Peek at the History of BNI, the First Bank of the Indonesian Government

Jakarta, IDN Times – PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or we know BNI or Bank BNI is the oldest bank owned by the Indonesian government.

BNI was originally established as a central bank under the name Bank Negara Indonesia based on Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 2 1946 on July 5, 1946. BNI’s birthday was later celebrated as National Bank Day.

BNI is now listed as the 4th largest national bank in Indonesia, in terms of total assets, total loans and total third party funds. At present BNI has no less than 27,224 employees with 5 subsidiaries namely BNI Syariah Bank, BNI Multifinance, BNI Securities, BNI Life Insurance and BNI Remittance Ltd.

1. Beginning of BNI


The embryo of BNI began on October 9, 1945, when the Poesat Bank Indonesia Foundation was formed. Then on July 5, 1946, a central bank was established under the name Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and the two merged into one.

At that time BNI had the task of distributing the first official payment instrument in Indonesia after several months of existence. The name of the payment instrument was Oeang Republik Indonesia (ORI), the first currency to be produced and circulated on October 30, 1946. The ORI display at that time was in the form of banknotes with the signature of the Minister of Finance.

2. Changing BNI’s status to become a commercial bank, state-owned company to state-owned company

Peek at the History of BNI, the First Bank of the Indonesian GovernmentBUMN

BNI was then converted into a commercial bank and opened its first overseas branch located in Singapore in 1955.

Based on Law No. 17 of 1968, BNI was established as Bank Negara Indonesia 1946, and its status became a State-Owned Commercial Bank. BNI has a role to improve the people’s economy and participate in national development confirmed by Law No. 17 of 1968 concerning Bank Negara Indonesia 1946.

Based on Government Regulation No.19 of 1992 on April 29, 1992, BNI’s legal form has been adjusted to become a Limited Liability Company (Persero).

In 1996, BNI was the first state-owned bank to become a public company after listing its shares on the Jakarta Stock Exchange and Surabaya Stock Exchange. This makes BNI the first government bank to become a public company.

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3. 2-digit net income for the first time

Peek at the History of BNI, the First Bank of the Indonesian GovernmentIDN Times / BNI

In 2009, BNI’s shareholders agreed to separate the BNI Syariah Business Unit into an independent business entity. In 2010 BNI issued new shares through a Limited Public Offering (Rights Issue) so that public ownership increased to 40 percent.

BNI issued a Global Bond through its London branch office worth US $ 500 million in 2012. This Global Bond was registered on the Singapore Stock Exchange.

It was only in 2014 that BNI recorded a Net Profit for the first time through a double digit number (Rp10.8 trillion), as one of the results of BNI’s transformation program carried out since 2008.

4. BNI office network data

Peek at the History of BNI, the First Bank of the Indonesian GovernmentDoc.IDN Times

At present BNI has 1 Head Office, 17 Regional Offices and 2,245 office networks consisting of branch offices, sub-branch offices, overseas offices, cash offices and other office networks such as payment points and O-Branches. In addition, BNI also has Agents46 in all provinces in Indonesia.

Based on the 2018 annual report, BNI has 201 Branch Offices, 5 Subsidiaries, 1,109 Sub-Branch Offices, 605 Cash Offices, 128 Payment Points, 18,311 ATMs, 196 O-Branch Offices, 6 Overseas Branch Offices

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5. The meaning of the BNI logo

Peek at the History of BNI, the First Bank of the Indonesian GovernmentBUMN

BNI logo uses orange and turquoise as a corporate signature color that was developed to give a modern and impression fresh. Number 46 is part of the history of the establishment of BNI as the first bank in Indonesia and has been proven to contribute endlessly to build the nation.

While the slogan “Serve the Nation, Pride of the Nation” is a reinforcement of the Company’s philosophy and vision.

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