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Although Black Friday is over, complaints and dissatisfaction persist. Procon-SP, an agency that works in defense of the São Paulo consumer, received 703 complaints related to the date. Until Monday afternoon (29), the leaders in the dissatisfaction ranking were B2W, owner of Americanas.com, Lojas Americanas and Submarino, and Via S/A, controller of Casas Bahia and Ponto (formerly Ponto Cold).

Americanas app on your cell phone screen (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)
Americanas app on your cell phone screen (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)

B2W, which is also responsible for the Shoptime and Sou Barato brands, is the leader in complaints about Black Friday, with 107 complaints — 15% of the total registered in the Procon-SP database. Then comes Via S/A, which also owns Extra.com, with 96 complaints, or 14% of the cases analyzed by the agency.

In third place is Magazine Luiza, with only 4% of registered complaints. Finally, in the ranking of Procon is Etna, a brand of home and construction products — also with 4%.

Complaint of delay or non-delivery tops Procon-SP list

According to Procon-SP, the most recurrent complaints about Black Friday were, in order:

  1. Delay or non-delivery — with 74 complaints, 25% of the total
  2. Order canceled after completion of purchase — with 162 complaints, corresponding to 23% of the total
  3. Price change at checkout (79 or 11%);
  4. Discount makeup, which is when Procon-SP considers that the discount offered is not real — (77 or 11% of the total)
  5. And product or service unavailable (75 or 11% of the total)

On social networks, Procon-SP carried out 457 queries related to Black Friday. As of Friday afternoon (29), the agency had received 310 complaints, which means that the number more than doubled over the weekend.

Regarding Black Friday 2020, however, Procon-SP points out that there was a slight drop of 3% in the number of complaints about the date. For Fernando Capez, executive director of the institution, the decrease demonstrates that some consumers are more careful when making purchases. Capez adds:

With the consumer doing more research, checking the credibility of the website, the reputation of the company, paying attention to the total price offered, plus the charge for freight, charges etc. the complaints are reduced to the most common problems, such as delay and cancellation of the order. The overall balance is positive.

Casas Bahia is fined by Procon-SP

Casas Bahia (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)
Casas Bahia (Image: Bruno Gall De Blasi/Tecnoblog)

Last night, Procon-SP notified Via S/A for the cancellation of orders for Galaxy Note 20 at R$ 679 and Galaxy S20 FE at R$ 1 thousand. The company will have to explain to the agency why it canceled purchases made by consumers who took advantage of the South Korean manufacturer’s smartphone offers.

On the night of Black Friday, Casas Bahia put on offer the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cell phones — which usually cost between R$ 2,500 and R$ 3 thousand — and the Galaxy S20 FE — with prices in the range of R$ 2.5 thousand. The retailer later claimed that the promotions were a “processing failure”.

Consumers who had their orders canceled by the retailer sought the Techblog to report cases of reversal of payments made by Pix. Purchases made on the card were refunded the day after Black Friday.

After receiving many complaints through social media — with right to the hashtag — and cancel orders, Via S/A has committed to honor purchases of the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 FE. The confirmation is in the company’s positioning to the Techblog:

Via, the company responsible for the brands Casas Bahia, Ponto and Extra.com, informs that the price variations of Galaxy Note 20 smartphones were due to a processing failure. Consumers who made the purchase of the Galaxy Note 20 with a value indicated by the system momentarily incorrectly had the purchase canceled and were refunded. As for consumers who purchased the Galaxy S20 FE, the company claims that it fulfilled all orders. The company reinforces that it operates based on respect for consumers, in line with current legislation and that the cases were serious errors that were corrected as soon as they were identified.

About the position in the ranking of complaints from Procon-SP, Americanas S/A did not send a position to the Techblog.

Via S/A sent the following note to the report:

Via, the company responsible for the brands Casas Bahia, Ponto and Extra.com, informs that it anticipated the start of Black Friday and the demands assessed are also cases not related to the promotional date. Most of these are isolated cases that are already being discussed. The company reinforces that it has continued to maintain uninterrupted service since the beginning of the campaign and that its objective is to offer the best service and the best shopping experience to the customer.

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