Pernar has a great announcement about Bunjac, describing why there was a rift between them

IVAN Pernar, who will run in the elections with the Living Wall, after reconciling with the president of the party he left last year in front of the camera, wrote a long post on Facebook about Branimir Bunjac, also a former mason with whom he founded a new party – Ivan Pernar’s Party. that there would now be a schism between the two of them.

Pernar wrote that Bunjac betrayed him, and he also described the chronology of events, at least as he sees it.

Pernar’s post is reproduced in its entirety below.

Pernar: I have to explain why Bunjac is not part of the coalition

“I have to explain why Bunjac is not part of the coalition, but before that I have to explain why and in what conditions there was a split in the Living Wall.

For my part, the conflict was not about the mandate in the European Parliament, because I was not even on that list.

The conflict was actually on my part primarily over the way the party was run, however, on Bunjac’s side the subject of the dispute was primarily that mandate.

Because he did not want to give up his seat in the EP to Lukanić, Palfi wanted to take away his seat in Parliament because it originally belonged to her. However, I stood in Bunjc’s protection and said that this should never happen, because if Bunjc is removed from Parliament, great political damage will be created for the organization.

At the same time, I made it clear that if Palfi takes away his mandate, I will also come out of the Living Wall, that is, I will keep my back to him and I will not allow that to happen.

My goal was to somehow prevent Palfa’s actions that I considered harmful to the party. So, I did not intend to protect Bunjac as much as I cared about not destroying the party’s rating.

On the other hand, whatever Palfi was, I thought he wasn’t so “crazy” that he dared to remove both Bunjac and me from the party.

There was a shock when I realized that Palfi was going to the end, then I told Bunjac that in case Palfi was going to take his mandate, that I would keep my word and leave the party, and on the other hand, I told him that we have to stick together after leaving because we are both individually too weak and he agreed.

The bottom line is that I didn’t leave the party for my ego but because I saw the whole story going in the wrong direction.

Now what is happening, Bunjac and I are coming out of the Living Wall and we are founding the Ivan Pernar Party together.

At one point, however, Bunjac decides to turn his back on me, accusing me of pursuing a “frivolous” policy.

In doing so, he speaks against other members against me and distracts them from the party we founded together. That move actually breaks our deal and plays me off. He probably felt that the agreement had to be kept only as long as it suited him. By trampling on his word he lost my trust and respect.

What happens next – the parliamentary elections are coming and I am entering negotiations with the Living Wall. Since Bunjac is not part of my party because he turned his back on me, I did not ask him to be on the joint list. If he is a solo player, let him manage on his own.

Bunjac then goes to the polls with a party unknown to all of us and accuses me, among others, of the fall of the Living Wall rating:

1. Guarded his back when they wanted to kick him out
2. Left the Living Wall when they decided to do so by prior arrangement
3. Founded a new party together with him in accordance with the previous agreement

He responded to my treatment of him

1. So he left the party we founded
2. Turned members against me
3. Today he writes publicly against me and calls me names

However, neither I nor Palfi is to blame for the fact that Bunjac is not part of the common story, and neither is Sinčić. He blamed himself for not sticking to the agreement he had with me. Had he stuck to it today he would have been part of the common story.

The fact that he is now pouring bile is a move of desperation, if he thinks that with this strategy he will achieve success in the elections, good luck to him.

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