Pamela Anderson is naked again!

The years they may pass but the good old habits for the old never an explosive protagonist of the Baywatch series remain constant. In the At the age of 52, the Canadian star posed naked in advertising campaign French brand with ecological bags, lying face down, with rose petals crossing her spine.

In full view her well-formed buttocks

With the characteristic rich blonde hair to frame it her painful look, the juicy sex bomb poses naked in white sheets, surrounded by bouquets of flowers leaving little to the imagination. Covering artificially the breast of, she left her well-formed buttocks in full view in which rose petals ended up starting at her neck.

The advertising poses is part of the new campaign of the company Ashoka based in Paris, which specializes in the construction of luxury ecological bags, made exclusively from vegan materials from Italy, with lining and other accessories coming from recycled plastic bottles.

Activist, animal lover, fatal and timeless symbol of sex, the Pamela Anderson she always has her own way of dealing with the media, directly or indirectly.


12 times sex in one night with Adil Rami

THE hot campaign for example, coincided with the statements of footballer Alexander Kokorin and former teammate of Adil Rami with whom Pamela had been in a relationship for two years. In an interview via you tube, Kokorin shared with the world audience what they were discussing the Sochi players in the locker room, revealing details about Rami and Pamela’s sex life:


Rami was the best for Pamela. He told us that one night they had sex 12 times

“The whole team was asking him how Pamela was in bed. Adil told us everything without hesitation. I can say that we have heard really interesting things. We were all curious about the same thing. Rami was the best for Pamela. He told us that one night they had sex 12 times. “

Wedding of 12 days

As it turned out, of course from the course of their relationship, 12 times was not enough for Rami who made sure to break out having parallel hidden relationships, a revelation that crashed Canadian star and led to the glorious end of their fiery relationship. Of course, she soon returned after just in January 2020, Anderson was married for the fifth time, to the 74-year-old producer and former celebrity hairdresser. John Peters.

A wedding that could be included in the Guinness Book of World Records as the shortest soubise since its duration was only 12 days. Space enough Peters to settle some of her $ 200,000 financial backlog which Anderson had just settled ran away from the matrimonial bed, according to her statements.


Pamela Anderson – John Peters: A marriage that lasted only 12 days

For her part, she rushed to give her own version in an interview: that after a New York energy clean-up seminar in India, she met Peter on her return.

Although they had no physical contact, they were both very excited as old acquaintances about their reunion. He also claimed that there was no legal document proving their marriage and in conclusion he wished him well. What we would say in one word, “Kisses”.

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