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Good news! Paulo Higa, our executive editor of Techblog, is one of the finalists of the Comunique-se Award – known as the Oscar of Brazilian Journalism. This is the third and final phase of the 2021 edition: voting is open to the public to form the award jury, and we explain below how you can register your vote.

Photo taken with the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s rear camera (Image: Paulo Higa/Tecnoblog)

How to vote for the Comunique-se 2021 Award

Higa started in Techblog in 2012 as editor and, in 2018, he became executive editor and partner of the site. He has covered all kinds of events in Brazil and abroad, including CES, MWC, Apple WWDC and Samsung Unpacked; and today he coordinates the team of editors, authors and producers, in addition to being a co-host of Tecnocast. He has already been nominated for the Comunique-se Award in 2019, and won the Specialists Award, from the Business of Communication platform, in 2020.

To vote for the Comunique-se Award – preferably at Higa 😉 – there is no secret:

  1. visit;
  2. login with your Google or Facebook account;
  3. select Start voting;
  4. choose the category desired – Higa is in “Digital”;
  5. select the journalists and at the bottom of the page, click on Indicate;
  6. click in OK to confirm the vote.
Voting for the Comunique-se Award 2021 (Image: Reproduction)

Voting for the Comunique-se Award 2021 (Image: Reproduction)

The process is very fast, and it is not necessary to vote in all categories for your vote to be counted. the deadline is until October 10, 2021; the awarding of the winners of this 18th edition will be made in a live scheduled for the night of November 16th.

Voting for the finalists of the Comunique-se 2021 Award - she did not say which ones (Image: Reproduction)

Voting for the finalists of the Comunique-se 2021 Award – she did not say which ones (Image: Reproduction)

The second round of the Comunique-se 2021 Award had more than 1.7 million votes registered, leading to the complete list of finalists revealed this Monday (9) – it follows in full below.



Felipe Payão – TecMundo
Joyce Macedo – TecMundo
Paulo Higa – Techblog

Digital Influencer

Casimiro Miguel – TNT Sports
Luís Ernesto Lacombe – Gazeta do Povo / RedeTV
Reinaldo Azevedo – BandNews FM / Folha de S. Paulo / UOL

Podcaster journalist

Daniela Lima and Renata Agostini – CNN Brazil
Natuza Nery – G1
Renata Lo Prete – G1

Anchor / presenter

Radio Anchor

Luiz Megale – BandNews FM
Rodrigo Bocardi – CBN
Vitor Brown – Young Pan

TV anchor

Christina Lemos – Record TV
Eduardo Oinegue – Band
Maju Coutinho – TV Globo


Astrid Fontenelle – GNT
Luís Ernesto Lacombe – RedeTV
Tatá Werneck – Multishow


News columnist

Andréia Sadi – CBN / G1 / GloboNews
Guilherme Amado – Metropolis
Natuza Nery – CBN / G1 / GloboNews

Opinion Columnist / Columnist

Guilherme Fiuza – Gazeta do Povo / Jovem Pan / Oeste Magazine
Miriam Leitão – O Globo
Tereza Cruvinel – Brazil 247


Comunication agency

Relevant Fact Agency
It Press Communication
Tamer Communication

Corporate Communication Professional

Lucas Rossi – Ambev
Mariana Passos – Samsung
Pedro Vitor Melo Alves – Mastercard

Advertising & Marketing

Claudia Penteado – BandNews FM / Época Negócios
Erich Beting – Sports Machine
Marina Filippe – Exam


Culture – Written Media

Cristina Padiglione – Folha de S. Paulo
Gilberto Morbach – The State of São Paulo
Ubiratan Brazil – The State of São Paulo

Culture – Spoken Media

Adriana Couto – Nova Brasil FM / TV Cultura
Gabriela Mayer – BandNews FM
Elisabete Pacheco – GloboNews


Economy – Written Media

Flávia Oliveira – O Globo
Luis Nassif – GGN Newspaper
Samy Dana – InvestNews BR

Economy – Spoken Media

Flávia Oliveira – CBN / GloboNews
Nathalia Arcuri – Save Me
Samy Dana – Young Pan

Entrepreneur Journalist

Fernando Rodrigues – Power 360
Nathalia Arcuri – Save Me
Samy Dana – InvestNews BR


Sports – Written Media

Marília Ruiz – UOL
Paulo Vinícius Coelho – Folha de S. Paulo / GE.Globo
Vitor Sérgio Rodrigues – TNT Sports

Sports – Spoken Media

Bruno Formiga – TNT Sports
Mauro Beting – Young Pan / SBT / TNT Sports
Milton Neves – Band / BandNews FM / Rádio Bandeirantes

sports announcer

André Henning – TNT Sports
Everaldo Marques – SportTV
Téo José – SBT

Leadership in a communication vehicle

Lilian Tahan – Metropolis
Rodrigo Hornhardt – SBT News
Thiago Feitosa – Record News


National – Written Media

Guilherme Amado – Metropolis
Mônica Bergamo – Folha de S. Paulo
Natuza Nery – G1

National – Spoken Media

Andréia Sadi – CBN / GloboNews
Basilia Rodrigues – CNN Brazil
Daniela Lima – CNN Brazil

news reporter

Picture Reporter

Dario Costenaro – Band
Gabriela Biló – The State of São Paulo
Sérgio Lima – Power 360

international reporter

Marcelo Espindola – RedeTV
Mariana Becker – Band
Natalie Gedra – ESPN

Reporter – Written Media

Joaquim de Carvalho – Brazil 247
Luísa Martins – Economic Value
Patrícia Campos Mello – Folha de S. Paulo

Reporter – Spoken Media

André Hernan – SportTV / TV Globo
Sonia Bridi – TV Globo
Thais Nunes – SBT


André Trigueiro – CBN / GloboNews / TV Globo
Kátia Brasil – Real Amazon
Rosana Jatobá – CBN / Universe Jatobá

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