Peaky Blinders: Arthur Shelby’s 10 Best Quotes in the Series

Peaky Blinders is one of the biggest television series in recent years. The story of the Shleby family, a gangster family from the beginning of the 20th century, has captivated many fans and has an impressive cast. The BBC One production, which arrived in Brazil via Netflix, has striking characters that catch the attention of fans.

Among these characters is Arthur Shelby, played by Paul Anderson. The eldest brother of the family, Arthur has some characteristics that set him apart: his unique voice and the fact that he is the most violent member of the family. The sum of the two situations gave the character some very remarkable lines.

Because of this, Minha Série separated the 10 best phrases by Arthur Shelby, from Peaky Blinders.

10. “I am a good man. But my hands…they belong to the devil”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

When Linda (Kate Phillips) disappears and leaves the entire Shelby family worried, it’s Arthur who will sort things out. After Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) finds out where she is and who is hiding her, Arthur goes after the man. To get him to talk, Arthur attacks him before killing him.

The scene shows that Arthur can regret his violent acts and that, even though he is the most murderous character in the series, he still believes he is a good man.

9. “This place is under new management by order of the Peaky Blinders”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

After attacking the Eden Club, which was managed by Darby Sabini (Noah Taylor), one of Tommy Shelby’s rivals. Arthur takes the club’s microphone and announces to the audience that the new owners are the Peaky Blinders. The phrase is one of the best known of the series and shows the power of the Shelby family.

8. “I heard the blackbird sing”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

Responsible for organizing the shooting of Grace Shelby (Annabelle Wallis), Vincent Changretta (Ken Colley) ends up paying for all his sins. Tommy had decided to torture Vincent into the night until he heard the blackbird sing. However, in yet another moment of lack of patience, Arthur announces that he has heard the blackbird sing and then shoots Vincent.

7. “Who wants to go to heaven when it is possible to send men to hell?”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

For a moment, Arhtur looks hesitant when Father Hughes (Paddy Considini) asks for the Peaky Blinders blow up a train to set up a situation for the Russians.

However, after John Shelby (Joe Cole) offers to blow up the vehicle, Arthur takes control of the situation, decides to make the attempt and announces that heaven doesn’t look interesting to a person who has a chance to send men to hell.

6. “Fast women and slow horses will ruin your life”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

When he finds out that Tommy is interested in Grace, Arthur decides to talk to him and give him some advice. The sentence above symbolizes the older brother’s idea that Tommy should remain single and focused on finding better horses for racing, one of the sports the Shelby family has invested heavily in.

5. “I know who I am Linda. I know who I am and I’m ok with it”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

Linda, Arthur’s wife, becomes unhappy that her husband is not the boss of the Shelby Company Limited and tries to manipulate him into taking control. The woman claims that Tommy is using his brother and that he should do something about it.

In response, Arthur claims to know who he is and to be happy with his situation, showing all his loyalty to his brother and how much he disagrees with his wife’s mentality.

4. “See, ladies? When you’re dating a Blinder, you don’t have to obey lines”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

In the first episode of Peaky Blinders, Arthur goes to the movies with two women and tells them that jumping in line is one of the benefits of hooking up with one of the Shelby family members. Ironically, Arthur is arrested by Inspector Campbell (Sam Neil) a few moments later for an investigation to recover government weapons.

3. “My heart is a battered ship, but inside there is still the throbbing pulse of a dream”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

Arthur gets excited when his father, Arthur Sr. (Tommy Flanagan), shows up and announces to him that he has a business opportunity for his eldest son. By all appearances, it is a great opportunity that could benefit both of them. In response, Arthur speaks the above sentence and presents that he still dreams of succeeding in business.

2. “I’m emotional, I just don’t know what emotion is”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

A few moments after surviving the hanging in Winson Green Prison, Arthur is visited by Ada (Sophie Rundle). Upon realizing that he was strange, Ada asks him to at least pretend to be happy to see her. Arthur says he doesn’t know how to show his feelings in the midst of such a chaotic situation where his own life was at stake.

1. “If you’re going to use this, you better aim it at my head. That’s where the problem lies.”

(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)(Source: BBC One/Reproduction)Source: BBC One

A grieving mother decides to confront Arthur, pointing a gun at him. The situation doesn’t seem to shake the Shelby’s older brother, who advises the woman to point the gun at his head, as that’s where the problems lie.

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