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We tested the Samsung Galaxy A22 4G, a super affordable smartphone, which hides more than one asset in its game: a Super AMOLED screen, 4 photo sensors and very good battery life. But can all this really convince potential buyers who are increasingly demanding? Especially since the A22 4G has a big brother, the A22 5G, sold a few tens of euros more expensive. So between the A22 4G and the A22 5G, which one to choose? We take stock in our complete smartphone test and we give you all our conclusions.

After launching a Galaxy A72 and a Galaxy A52 5G, Samsung is now targeting the entry-level (or early-mid-range) smartphone market. The South Korean manufacturer has therefore very recently formalized its two new affordable smartphones, the Galaxy A22 and A22 5G. By the very name of these smartphones, you will understand that a notable difference exists between these two models: their network compatibility. However, the difference does not end there: screen, photo module, overall size, processor, although they are both called Galaxy A22, the two models are full of differences. We had initially planned a single test for both devices, but they differ on so many points that we finally decided to offer you an article for each of the two smartphones.

We have therefore thoroughly tested these newborns from the Galaxy A range and offer you in this article to discover with us 4G version which, despite its less powerful processor and lower network compatibility, is not left out compared to its namesake. Especially since its price is very interesting. Offered at € 219, as rumors suggest a few weeks before its presentation, will the Galaxy A22 4G be able to meet your requirements?

Our full test of the Galaxy A22 4G in video

Galaxy A22 4G Spec Sheet

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G
Dimensions 160 x 73 x 8 mm
Screen 6.4 inch Oled HD +
Definition 720 x 1600 pixels
Photo Rear: 1 sensor 48 MP (f / 1.8) + 5MP (f / 2.2) + 5 MP (f / 2.4) + 2MP (f / 2.4)
Front: 1 x 13MP (f / 2.2) sensor
BONE Android + One UI 3.1
Storage 128 GB
MicroSD Yes
Connectivity G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, dual-band, WiFi Direct, hotspot
SoC Mediatek Dimensity 700
Fingerprint sensor Yes, Power button
Facial recognition Yes, software
His mono
Drums 5000 mAh
Charging port USB Type-C
Fast recharge Yes, 15W charger
Wireless Qi charging No
Colors Black White
Price 319 euros

Galaxy A22 44G price and availability

The Galaxy A22 4G is already available. The smartphone only exists in one version, which is equipped with 4 GB RAM and of 64 GB of storage. As mentioned above, the device is marketed at a price of € 219.

However, you can choose to choose a black color (like the one in our test) or white.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G and A22 5G

Unboxing and getting started

The box of the Galaxy A22 4G we received is much smaller than that of its 5G version. The general unboxing experience does not change from what we were able to discover with the other smartphones in the Galaxy A range: a good-quality cardboard box, mostly white, with a simple illustration of the smartphone on the front face, the name of the latter on the sides, and that’s about it. In the box of the device, we obviously find the phone, as well asan AC adapter, which offers a maximum charge of 15 W. We also benefit from a USB type A to USB type C cable and a simple hands-free kit. We will discover under the assembly the small pin to unlock the SIM card carriage, and finally a documentation kit.

Now let’s move on to the device itself. The Galaxy A22 4G offers on the front 6.4 ′ screen‘, The selfie sensor being integrated into a“ drop ”located in the center and at the top of it. The design of the front of the device is ultimately very classic, even if at first glance, we can not help but notice a chin much thicker than the other 3 edges of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G

On the back of the smartphone, there is a shiny plastic back, which will not forget to remind you how much your fingers leave traces. The rear of the camera features the photo module at the top left.

As for the outline of the Galaxy A22 4G, the latter offers a distribution of buttons and connectors as follows:

  • on the left edge is housed the SIM card carriage;
  • at the top, there is a simple microphone for noise reduction;
  • the right edge features all the buttons, namely the volume control buttons, as well as the lock / unlock button, which also acts as fingerprint readers;
  • finally, the lower edge is equipped with a single speaker, a USB-C socket for recharging and synchronization, a microphone for voice conversations and finally, a mini-jack TRRS 3.5mm.
Samsung Galaxy A22 4G

Side dimensions, the Galaxy A22 4G measures 160 mm high, 73 mm wide and 8 mm thick, all for a weight of 186 grams. A relatively compact template and well balanced that will easily find a place in your hand or in your pocket. Despite its smaller size, the buttons also fall less well under the fingers than on the 5G version, because they are placed slightly higher on the smartphone. Rest assured, the difference can be seen and felt, but it is ultimately minimal.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G

However, as soon as you get started, a first impression comes to us, and it is rather disappointing: the shiny plastic on the back of the 4G version seems to be non-slip. A feeling close to “plastic-rubber” makes the experience strange and … sticky, breaking any somewhat “premium” feeling. Note also that the type of coating used on the back of the Galaxy A22 4G is a concern. The latter will make the fingerprints particularly visible. Maniacs may be spending their time cleaning their phones.

To summarize, Galaxy A22 4G does not offer the best handling experience that can be found in this price range. Unpleasant plastic back, slightly too high buttons, we definitely prefer the 5G version of this smartphone which offers a much nicer and more polished finish.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G and A22 5G

Hardware and performance

For the Galaxy A22 in 4G version, you will have to settle for a Mediatek Helio P70 coupled with 4 GB of ram and 64 GB of storage (expandable via MicroSD card up to 1TB). The SoC was launched in 2019 and is used on entry-level (or “early” mid-range) smartphones such as the Vivo S1, the Opp Reno 2F, the ZTE Axon 4G or the Motorola One Macro. Even if some of these devices are distributed in France, most of them remain intended for the Asian market. As a result, if you have never mentioned this processor before, there is nothing wrong with it. For our part, it is also the first model with such a processor that we have in our hands.

Samsung Galaxy A22 Geekbench

And this is where the bat hurts perhaps for this inexpensive version of the Galaxy A22. The 4G edition has a lot of difficulty raising its score in terms of power. Using the Geekbench 5 benchmarking app, the score remains around 375 in single core and 1346 in multi-core. Unsurprisingly, the results are similar on other benchmarks, whether 3DMark or PCMark.

We therefore feel age weighing on this SOC, as well as a certain lack of ambition on the part of Samsung due undoubtedly to an attempt to reduce the price of the device at all costs. If, in absolute terms, it offers you sufficient performance for daily tasks (web browsing, messaging, video playback and even a bit of video games), the Galaxy A22 4G will be very difficult to compete with its namesake 5G which is meanwhile equipped with a Dimensity 700.

Samsung Galaxy A22 3DMark PCMark

As we can imagine, the results shown on the above benchmarks are felt in use. The overall experience is quite smooth, but the smartphone suffers from its dated processor and HD + display. In games like Call Of Duty Mobile or on Asphalt 9, the image stutters (on rare occasions, of course). On the other hand, the low resolution makes the experience unsatisfactory. If the smartphone is still sufficient for very energy-efficient mobile games, do not expect to run Genshin Impact smoothly and playably on the Galaxy A22.

Battery and recharging

In terms of autonomy, the Galaxy A22 4G has a 5000 mAh battery that supports “fast” recharging at a maximum power of 15W. Quick in quotes, because it is not a panacea either. The time for a full recharge (from 0 to 100%, therefore) will take you a little over two hours. This is the price to pay for a recharge which, on a daily basis, will offer you excellent autonomy.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G

In fact, the battery keeps its promise and holds without batting an eyelid for almost two days under standard conditions. However, if you have an energy-intensive use, the autonomy drops drastically and recharging it at night will seem inevitable. Energy management remains excellent for this budget, very probably in the top of the best smartphones at this level. Like what, Samsung is able to do wonders on this subject, while it remains a delicate subject for the Galaxy S range.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G and A22 5G

Connectivity and Network

No noticeable difference between the two models here, except the one directly known via the name of the products. The Galaxy A22 4G is therefore 4G LTE compatible, but also Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and Wifi (802.11 a / b / g / n / ac). We may eventually regret the lack of Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, which would have been welcome since all technologies are starting to integrate Wi-Fi 6E. But given the low price of the device, that’s understandable.

Interesting thing for users of multiple phone lines: the Sim / SD card drawer is capable of accommodating two nanoSIM cards and one MicroSD card. Therefore, there is something to meet all needs.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G

Screen: things are done halfway

The Galaxy A22 4G is equipped with a 6.4 ”screen with HD + resolution of 720 pixels by 1600 pixels. The screen is certainly limited in HD + resolution, but it offers a technology SUPER AMOLED. This is undoubtedly the strong point of the Galaxy A22 4G. And when we compare it to the Galaxy A22 5G, which has a TFT LCD panel, there is no picture. Once the apprehension of the lower resolution on the 4G version is over, we appreciate this screen which offers a much higher contrast ratio, but also and mostly, much more brightness than the screen of its namesake, so that the latter looks pale.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G

It should also be noted that even in HD +, the screen of the Galaxy A22 4G offers a very nice viewing experience and benefits froma calibration worthy of Samsung. The colors are vivid without being too saturated, the contrast is present. It’s hard to imagine being seduced by a screen with such a low resolution, and yet it does its job wonderfully.

If you like fluidity, the Galaxy A22 will give you access to a refresh rate of up to 90Hz. A welcome feature for a smartphone less than € 220.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G and A22 5G


Equipped with a single speaker located on the lower edge, the Galaxy A22 offers a truly perfectible sound. The highs inevitably saturate at full volume and the balance is sorely lacking in low mids. The rendering sounds like “muffled”. To realize this, you just need to quickly listen to a voice message, launch a video or listen to music. It is truly one of the weakest parts of the Galaxy A22 4G. In the end, it is much more pleasant to connect a headset to the device, whether it is Bluetooth or mini-jack.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G

Photo and video

Rather surprisingly, Samsung preferred to better equip its 4G version rather than the 5G version on photo sensors. The smartphone is therefore cheaper, benefits from a less relevant connection at a time when everyone is only talking about 5G (well, especially from the operators side), but it benefits from a better photo configuration.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G photo with main sensor
Photo taken with the main sensor.

Thus, the Galaxy A22 4G is equipped witha main sensor of 48Mpx opening at f / 1.8 and benefiting from optical stabilization. There is also a 8 Mpx ultra wide-angle, with a field of view of 123 °, as well as a 5 Mpx portrait sensor opening at f / 2.2. This allows you to calculate the depth of field between your subject and the background. Finally, the 4G version can boast of having a quadruple photo module, integrating in addition, a 2 Mpx macro sensor opening at f / 2.4.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G photo with main sensor
Photo taken with the main sensor.

First observation: the main sensor with stabilized optics of the Galaxy A22 4G offers very attractive shots. The HDR module does a miraculous job on this version, so that even in the lightest or darkest areas, we manage to keep information. Note also that the colors are bright and engaging, without distorting reality.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G photo with main sensor
Photo taken with the main sensor.

Same observation on the side of the ultra wide-angle the Galaxy A22 4G. The pictures are pleasant to view, the field of view is wide enough for most conditions of use. On the other hand, a big downside is to be made concerning the ultra wide-angle: the sensor of the 4G version suffers from a huge distortion, making the border lines totally curved. We also noticed chromatic aberrations clearly visible, which appear around the edge of the image. A posteriori treatment of these areas is therefore necessary, even if it is difficult to carry out.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G ultra wide angle photo
Photo taken in ultra wide-angle mode.

the portrait mode and its software clipping do a very good job. The Galaxy A22 4G seems to offer good HDR optimization, making the image close to reality. However, there is a slight loss of sharpness. On the other hand, the software cropping of portrait mode is surprisingly efficient. The outline of the subject is progressive, soft, and natural.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G portrait mode photo
Portrait mode.

Last sensor to process for the rear module in our test: the macro module. The latter offers good quality shots, even if they are less “colorful” than those obtained with other sensors. The result is clean, HDR once again does a good job, and interestingly, focusing is really easy to do. The result is images that are generally pleasant to view. However, you can also use the main 48Mpx sensor and crop your image to have a substantially identical result, or even more interesting, because it offers more vivid colors and increased sharpness. As we underline almost systematically during our smartphone tests, the macro sensor is therefore ultimately a “gadget”, so much the results seem more convincing with the main sensor in most conditions.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G macro mode photo
Photo taken in macro mode.

The absence of a telephoto lens may disturb some. Certainly, it is possible to take advantage of a digital zoom x10. If at maximum magnification the photos are clearly unusable, the x5 magnification remains correct for taking shots from a distance, although an inevitable loss of information is still to be expected.

Samsung Galaxy A22 zoom x1 x2 x5 x10
Photo taken in x1, x2, x 3 and x10.

the night mode, unsurprisingly, allows the Galaxy A22 4G good shots, especially as the optical stabilization responds to the call of this smartphone. Samsung is starting to get a handle on its subject. Overall, the shots are crisp, crisp and bright, without matching those of a flagship. Of course, it is impossible for him to compete with a Galaxy S21, iPhone 12 or Huawei P40. However, the pictures suffer from grain problems, and we note some loss of detail in darker areas. In general, we also notice a more complicated focusing, the sensor tending to adapt the brightness to the foreground, making certain scenes a little underexposed or overexposed depending on the situation. The result remains satisfactory, without impressing either.

Samsung Galaxy A22 selfie
Photo taken using the front sensor (selfie).

Now let’s move on to selfie sensor. The smartphone has an integrated water drop sensor at the top and in the center of the screen. The Galaxy A22 4G is equipped withan 8 Mpx sensor opening at f / 2.2 which offers high-contrast photos, with volume and detail.

On the video side, the Galaxy A22 4G is capable of capturing footage in FHD + at 30 FPS, and can even allow you to enjoy a slow-motion mode of up to 120 frames per second. To close the photo part, it is clear that the Galaxy A22 4G, without equaling more powerful photophones, offers convincing results. Samsung’s proposal is working well. This smartphone delivers beautiful color reproduction, as well as convincing sharpness. The results are pleasing pictures that offer enough information to be reworked or shared without worry.

Samsung Galaxy A22 4G and A22 5G

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