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“Be cryptography is weakened, people will die,” he said. Edward snowden, famous for denouncing the controversial monitoring carried out by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). During a press conference held this Thursday (21st), he participated in a panel with experts from around the world to discuss the importance of this technology for civil society in the first “Global Encryption Day”.

Edward Snowden Advocates Strengthening Encryption (Image: Kyodo/Picture-Alliance)

Held by the Global Encryption Coalition, the event addressed the threat that authoritarian governments pose to encryption and why this technology helps social causes, ensure individual privacy and even Save lifes in risky regions by preserving the identity of people.

Encryption ensures the privacy of billions of people

Today, cryptography protects the personal safety of billions of people around the world and is the foundation of many national security systems. “This year, after the fall of the government of Afghanistan, we saw how the encryption is crucial to keeping everyday people safe… From families protecting children’s photos to personal health information, encryption keeps our personal information truly private,” Snowden said.

In a statement, the Global Encryption Coalition highlighted that marginalized communities, victims of domestic violence and politicians who work with highly confidential information need encryption to keep communications private and secure. Law enforcement authorities also make use of this technology to ensure that organized crime and terrorist organizations do not have access to investigations.

The same system is applied to our everyday messages sent via WhatsApp, to banking services and healthcare banks. It is one of the safest ways to protect data.

For Snowden, governments want to weaken encryption

However, Snowden noted that many governments around the world question the use of cryptography out of concern that criminals and terrorists also benefit from the privacy provided by the technology. However, the former NSA agent said that proposals to combat illegal activities end up leaving companies, governments and individuals more susceptible to criminal activities and cyber attacks.

Cyber ​​security (Illustrative image: Pixabay/Pexels)
Cyber ​​security (Illustrative image: Pixabay/Pexels)

If encryption is weakened, people will die… It would have been impossible for me to report what I saw without encryption. My first messages to journalists were made with it, and without end-to-end secure encryption, it’s impossible to imagine producing any courageous investigative journalism.”

Edward Snowden, former NSA agent, at a press conference.

He criticized the stance of many governments seeking to weaken cryptography by forcing the creation of “backdoors”, gateways for policing:

“I saw firsthand how governments can abuse their power to access the personal data of innocent people in the name of national security. Weakening encryption would be a colossal mistake that could put thousands of lives at risk.”

Along with Snowden, spoke Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. For him, protecting cryptography is essential to safeguarding human rights of millions of people in the world. “Everyone is entitled to privacy and security – which can only be maintained with end-to-end secure encryption. Weakening encryption puts us all at risk.”

Global Encryption Day is promoted by the Global Encryption Coalition and features a series of online events to discuss cybersecurity today and its effects on different sectors of society. More seminars, lives and discussions will take place over the next few days.

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