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By selecting the best Android games of 2020 for smartphones and tablets each month, we update our selection of the best free titles you can’t miss. Find here the essentials of the Android platform, which you absolutely must download or miss out on games that are really worth a shot.

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It’s not always easy to navigate the intricacies of the Google Play Store, which is packed with thousands of games. That’s why we’ve brought you our ultimate guide to must-see free titles, which we’ve categorized by genre for readability. You find in order the simulation games, sports games, action games, first or third person shooters, adventure games and RPGs, strategy games and finally puzzles and other thinking games.

The cream of the crop, between essential games that you may have missed, but also a few lesser known gems, but which benefit from being. So, more action, strategy or sport?

The Sims Mobile

There are two Sims games for Android. The first is Sims Freeplay, released six years ago and still very active, and the second is Sims Mobile, released in 2018. Both games have over 1 million downloads each (5000000 same for the first) and are rated 4 out of 5 stars on the Play Store.

While both games are part of the Sims license, well known to PC (and console) gamers, both smartphone apps offer more restricted gameplay than the desktop versions, of course. More precisely, they are more “thematic”.

Sims Freeplay lets you manage a city of Sims without getting into the granularity of a household. In Sims Mobile, you step into the life ofone Sims family, but you go into the details of this management: house, relationships, work, money, style of dress, etc. Of course, other families live in the neighborhood. With all that this can have as possibilities (and consequences).

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Arriving on smartphone, Nintendo decided to carry several of its successful licenses. The goal is obviously to attract mobile players with brands they know on game consoles such as 3DS, Switch or Wii. Fire emblem, Mario and Pokemon are certain (but not yet Zelda as of this writing). And there is Animal Crossing, whose addiction affects all generations!

Like Sims Mobile, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is again a management and simulation game. But this time around instead of a classic city, it’s a campsite you have to manage. All with animals as customers. The game can be multiplayer: you can visit other players’ campsite and trade some resources. There are also quests, events, and permanent feature enrichment. One of the most recent is the creation of new flowers by cross pollination.

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PES Club Manager

As on console and PC, Electronic Arts and Konami compete on mobile to win the hearts of football fans. The Japanese publisher runs its famous series Pro Evolution Soccer (or PES for close friends) and offers several applications. The passable PES Card Collection. The promising eFootball PES 2020 which offers a real football game in a smartphone. And PES Club Manager.

The latter takes over the club management part of the PES series on console and PC. You create your club, you recruit players, you train them and set up game tactics. You participate in meetings and tournaments. You don’t control your players, but let the game engine work. It is based on your team’s stats and those of the opponent that you know if you get the three points or not. A good alternative to the mythical Football Club Manager.


8 Ball Pool

Not all sports games are as nerve-racking as soccer games or racing simulations. There are also disciplines which let subtlety and strategy speak more. You will find golf there, for example. But also billiards or snooker which obviously benefits on smartphones from an intuitive handling and optimized connectivity. In this area, it is indeed 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip which is the most interesting.

This application offers you several game modes. Some quieter, offline, to learn how to handle the tail and understand the behavior of balls on the mat. And others more panting, facing real opponents in clashes in face to face panting or 8 player tournaments to win a big jackpot … or lose it elsewhere. Progress is quick and easy, no need to spend money to move forward without fuss, we recommend it!

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Real Racing 3

There are two categories of car racing games: arcade games, which advocate easy handling for more energetic parts, and simulation games, which want to be closer to reality, especially in terms of the behavior of the car. On the one hand, Need for Speed. On the other, Gran Turismo. For example. The Real Racing series, created and developed by Firemonkey Studios (a subsidiary of Electronic Arts), has always positioned itself in the second category.

And Real Racing 3, the latest installment (and the first to build on the freemium model), is no exception. 19 circuits drawn from real courses. 250 cars modeled after authentic designs from brands such as Aston Martin, Porsche, Ford, McLaren, Bugatti, etc. And 4000 proofs different, spread over different categories. All sprinkled with a rich multiplayer game, with real-time races at eight players simultaneously.

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Traffic Rider

Everyone is familiar with car racing games. From Need for Speed ​​to Asphalt, you will find several exclusive or cross-platform licenses on Android. But games where you are riding a motorbike are not very common. And yet, riders are all convinced that their cars offer as much (see more sensations) as a car. so here’s Traffic Rider which, precisely, is a motorcycle game.

One of its peculiarities is that it only offers a view to The first person. So you see what the pilot sees, no more and no less. The other particularity of the game is to privilege an arcade grip where your goal is to brush up against other vehicles on the road as much as possible and with the most style to get the best score. It will bring back some memories to fans of Burnout. About thirty motorcycles are available and a career mode is offered.


Need For Speed: No Limits

Created and published by Electronic Arts, the series Need For Speed is one of the big names in the arcade-driven car racing game. Launched in 1994 on PC and console (PS1, Saturn and … 3DO please), it puts you behind the wheel of supercharged cars in very fast races where you can get started quickly. Which is obviously perfect for a mobile game. It was in 2004 that it arrived on mobile and in 2008 on smartphone.

If you search the Play Store, today you’ll find three Need For Speed ​​games. The very good Most Wanted, which is chargeable and which has aged. NFS Heat Studio, which offers to customize cars (with a link to the eponymous console and PC game). And No Limits, a brand new opus that takes up certain aspects of gameplay fromUnderground. It offers to participate in races, of course, but also to customize your vehicle, participate in challenges and raise money in order to pay you the best possible improvements. All served by a great achievement.

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Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9 Legends is the latest in arcade-oriented car racing games from GameLoft. Released in 2018, it largely incorporates all the attributes of its predecessor: 50 customizable cars with beautiful names like Lamborghini, Ferrari or Porsche, circuits integrating several possible routes and varied environments, from the nitro to give a little boost (and knock down an opponent, if this is not the course of the game) and a very long career mode, with more than 800 races a win.

Of course, Asphalt 9 Legends includes a multiplayer dimension with guilds, to form pilot clubs, and competitive racing, to compete against other players. This last dimension is certainly not the best of the application, since it can be strongly influenced if one of the participants has conceded some money.

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PUBG Mobile

For several years now, “battle royale” type games have been popular. The principle is simple: several dozen players appear in an environment. The last one still alive to win. If you’ve seen the eponymous Japanese film, then you know what we’re talking about here. The most famous games are Fortnite of course, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone and… PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Or PUBG.

PUBG is considered the first battle royale, the one that gave birth to the genre. And this is its official mobile version. It offers the same characteristics in terms of gameplay (of course with adapted graphics and handling). Events are frequent there and the game modes have been designed for use on smartphones, with games that can be very short and very dynamic.

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Brothers in Arms 3

Series Brothers in Arms was not born on smartphones, but on PC and console. This is the studio’s first original license Gearbox Software, the creators of Borderlands. Series, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, has only a small number of canonical episodes. The vast majority of games are spinoffs developed for portable and mobile consoles. Brothers in Arms 3 is the fifth game in the series to appear on mobile.

Released in 2014, it remains one of the benchmarks of the genre: third-person shooters. And it continues to be updated, the latest dating from 2020. Like Sniper Elite, Battlefield, or Call of Duty, Brothers in Arms 3 puts you and your squad mates behind enemy lines. You must use the skills of each soldier present (sniper, mortar, infiltration, etc.) and take advantage of the terrain to defeat your opponents. Of course, you improve your equipment as the missions go. A multiplayer part is obviously present to face the talents of other players.

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Spiritual suite of Dead Trigger 2, which is still one of our favorite titles for testing smartphones and tablets, Unkilled largely takes up what made its predecessor the best title in Madfingers, far ahead of the series Shadowgun (also created by the Czech studio). In particular its very impressive graphics engine.

Real-time 3D FPS, Unkilled puts you in the shoes of a survivor of a pandemic that turns humans into cannibalistic zombies. Obviously, to defend yourself, you have an arsenal of choice, between heavy weapons, handguns and bladed weapons, not to mention explosives. All of these pieces of gear can be upgraded to increase damage, range, speed, and accuracy.

Unlike Dead Trigger 2, you have a choice of your playable character. A part multiplayer is obviously present to bring a little spice, whether in the jousting in PVP or during missions in coop. And in-app purchases aren’t that important to getting the single-player campaign closed properly.

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Call of Duty – Mobile

Even if you are not a console or PC gamer, no need to introduce Call of Duty, the license for FPS from Activision. Recently arrived on smartphone bringing with it all the history of the series, as well as its great peculiarities: the massive cards from mythical episodes like Black ops or Modern Warfare, very tactical missions and, more recently, the armory. For those unfamiliar with it, it comes down to the possibility of customizing a weapon in a thousand and one ways. This is it too, Call of Duty

Call of Duty Mobile is an exclusive episode suitable for console use. You will not find a single player mode there, which could have been used as training for the multi modes. So you need to jump right into the action. All modes are demanding, but not necessarily the same. There are the quick five-on-five PVP matches. Or a PUBG-style “battle royale” mode with 100 participants simultaneously (where you have the option to choose a third-person view). The game is freemium, but doesn’t seem to be particularly buying.


Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

In the ultimate heavy metal fan discography (and even hard rock in general) there is certainly an album by the London band Iron maiden. Powerslave. Somewhere in Time. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. Or the excellent Number of the Beast. One of the things that all Iron Maiden albums have in common, studio and live, is the character on its cover: Eddie, half mummy, half zombie, living extratemporal and extraordinary adventures.

Eddie’s drawings, created by the British illustrator Derek riggs, inspired London-based video game studio Nodding Frog to create in 2016, Roleplay epic called Legacy of the Beast. The player plays Eddie who must find the fragments of his scattered soul. He will have to help his other incarnations, some of which have been made famous by the album covers: Trooper, Shaman, Pharaoh, Cyborg, Mummy, etc. The gameplay, classic, but unique in feel, is that of a turn-based RPG.


Marvel strike force

With a very impressive pool of characters, the universe Marvel is a great candidate for nurturing many games where Superheroes (and Villains) are to be obtained through a raffle. A well-known commercial mechanic in the “freemium” games market. Currently, three titles are offered on the Play Store: Contest of Champions, Future Fights and Strike Force. The last one is the most recent and it is, in our opinion, the most complete. And the best of the three.

This is a Turn-based RPG similar to Legacy of the Beast which offers you to create a team of six characters and confront enemies. There is a story mode, with several campaigns already live. There are events every week. And there is a particularly rich multiplayer game with Alliances factions, raiding campaigns (with other faction members) and PVP. It’s a game with lots and lots of content. And hundreds of Marvel characters to acquire.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper, developped by DeNA on behalf of Square Enix, is the first freemium RPG license on smartphone. He preceded Brave Exvius and Mobius. Focusing on pixel art, Record Keeper uses the famous combat system ” ATB (Acronym for Active Time Battle), introduced with Final Fantasy IV and modernized to make it a highly strategic game.

The scenario, which has grown considerably in five years, offers you to follow Tyro, young prodigy of the royal archives. He is responsible, with Doctor Mog, to watch the tables of the great legends, those of fabulous heroes such as Cloud, Cecil, Terra, Lightning or Noctis. But all does not go as planned, obviously. And the young archivist will have to enter the paintings and restore the memories.

From this database, you will (re) discover all the episodes of the series, (re) see the mythical scenes and fight (again) the legendary bosses of the series, such as Garland, Exdeath or Sephiroth. Weapons galore, summons, magilith, unique skills, Record Keeper offers great depth. Animated each week by a new event To build and improve your team, the game isn’t too greedy on in-app purchases and offers enough rewards to grow at your own pace. The multiplayer game, on the other hand, has lost some of its luster in recent years.

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

A few months after the release of Record Keeper, Square Enix doubled its smartphone investment with Brave Exvius. And to do so, the Japanese publisher will contact Gumi, the author of Brave frontier acclaimed by critics around the world, calling its RPG “Final Fantasy for mobile”. It didn’t take much longer for Square Enix to ask Gumi to create the perfect mix between the two.

Unlike Record Keeper, Brave Exvius offers you to live a completely new scenario. You follow the adventures of Rain, Laswell and Fina as they travel the world to protect the crystals from the Veritas, six immortal knights from another world. And to successfully defeat them, they summon visions, heroes from their world, but also from other worlds of the Final Fantasy universe, with the possibility of allying with Noctis, Bartz, Lightning and all the others. The first season covers the entire Lapis campaign, the second that of Paladia and the third (the current one) the solo adventures of Fina.

The gameplay of Brave Exvius is multiple. Fights against various enemies. Explorations dungeons and towns to glean information, materials and items. And management. Management of characters to summon and evolve. Management of weapons and equipment to acquire, manufacture and improve. Summon management to flush out and grow. Brave Exvius is a big, long and demanding game, where the farming is ubiquitous. And only the most diligent (and the most strategic) will complete all the content offered.


Final Fantasy Brave Exvius – War of the Visions

Following the success of Brave Exvius, Square Enix decided to extend this parallel license with a second game called War of the Visions. The gameplay, graphic style and storyline of this game are totally different, as War of the Visions borrows all of these elements from Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. It is therefore a tactical role-playing game with turn-based movement on a grid. It’s a whole different gameplay that will satisfy those who want a little change between battles in Fire Emblem Heroes.

War of the Visions invites you to participate in a war between several kingdoms. A conflict whose real goals and instigators will not be revealed until the very end of the scenario. To help you survive the battles, you will have at your disposal the original heroes of this episode (Mont Leonis, Sterne Leonis, Machérie Hourne), as well as characters created for Brave Exvius (Ayaka and Aileen for example) and many others from the rest of the series. Like Fire Emblem Heroes, War of the Visions will eagerly draw from the gargantuan fishpond of Final Fantasy. Which will make War of the Visions quite a long title.


Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire emblem is a popular Tactical RPG series developed by Intelligent Systems and Nintendo. After more than a dozen different opuses, released on all Nintendo consoles (with a few rare exceptions, like the Nintendo 64), the series moved to Android and iOS with an episode called Fire Emblem Heroes and whose economic model is freemium.

Fire Emblem Heroes is based on the same game mechanics as the other episodes in the series. You are a team of heroes. You move each hero on the field, each location of which corresponds to a grid square. And you face the opposing team by taking advantage of the strengths and weaknesses of your character and your target (especially this famous arms triangle, signature of the Fire Emblem series).

The game offers a (very) long main campaign (divided into four books), as well as temporary events of varying difficulty. To form your team, you must go through the summoning and its random draws. And if you don’t have enough Summoning Stones, you can always pay for more with in-app purchases.

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Brawl Stars

Supercell, the creators of Clash of Clans, is a regular at the top of the charts for gaming apps for Android and iOS. Thanks to a meticulous realization and a foolproof gameplay, the games of this Finnish studio often hit the mark with players, even if Hay day, as nice as it is, is not so original.

With Brawl Stars, Supercell offers Android players a title that gives pride of place to cooperative and competitive multiplayer. A game of Brawl Stars is played in teams of 3 (solo, two teammates are supported by the computer). Several game modes are available: defeat the opposing team, be the last to survive, collect as many diamonds as possible, keep your chest as long as possible, or steal the other team’s.

You have at your disposal characters with their specialties. You will need to find your favorite depending on your play style and the missions. And each character can be improved with new powers and gadgets that can give you the edge in a fight.


Alto’s Adventure

Since the advent of mobile games, and by extension that of independent games, some productions have transcended genres to offer a unique experience and forge a new path in video games. Alto’s Adventure, released in 2015 was one of them. A unique atmosphere. An intoxicating soundtrack. An incredible feeling of weightlessness. And graphics that will take your breath away by their simplicity and delicacy.

Alto’s Odyssey is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure. Like its predecessor, this is a 2D runner in horizontal view. The player controls a character (up to six playable characters here) that automatically moves forward, and must glide across the hills avoiding different monsters, taking advantage of weather effects and collecting bonuses. Like the first installment, Alto’s Odyssey offers an easy start, but plenty of challenges for those who want to take the experience even further.

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Angry Birds 2

In 2015, Angry Birds 2 signified the great return of “hyper venerable” birds! No need to present the license. After having chained the variations (Blast, Pop, Match, Explore, Evolution, etc., the series finally returned to its roots with this Angry Birds 2. This is really fun.

This new installment still brings new levels, new birds and new ways to destroy these nasty egg-stealing pigs. In particular, it is now possible to evolve the birds, a mechanism that promotes attendance. Celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2020, the game has not aged a bit and continues to entertain us with that simplicity we know it from. Special mention for the hats that bring a touch of design.

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Naruto x Boruto Ninja Voltage

Namco Bandai est connu pour son énorme catalogue de licences de mangas, toutes plus populaires les unes que les autres : One Piece, Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Sword Art Online, Deadly Seven Sins, Gundam ou encore Naruto. Rares sont celles à ne pas avoir fait l’objet d’une adaptation vidéoludique sur smartphone. La série Naruto en dispose de plusieurs : Ultimate Ninja Blazing et Ninja Voltage. Nous avons choisi d’intégrer dans notre sélection le second, car il est relativement différent des autres adaptations du genre.

Il s’agit d’un jeu de stratégie, mêlant action et Tower Defense. S’appuyant sur de beaux graphismes fidèles à la série, il propose une courte campagne solo, mais surtout un mode multijoueurs fort sympathique, surtout avec quelques amis. Le but est de créer une forteresse qui vous servira de camp de base pour élaborer des stratégies, mettre en place des pièges et imaginer des plans visant à attaquer les autres joueurs. Et vous pourrez évidemment attaquer avec vos potes, en temps réel. Voilà qui est fun !

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L’emblématique Blizzard n’est pas très présent sur mobile, mais son jeu de cartes virtuelles Hearthstone (ou TCG, pour trading card game) est une référence. Jeu de cartes se déroulant dans l’univers de World of WarCraft, son principe est simple : construire un deck de 30 cartes, affronter des adversaires en ligne et s’amuser à jouer pour le fun ou pour enchaîner les performances dans les classements mondiaux. Dotés de modes comme l’arène, le bras de fer ou les aventures, il s’agit sans doute du TCG le plus complet.

Fans d’eSport, sachez aussi que Hearthstone est un des jeux les plus actifs en la matière. De nombreuses extensions permettent de renouveler régulièrement le jeu pour ne pas se lasser. La dernière extension en date s’appelle L’Academie Scholomance. Elle est arrivée le 6 août 2020. Elle est composée de 135 cartes à ajouter à son deck, dont 40 sont double classe. Et de nouvelles capacités sont évidemment à découvrir.

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Clash Royale

Non, Clash Royale n’est pas un énième clone de Clash of Clan, mais d’une déclinaison. Développé par les créateurs de Clash of Clans, Supercell, Clash Royale n’offre pas non plus le même gameplay. En effet, il s’agit d’un Tower Defense singulier qui mise sur des combats en temps réels vraiment stratégique qui comme souvent a pour but de détruire la base adverse tout en défendant la votre.

Pour ce faire, vous avez à votre disposition des cartes à collectionner, lesquelles sont toutes autant de capacités d’attaque ou de défense. Bien plus tactique que stratégique (contrairement à Clash of Clans), la gestion de la difficulté est ici bien dosée pour donner envie d’avancer. Comme beaucoup de jeux du genre, Clash Royale fonctionne sur le modèle free to play avec des achats intégrés. N’oubliez pas de consulter notre guide pour progresser encore plus vite sur le jeu !

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Clash of Clans

On ne présente plus Clash of Clans, développé par le studio finlandais Supercell. Lancé en 2012, il fait déjà des millions d’adeptes à travers le monde et compte parmi les plus populaires sur Android. Sa communauté est encore très active, malgré son âge avancé et les événements récurrents y sont encore fournis.

Pour ceux qui découvrent Clash of Clans avec ces lignes, sachez qu’il s’agit d’un jeu de stratégie où vous devez mener votre clan (et votre guilde) vers la victoire en affrontant d’autres joueurs. Construisez votre village, fortifiez vos défenses, regroupez vos soldats pour protéger ce qui vous appartient et partez conquérir de nouveaux territoires, seul ou avec vos amis ! Et cela en quelques instants, puisque vous n’avez que quelques minutes pour faire plier votre adversaire. Un format idéal pour les smartphones.

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Legends of Runeterra

Riot Games a créé l’une des sensations du jeu vidéo des années 2010 : League of Legends, un jeu multijoueur de type « MOBA« . Filiale de Tencent depuis 2015, le studio californien s’est depuis spécialisé dans les jeux compétitifs et certains, comme League of Legends, sont devenus des épreuves de tournois e-sport.

En attendant l’arrivée de la licence League of Legends sur smartphone, avec l’épisode appelé Wildrift (actuellement en beta), vous pouvez vous jetez à corps perdu sur Legend of Runeterra. Jeu de cartes virtuelles à collectionner, Legend of Runeterra est un concurrent de Hearthstone (qu’il espère certainement détrôner), avec les mêmes modes PVP.

Entièrement en français et proposant de très beaux graphismes pour accompagner un gameplay solide et dynamique, ce titre s’appuie sur une mécanique freemium à part : vous acquerrez vos cartes au fil du jeu où, si vous avez besoin de la pièce maitresse de votre stratégie, une boutique vous propose de vous la fournir. Aucun tirage aléatoire n’est proposé. Voilà qui n’est pas commun.

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Plants vs. Zombies 2

Un jour, un développeur de jeu a dit à son collègue : « hey, et si on faisait un jeu avec des zombies ? “. L’autre : « déjà vu, dude. Il y en a plein déjà ! “. Le premier : « ouais, mais un truc où ce ne sont pas des humains qui tuent les zombies… ». Le second : « alors quoi ? “. Et c’est alors qu’une idée de génie leur arriva : des plantes, pardi ! (parce que… pourquoi pas ?). Et l’histoire de l’un des plus grands succès de Popcap Games, filiale aujourd’hui d’Electronic Arts, démarra en 2009 : Plants vs Zombies.

Nous sommes en 2020, et en attendant l’arrivée du troisième opus (dont le lancement beta a eu lieu en début d’année), rien de mieux que de revivre le deuxième épisode canonique (car nous passons outre PvZ Heroes, lequel est bon, mais pas autant). Plants vs Zombies 2 est un jeu freemium qui reprend les mécaniques et l’humour de son prédécesseur, tout en renforçant l’armée végétale à votre disposition pour lutter contre les anciens et les nouveaux zombies mangeurs de cervelle (vous entendrez beaucoup « Braaaiiinn« ). Que du fun, avec un peu de terreau dedans.

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Fallout Shelter

La saga Fallout n’a plus grand-chose à prouver et pourtant elle parvient à nous régaler encore avec Fallout Shelter, un titre très différent de tous les autres opus de la saga de Bethesda, sorti en 2015 et toujours mis à jour 5 ans plus tard. Retrouvez l’austérité d’un abri antiatomique et l’ambiance rétroapocalyptique de la licence, avec son humour noir, son histoire complexe et sa terre torturée.

Fallout Shelter vous propose d’être le gestionnaire d’un abri antiatomique où les humains se sont réfugiés pour échapper aux radiations. Vous avez plusieurs missions. Gérez les personnes vivant avec vous en vous assurant que chaque personne effectue ses tâches d’entretien de l’abri convenablement (générateur d’électricité, traitement des eaux, production de nourriture). Envoyer des personnes à l’extérieur pour qu’ils puissent partir à la recherche de vivres et autres matériaux nécessaires à votre survie sous terre. Le tout en faisant bien évidemment attention aux menaces et attaques pouvant affaiblir vos ressources !


Pokémon Go

Développé par Niantic, la filiale de Google, Pokemon Go est un jeu officiel de la licence de Nintendo. Il s’agit d’un jeu en réalité augmentée où vous devez sortir de chez vous pour partir chasser des pokemons en vous baladant dans la rue, dans la forêt, sur les plages et bien d’autres endroits. La carte d’exploration s’appuie sur la vraie géographie (avec prise en compte des points d’eau, des forets, etc.) sur laquelle viennent s’ajouter des points d’intérêts virtuels : des pokemons, des centres d’entrainement, des Pokeshops, etc.

Pokémon Go a fait un carton à l’été 2016, lors de sa sortie, en signant l’un des meilleurs lancements de tous les temps sur smartphone. Quatre ans plus tard, il continue d’évoluer avec de nouvelles fonctionnalités (combats PvP, raid, guildes, échanges, etc.) et de nouvelles générations de Pokémon, dont des légendaires. Encore en 2020, il est l’un des titres qui rapportent le plus d’argent sur Android. Indispensable pour les fans de la licence.


I Love Hue Too

I Love Yue Too est la suite de I Love Yue. Il s’agit d’un puzzle game indépendant dont le principe reste relativement identique à son prédécesseur : reconstruire les puzzles pour obtenir des dégradés parfaits. Le gameplay, très original et pourtant simple, fait plus appel à votre sens de la perception et de la logique.

Servi par une bande-son mystérieuse et envoutante, I Love Yue Too profite, comme le premier opus, de graphismes où l’art visuel est plus important que les effets spéciaux. L’ambiance est zen, rendant le jeu assez apaisant. La difficulté augmente petit à petit pour apporter tout de même un peu de challenge.

Le premier opus a fait partie de notre sélection de jeux préférés pendant plusieurs années. Et sa suite vient tout simplement la remplacer. Le gameplay a été affiné. La durée de vie a été renforcée avec 900 niveaux annoncés. Mais l’esprit est resté intact. Et c’est ça aussi que nous apprécions.


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