Outlander: See the right order to read the books that inspired the series

Outlander is one of the most successful series when it comes to time travel and historical drama. All the stories connect in a fantastic way and leave viewers looking forward to upcoming events.

However, what many don’t know is that the show is an adaptation of a book saga written by Diana Gabaldon. In all, Outlander it has eight volumes with the original story.

Interested in reading? Discover the correct sequence of the books and a brief summary of everything that happens in each one of them!

1. The time traveler

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The opening book begins with the story of Claire, a nurse who was in the 20th century and accidentally goes back in time, ending up in the 18th century.

As the story unfolds, we see our protagonist adapt to the times and start a relationship with Jamie Fraser, whom she ends up marrying.

At first, the relationship between the two is prepared for convenience, giving benefits to both. However, as time goes by, they fall in love.

2. Dragonfly in Amber

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The sequence of the first book takes place in two timelines.

The first is set in the 1960s and shows Claire’s life as she returned to her original present, before everything suddenly changed. In it, she lives with Frank Randall, her former husband, and he helps her raise Brianna, her daughter with Jamie.

The second takes place in Paris, in the year 1744, turning the focus again to Jamie and Claire.

3. Rescue at Sea

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It is in the third book where stronger emotions occur as Claire accepts Jamie’s death at the Battle of Culloden. So, she goes back to her original time in order to raise her daughter, but the revelation that Jamie managed to survive completely changes the course of the story.

The main point of book 3 of Outlander it is the couple’s search for each other, as fate has completely separated them.

4. The Drums of Autumn

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Continuing with Claire and Jamie’s adventures at different times, we now see the characters a little older. They manage to find each other, continuing the previous book, and seek to establish a calmer life in North Carolina.

However, Brianna, the couple’s daughter, ends up discovering a mysterious artifact that is capable of affecting her parents completely.

5. The Cross of Fire

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Continuing the books of the saga Outlander, in The Cross of Fire, we follow Jamie’s journey at a crossroads: he is called upon to lead a militia to contain the insurgencies of a war, but the decision leaves him in conflict.

If accepted, he knows the chances of survival are low. However, if he refuses, he could be considered a traitor to the nation and will have an uncertain future, but without a good chance of getting out alive either.

In the midst of all this, he has the help of Claire, as well as Brianna, his daughter, and Roger MacKenzie, his son-in-law.

6. A Breath of Snow and Ashes

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The story starts to get even more tense in the 6th book of the saga. In it, the war begins to give several signs that it is getting closer and closer to the Frasers, as when an entire family is murdered next to them.

To make the fear even more real, Claire finds news from the future informing her that she and Jamie were killed in a fire, so it remains to be hoped that the fact can be reversed based on the right choices.

7. Echoes of the Future

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The next step in the saga Outlander, adapted for the series, is to visit the life of Brianna, Roger and Jem, the couple’s son. They’re all living quietly on Lallybroch in the 20th century, but things get out of hand when a new time traveler shows up.

Furthermore, the news that comes with it puts Jem’s life in danger.

8. Written With the Blood of My Heart

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In the eighth book of the series, things get even more serious for Jamie when he is declared lost at sea.

Meanwhile, Claire is forced to marry Lord John Gray out of sheer protection. As if that wasn’t enough, the background develops announcing yet another war that could drastically affect the entire family.

Diana Gabaldon has also written a collection of stories set in the Outlander universe. The Círculo das Sete Pedras was recently launched in Brazil by Editora Arqueiro.

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