Peaky Blinders: 10 movies and series the cast has participated in

More than 1 year after the 5th season of Peaky Blinders be completed, anxiety for new chapters remains high. After all, next season will also be the last of the series and, unfortunately, production had to be delayed because of the new coronavirus pandemic. So it’s certain that fans will still have to wait a while to find out what’s going to happen on the show.

But if you want to miss the cast of Peaky Blinders while you wait, don’t worry. With so many talented names in production, there are plenty of other series and movies to check out the actors and actresses from the Netflix drama.

See 10 works, including movies and series, in which the cast of Peaky Blinders participated.

10. the Queen’s Gambit

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In season 5 of the series, actress Anya Taylor-Joy joined the cast as Gina Gray, Michael’s wife. In 2020, the actress starred in one of the biggest series of the year on Netflix: the Queen’s Gambit. The success was so great that she won a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for her performance on the show, as well as making the Forbes Under 30 list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

9. Hunger Games

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Actor Sam Claflin, who gave life to the character Oswald Mosley, played Finnick Odair, one of the tributes in the franchise Hunger Games. He was present in the movies On Fire, Hope Part 1 and The Hope Part 2. In addition, the actor also starred in the film how I was before you next to Emilia Clarke, from game of Thrones.

8. The Pianist

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In Peaky Blinders, Adrien Brody is Luca Changretta, a fan favorite villain. However, even before participating in the series, he was already well known in the world of cinema. That’s because Brody won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role as Wladyslaw Szpilman in the film. The pianist.

7. Mad Max: Road of Fury

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Tom Hardy was also a veteran when he entered the series world. Before taking on the role of Alfie Solomons, one of the fans’ favorite characters, he starred in several different titles, gaining prominence as a main character in Mad Max: Road of Fury, 2015.

6. the Tudors

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Another actress who has also done other series, in addition to Peaky Blinders, it was Annabelle Wallis. She became known for playing Jane Seymour in the Tudors. Wallis has also participated in successful films such as Annabelle and the reboot of The Mummy, in 2017.

5. Black Mirror

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When John Shelby died in season 4 of Peaky Blinders, fans were devastated. After all, he was the balance between the personalities of Arthur and Thomas, leaving a great void. Fortunately, fans can catch up on the actor in Black Mirror, dystopian series from Netflix. Joe Cole participated in the episode “Hang The DJ” as Frank.

4. dreamland

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Joe Cole’s younger brother Finn Cole played Michael Gray on the show and became famous for being in the movie. dreamland, like Eugene. Currently, the actor can be seen as Joshua Cody in animal kingdom, from TNT.

3. The Revenant

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Paul Anderson is one of the main actors in Peaky Blinders since the beginning of the series and will definitely be part of the next season. Despite being best known for being Arthur Shelby, he also gained a prominent role in the film. The Revenant, 2015.

2. Saga Harry Potter

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The actress Helen McCrory, Polly Grey, became famous for playing Narcissa Malfoy, Draco’s mother, in the last films of the saga Harry Potter. In fact, a curiosity about her participation in the films was the fact that she was originally cast as Bellatrix Lestrange, the character played by Helena Bonham-Carter. However, when she became pregnant, she had to abandon the role and returned for the 6th film in the saga.

1. Trilogy The dark Knight

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Although Cillian Murphy’s career started long before Peaky Blinders, the role of Thomas Shelby was what really put the actor on the radar of series fans out there. But if you want to see him in other titles, without a doubt the trilogy The dark Knight is an excellent option. In addition to the movies, he participated in some Irish titles, such as Breakfast on Pluto and The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

So far, there is still no official release date for the 6th and final season of Peaky Blinders. So we’ll still have to wait to review the cast of one of our favorite shows, making this list a great marathon idea to wait for the premiere!

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