and Nubank took another second to show that it received the money successfully. It is worth remembering that this is still an adaptation phase; and, one way or another, this is much faster than a traditional TED.

Right now, transfers via Pix cannot be made 24 hours a day. The restricted phase has the following times:

  • November 12 (Thursday): between 9 am and midnight;
  • November 13 (Friday): between midnight and 10 pm;
  • other days of the week, including weekends and holidays, until November 15: between 9 am and 10 pm.
Pix successfully received (Image: Playback / Nubank)

Pix successfully received! (Image: Reproduction / Nubank)

How to receive via QR Code Pix at Itaú Iti

Iti also allows you to receive money via QR Code Pix, but only from people who have Pix released in their accounts. It is possible to generate a code to receive a specific value, or just a code that includes the transfer data.

So, there are two possibilities: in one of them, you send the QR Code to your contact and it scans with the bank’s app. There is also the Pix Copia e Cola feature: the user enters a 150-character string with their full name and other information.

Pix in Itaú's digital wallet (Image: Reproduction / Iti)

Pix in Itaú’s digital wallet (Image: Reproduction / Iti)

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