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The key leak identified at the end of September may have caused some concern, but it was not enough to jeopardize the progress of the Pix. A report from the central bank shows that, on October 6, nearly 45 million transactions were carried out using this system. This is a new record for a single day.

Pix in the Caixa app (image: Emerson Alecrim/Tecnoblog)

To be exact, Pix registered 44,765,258 transactions on the last 6th, a number that surpassed the record reached on the 1st of the same month (40,881,959 transactions).

Note, however, that the new record concerns the volume of transactions carried out in a single day, not the total amount of money moved with them.

The Instant Payments System (SPI) — the “Pix engine” — reports that, on October 1st, R$26,827,201.01 were transferred via Pix; on October 6, this total was R$25,643,478.26.

The relationship between the volume of transactions and the total amount of money moved indicates that, on October 6th, Pix obtained an average value of R$572.84 per transaction against the R$656.21 registered on the 1st.

Pix outperforms transactions via TED and DOC

Observing the table below, corresponding to the period between October 1st and 10th, we can see a pattern that can also be identified in previous months: that the number of transactions and the average amount per transaction are lower during weekends.

Data Transactions Total (BRL thousand) Average value
10/10/2021 19.111.200 R$ 3.603.134,04 R$ 188,54
09/10/2021 29.958.791 R$ 6.692.422,59 R$ 223,39
08/10/2021 42.485.817 R$ 25.155.844,13 R$ 592,10
07/10/2021 42.036.135 R$ 23.251.313,81 R$ 553,13
06/10/2021 44.765.258 R$ 25.643.478,26 R$ 572,84
05/10/2021 38.660.923 R$ 25.157.004,60 R$ 650,71
04/10/2021 29.323.614 R$ 22.043.656,31 R$ 751,74
03/10/2021 18.201.441 R$ 3.294.638,15 R$ 181,01
02/10/2021 30.049.651 R$ 6.627.850,00 R$ 220,56
01/10/2021 40.881.959 R$ 26.827.201,01 R$ 656,21
Data: Central Bank of Brazil

Despite this, transactions during the weekends contribute to Pix being the preferred payment and transfer system for Brazilians.

For you to have a basis for comparison, know that the SITRAF (Funds Transfer System), which clears and settles transfers by TED, recorded 66,439,206 operations in the entire month of September 2021, a number that corresponds to an average 3,163,772 transactions daily — as TEDs cannot be done on weekends, this calculation only considers working days.

The SILOC (Deferred Settlement System for Interbank Credit Order Transfers), which is responsible for transactions via DOC, recorded 6,327,071 operations in the same month (average of 301,289 operations per business day).

These numbers are no longer surprising. In operation since November 2020, Pix took just two months to surpass TEDs and DOCs in transaction volume.

security restrictions

As the number of transactions per Pix grows, security concerns increase. As a reaction, the Central Bank announced a set of protective measures that will come into effect on November 16th.

Among the new measures is the precautionary block, which can retain a transaction via Pix for up to 72 hours when irregularities are suspected, and the expansion of the use of information linked to Pix keys to prevent fraud.

Another security measure, in effect since October 4th, establishes a limit of R$1,000 for transfers made between 8:00 pm and 6:00 am. This is an attempt to curb crimes involving Pix transfers. Only the State of São Paulo has registered an increase of almost 40% in the records of lightning kidnappings since the transfer modality was launched.

Collaborated: Everton Favretto

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