our full review and our impressions of the flagship at 719 euros

OnePlus returns as every year with its new flagships: the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro. After testing the Pro version, let’s now tackle the classic model, smaller, cheaper, but just as powerful, or almost. Here is our full test of the OnePlus 9, which really does not have to be ashamed of its big brother.

OnePlus 9 test

A little less than a year after the presentation of the OnePlus 8 which attacked the 5G market, OnePlus returns to the forefront with the ninth iteration of its flagship: the Oneplus 9. If the previous version suffered from a certain price hike, de facto disappointing some of the brand’s biggest fans, what about this time? Will OnePlus be able to convince its users again, and return to its fundamentals as the manufacturer did with the OnePlus North?

OnePlus 9 test

The OnePlus 9, the brand’s new flagship smartphone, was built in collaboration with the company Hasselblad, who worked with NASA during the Apollo program, to build cameras and cameras capable of going on our satellite. We therefore expect stratospheric performance and lunar quality photos from this OnePlus 9! Joking aside, we have tested the OnePlus 9 for you and offer you our detailed feedback. Also note that you can find on our site the complete test of its big brother, the Oneplus 9 Pro.

Our full video test of the OnePlus 9

OnePlus 9 technical sheet

Oneplus 9
Screen 6.55 ”
120Hz Display
Corning Gorilla Glass 6
Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (5nm)
BONE Android 11 + Oxygen OS 11
Storage 128GB / 256GB UFS 3.0
microSD No
Main sensor – 48 MP f / 1.78
– 50 MP f / 2.2 Ultra wide-angle Freeform
– 2 MP
Secondary sensor 16 MP f / 2.4
Drums 4500 mAh
65 watt fast charger (Warp Charge 60T)
30 Watt Wireless Fast Charging
Reverse load 5 watts
Fingerprint sensor Under the screen
5G Yes
Water resistance No

Pricing and availability

The OnePlus 9 will be available in April without a specific date communicated by Oneplus during our tests. It will be available in two versions:

  • the first offer 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage and is offered at the price of € 719
  • the second has 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB space and is sold € 819

Three colors are also available: “Astral black”, “Arctic Sky” and “Winter mist”, the latter being the one we received for this test.

OnePlus 9 test

Unboxing and design

No big change on the unboxing side. Here we are faced with something that we are used to at OnePlus: a red box bearing the name of the smartphone in shiny red letters. On the other hand, a small novelty is important this year: we notice the mention “co-developed with Hasselblad” at the bottom of the box. We will largely come back to this a little later in our test.

OnePlus 9 test

Inside the box, in the lid, there is a small case gathering all the documentation as well as the pin that will be used to open the SIM card drawer. The box also contains the Oneplus 9 (thankfully!), Along with a red USB-C to USB-C cable and a “Warp Charge 60T” charging unit capable of delivering up to 65W for fast charging. Finally, we take advantage ofa small protective shell in flexible and transparent plastic, featuring OnePlus’ slogan “Never Settle”. A universe therefore familiar to regulars of the brand.

OnePlus 9 test

On the front, we take advantage ofa 6.55 ″ screen the technical specifications of which we will detail a little later in this test. Under this same screen is housed the fingerprint sensor, while at the top, hidden in the border, there is the speakerphone for listening to calls, but also a very small punch at the top left, which houses the selfie camera.

On the left edge are arranged the volume control buttons (plus and minus), while on the right of the device, we take advantage of the eternal unlock button so specific to the brand. There is also a “mode selector”, which allows you to quickly switch between ring, vibrate and silent modes.

OnePlus 9 test

The lower part of the smartphone is well stocked, since it integrates the USB-C charging port, a speaker and a microphone, but also the SIM card cart. Finally, before we tackle the back of the smartphone, let’s take a quick tour of the upper face of the device, on which we find a microphone for noise reduction during communications.

Let’s move on to the most interesting part: the back of the Oneplus 9 which, all in Corning Gorilla Glass clad, sports an iridescent pink color called “Winter Mist” with the most beautiful effect and whose reflections will change color depending on the angle of the light. On the back, therefore, we can see the brand’s logo in the middle of the device, while at the top left, we find the triple photo module, as well as a logo that proudly displays the identity of the OnePlus partner. , namely “Hasselblad”.

Glossy coating requires, the whole is very sensitive to fingerprints, therefore forcing you, if you like cleanliness, to clean the device regularly. Something we are used to today on our smartphones, it is true.

OnePlus 9 test

The handling of this Oneplus 9 is really good. Despite the 3D Corning Gorilla Glass coating, the printing in hand is reminiscent of the famous “glasstic” offered by Samsung some time ago on its Galaxy S20 range. The whole is soft and pleasant. The buttons fall under the fingers without worry and the whole, in a template 160 mm long by 74 mm wide and 8.1 mm thick, fits perfectly in the hand. On the weight side, the balancing of the 192 grams of this Oneplus 9 is perfectly done.

As previously indicated, we are here on the color “Winter Mist”, but know that there are also two other versions, one called “Arctic Sky” in a bright blue and the other more sober and black, “Astral Black ”.

OnePlus 9 test


The Oneplus 9 is equipped with a very nice6.55-inch Fluid Amoled display in 20: 9 aspect ratio proposing a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels, with a density of 402 pixels per inch and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Those who are more knowledgeable will have noticed that we find the same type of screen here as on its predecessor, the Oneplus 8.

OnePlus test 9 display settings

In use, the screen meets all the conditions that one would expect from such a panel. The contrasts are striking, the deep colors, and the level of detail is quite surprising. The experience is perfect for viewing media or playing video games thanks to the high refresh rate. To convince ourselves of this, we subjected the screen to our probe: the bench results we obtained are very close to those of the OnePlus 9 Pro, with a temperature of 6702K in Vivid mode and 6259K in Natural mode.

Note that of course, you will be able to modify a number of settings concerning the screen, by going to the dedicated section of the phone settings. Hue, colors, saturation, everything can be changed at will, to best suit your display needs. You will also have access to two video enhancement engines : one to intelligently increase saturation so as not to distort the image too much, the other to activate “ultra-high” video resolution, which is based on an artificial intelligence algorithm to increase details on the screen.

As for brightness, nothing to say about this smartphone: even in direct sunlight, the experience is pleasant and the screen remains readable without much worry.

OnePlus 9 test


The Oneplus 9 delivers a stereo sound thanks to the two speakers located on either side of the smartphone. If the whole delivers a powerful sound, it is nonetheless very poorly balanced. While the bass is present, but the highs are screaming, so low mids simply respond to absent subscribers. Not to mention the fact that at full volume, the whole tends to saturate slightly, thus degrading the listening experience.

OnePlus 9 test

We can only recommend you touse earphones or wireless headphones, in order to get the most out of your music. As you will have noticed, during the owner’s tour above, the Oneplus 9 is not equipped with any mini-jack ports, and Oneplus did not seem useful to provide a USB-C to mini-jack converter. , making the use of wired headsets equipped with this connection impossible if you do not have a solution purchased separately.

As usual, in the test version that we had in test, we did not find any hands-free kit. However, the French law obliging it, you should, at the time of your purchase, have a pair of basic headphones in the box to at least allow you to listen to music, the time to acquire something more powerful.

OnePlus 9 test

Material and performance

The Oneplus 9 has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of against the most upscale competition. It is equipped with the latest Octo-core processor from Qualcomm, the SnapDragon 888, assisted by 12 GB of RAM in LPDDR5, the assembly being cooled by a steam chamber. On the storage side, the Oneplus 9 is available in two versions, 128 GB or 256 GB, both not expandable unfortunately.

It is clear that the SOC + RAM duo offers quite simply monstrous performance, having undermined our benchmark tools. As you can see, 3DMark’s “Slingshot Extreme” test simply failed to deliver a result, even exceeding the performance offered by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. A monster of power therefore, which will have no problem meeting your application needs, but also, and above all, for all the most demanding games such as Call Of Duty Mobile or Genshin Impact.

OnePlus test 9 display settings

On GeekBench, the Oneplus 9 will get relatively similar scores to the Pro version, namely 1038 in single-core and no less than 3604 in multi-core. Simply impressive results from the device.

The whole is clearly felt in use. No slowing down when browsing or playing games: the OnePlus 9 is doing extremely well and offers an ultra-smooth experience in all conditions.

OnePlus 9 test

To finish a little tour on the side of connectivity. The Oneplus 9 is 5G NA and NSA compatible, but obviously also with the whole 4G network. A small clarification is nevertheless required: it will be necessary to wait until the end of March before being able to take advantage of a 5G connection on the Bouygues and Free networks, and mid-April for that of Orange. It offers a Wi-Fi 6 compatibility (802.11 ax) and MIMO in 2 × 2. It is also equipped with an NFC reader, and even benefits from Bluetooth support in version 5.2. Everything is grouped here to offer you maximum performance. Unique shadow to this idyllic picture: we especially regret the absence of a second SIM card slot.

OnePlus 9 test

Autonomy and recharging

The Oneplus 9 is equipped with a 4500 mAh which delivers correct performance. In standard use, combining a little video games, a lot of social networks and communications, autonomy approaches without too many problems a day and a half. The finding is a little more disappointing if you are a power user. You will need to recharge your smartphone once a day to be able to continue using it. Good point for the manufacturer who accompanies his OnePlus 9 with a “Warp Charge 60T” charger delivering up to 65W. It is therefore capable of recharging the smartphone very quickly. It will only take you half an hour to recharge your battery from 0% to 100%, a feat. You can also opt for induction charging since this smartphone is compatible with Qi charging up to 15W (charger not supplied).

OnePlus 9 test

An autonomy that is therefore correct, but nothing more, and which is partially offset by the ultra-fast charging offered here by OnePlus. This will ensure that you have a phone that is always available as soon as you have access to its charger, provided of course you have an electrical outlet nearby.

Photo and Video

Now let’s tackle what is perhaps the most important part of this new Oneplus 9: its triple photo module developed in collaboration with Hasselblad.

OnePlus 9 test photo taken with the main sensor

So here we have three sensors. The first, a Sony IMX 689 main sensor, is capable of capturing shots at 48 million pixels and offers an aperture of f / 1.8. The second is an ultra-wide-angle still developed by Sony (an IMX 766) allows you to take pictures of 50 million pixels and opens at f / 2.2. Finally, we havea small 2 MP monochrome sensor which serves as a depth-of-field sensor.

OnePlus 9 test photo taken with the main sensor

The 48 MP main sensor delivers beautiful, crisp, true-to-life shots. It also benefits from an optical zoom x2 and a digital zoom x10. Nevertheless, and it was to be expected, the latter will casually tend to greatly deteriorate the quality of the shots.

OnePlus 9 optical zoom photo test

The 50 MP ultra-wide angle also excels in its field by providing sharp images, even at the edges of the photo. Note also the presence of a “freeform” lens on this ultra-wide angle lens which compensates for the deformation of the lines. We therefore obtain pictures worthy of a lens equivalent to a real camera, thanks to which the lines remain lines and do not become curved. The photos are beautiful and striking in all cases.

OnePlus 9 test photo taken with the ultra wide angle
OnePlus 9 test photo taken with the ultra wide angle 02

In night mode, we get excellent shots, which reveal maximum detail without turning into pixel mush. Even the darkest areas, albeit a little less detailed, remain readable and understandable. The sensor succeeds in capturing the light information necessary for reliable results compared to what we observe in reality.

OnePlus 9 night mode photo test

A quick tour of the photo application allows us to discover all the features that emerge from the partnership with Hasselblad. In addition to standards such as landscape and portrait mode, super-macro mode will allow you to obtain quality macroscopic images, despite the lack of a dedicated sensor. There is also the “Hasselblad Pro” mode, which will give you total control over your shots. ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, focus area, shutter speed, everything goes and allows you to take the full potential of this triple photo module.

OnePlus 9 test macro mode photo

On the front of the smartphone, we take advantage of a 16 MP sensor opening at f / 2.4 and offering pictures of excellent quality. A small note, however, about the portrait mode: even if it does very well in good light conditions and almost perfectly outlines your subjects, it will have a little more trouble when the light is low. You will inexorably end up with misleading trimming at the level of the hair, for example.

OnePlus 9 test selfie photo and portrait mode selfie

As for video, the OnePlus 9 will allow you to capture videos up to 8K at 30 frames per second, through 4K at 60 fps, and even slow-motion in 1080p at 240 fps or 720p. at 240 fps.

OnePlus 9 test photo taken with the main sensor

Although a telephoto lens could have completed the experience, we are here on a high quality photo module delivering excellent shots. However, we remain below the performance of a Samsung Galaxy S21, but the versatility of this OnePlus 9 in terms of photos can adapt to almost all situations to allow you to succeed in your shots. Special mention for the free-form ultra-wide-angle lens which allows you to really rediscover this type of shots.

OnePlus 9 test photo taken with the main sensor

Interface and environment

The Oneplus 9 comes with the latest version of Android 11 and integrates the OxygenOS overlay in version 11.2. Is there still a need to present this overlay which, together with One UI, offers one of the best Android experiences to date? The interface is fluid, functional, we do not get lost in the menus. In short, Oneplus has kept everything that makes the charm of OxygenOS and allows us to enjoy it in a powerful smartphone.

OnePlus 9 test


The Oneplus 9 is a truly impressive smartphone. Versatility in photo thanks to the collaboration with Hasselblad, monstrous power as the benchmarks show, we can only applaud the prowess of offering a smartphone offering such a quality / price ratio. Marketed from € 719, this smartphone is more powerful than some models sold one and a half times more expensive.

If indeed some improvements are possible in terms of sound, storage with the possibility of extension, or even in photos with the addition of a dedicated optical sensor, we are still speechless when we discover the possibilities offered by this new iteration of the Oneplus flagship.

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