Pari Island Tourism, Holidays with Enchanting Natural Beauty

The Thousand Islands has a variety of stunning islands and beaches. Among the many alternative tourism, Pari Island is one that is quite famous for its beauty, not inferior to Tidung Island or Pramuka Island.

Pari Island offers a beautiful, clean and beautiful natural environment. Guaranteed to feel at home vacation here.

1. How to get to Pari Island

If you want to travel to Pari Island, you can take a sea trip from the Port of Muara Angke. Usually the ship departs twice a day, at 07.00 and 14.00. The price is priced around Rp. 40 thousand per person and takes about two hours, depending on weather conditions and sea waves.

If you want a safer and more comfortable way, you can take a boat through the Marina Port, Ancol. The price is around Rp150-170 thousand per person with a travel time of about 1.5 hours. Although more expensive, but comparable to comfort and shorter travel time.

2. Facilities offered by Pari Island

Pari Island Tourism, Holidays with Enchanting Natural

You could say Pari Island has become a mainstay tourist attraction in the Thousand Islands. You can find water games, food stalls, places of worship and lodging easily.

3. Activities that can be done on Pari Island

Pari Island Tourism, Holidays with Enchanting Natural

Do not just swim on the beach, you must really snorkel here. Can also try a variety watersport, one of them banana boat. For snorkeling You only need to pay around Rp. 30 thousand for equipment rental costs and Rp. 400-600 thousand for ships. As for playing banana boat, it costs around Rp. 30 thousand.

Pari Island Tourism, Holidays with Enchanting Natural

Besides that, you also go around the island by bicycle. It costs around Rp 20 thousand per day.

So that the holidays are more beneficial, try to take part in preserving the green environment in the Pari Island area by planting mangrove seeds together with volunteers and local managers. After that, you can explore the mangrove using a small boat at a price of around Rp. 15 thousand per person.

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4. Rent a boat if you want to settle for a vacation on Pari Island

Pari Island Tourism, Holidays with Enchanting Natural

Initially Pari is only visited if Tidung Island is full. However, this area has gradually developed quite rapidly. The island covering an area of ​​around 40.32 hectares has at least several exotic beaches.

So there is no harm in renting your own ship to explore deeper. There are several benefits that you will get, especially if you are a group. Some of them are like:

  1. The ship will be ready according to the agreement at the beginning.
  2. Ship private without being combined with other groups.
  3. The ship is ready to take you to snorkeling spot best.
  4. Can I have a snorkel prepared?
  5. Free one box of bottled mineral water.

The price of a boat rental while on Pari Island depends on how many people are in one group. Approximately the price like this (can change at any time):

  1. Capacity of 10 people Rp1.4 million.
  2. Capacity of 15 people Rp1, 8 million.
  3. The capacity of 20 people is Rp.2.2 million.
  4. The capacity of 25 people is Rp2.4 million.
  5. Capacity of 30 people Rp. 2.6 million.
  6. Capacity of 35 people Rp. 2.8 million.
  7. Capacity of 40 people Rp.3 million.

5. Mainstay attractions on the island of Pari

Pari Island Tourism, Holidays with Enchanting Natural

While on Pari Island, you have to come to the three best beaches. Among them are Pantai Perawan, Pantai Kresek, and Bintang Beach.

The three beaches have their respective characteristics. If you go to the Virgin Sand Beach, you will find white sand, calm waves, and clear sea water. No less interesting, there are a variety of beautiful coral reefs.

Furthermore, there is Kresek Beach which has a wide stretch of white sand. There are shady plants to take shelter when hot. You can get photos Instagramable with a background of thatch here.

Pari Island Tourism, Holidays with Enchanting Natural

Finally there is the Bintang Beach which is almost similar to the Virgin Sand Beach. This place is quite quiet, but still has facilities that are no less complete. All three beaches are priced at an entrance ticket of around Rp. 5,000.

How, have you imagined how fun the vacation to Pari Island? So when do you want to come here?

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