permissions manager, page sharing, security, here are the new features

Today the brand new version of Chrome arrives with some very interesting new features. On the program: a new page sharing method, better management of permissions and improved overall performance. A quick overview.

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Chrome 91 was a major update for the browser. Many new features had then joined its ranks, such as file copy and paste, search for closed tabs and new design of form controls. Today, the latter has given way to Chrome 92, an update that is less extensive but just as effective in improving performance.

This new update is still entitled to some new features. These are mainly focused on simplification of tasks and user safety. Without forgetting of course the optimization of the browser on its use of the resources of the device. So here is what awaits you in this latest version of Chrome.

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Discover all the new features of Chrome 92

Surfing the web in 2021 is synonymous with configuring the permissions granted to the sites visited. Whether it is to prevent a page from locating you or simply to mute the sound it emits, all these parameters are now accessible from the small padlock icon in the URL bar. A Permissions tab allows you to manage everything a site can or cannot do.

Speaking of permissions, advertising cookies have also become a redundant permission to consider. By replacing them with FLoC, Google has not only made people happy, far from it. The firm now leaves the possibility of disable it at any time by going to the Privacy Sandbox page accessible from this link.

The URL bar also hides another trick up its sleeve. It is now possible to search for a function just as easily as searching for a website. For example, by typing “Create a shortcut” in the search bar, it will offer to redirect you directly to the option without having to go through the traditional drop-down menu.

Chrome 92 will also make it easier to share pages with family or between different devices. In a dedicated hub, it is thus possible to select an application in which to send the link or generate a QR code for someone nearby. The latter therefore corresponds to that already present on the Android version of the browser.

It remains to deal with the improvements in safety and performance. Extensions have been a major concern of Google lately, which recently added a feature to prevent unsafe applications for the user. With Chrome 92, the Mountain View firm goes further by isolating them from each other, to prevent them from sharing information with each other.

Another improvement in security: phishing attempts are now detected 50 times faster than before. Finally, on the performance side, Chrome always wants less energy and requires 1.2% of total processor time less. Enough to increase the autonomy of devices. Furthermore, search results can now be obtained in 100 milliseconds, against 1.8 seconds in previous versions.

How to download Chrome 91?

To download the new version of Chrome, the method differs depending on your device. Here is the procedure for each of them:

  • Android : launch the browser update via the Google Play Store
  • iPhone : launch the browser update via the App Store
  • Mac / PC / Linux : Go to the Settings> About Chrome to search for an update. You can also go to this link to download the latest version of Google Chrome

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