Oscars: the 7 biggest gaffes of the awards

Last Sunday (29), movie fans were able to check out a new edition of the Oscars. In the midst of several controversies, such as the eight categories recorded, and a certain lack of respect for the winners’ speeches — who noticed filmmaker Ryusuke Hamaguchi being practically pulled off the stage? — something no one expected has happened.

O Oscar 2022 will go down in history forever as the “Oscar of Slapping”, all caused by a very bad joke made by Chris Rock about actress Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith. But this was not the only gaffe of the night, much less of all the ceremonies held in these more than 90 years.

Below, you can check out a list full of embarrassing moments that have been talked about. Enjoy!

7. Snow White

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In 1989, Allan Carr was tasked with producing that year’s Oscar show. Inspired by a musical he liked a lot, in which Snow White was one of the protagonists, he decided to innovate. However, things were not very well received by the audience and even less by the spectators. It is estimated that the audience that night broke records and the shame of others too.

In addition to musical numbers that did not captivate anyone, which includes the participation of actor Rob Lowe flirting with Snow White, it was the first time that the Oscars did not have a presenter and, also, the first time they used the jargon. “And the Oscar goes to…”. Subsequently, Disney decided to sue the Academy for the misuse of Snow White.

6. In Memoriam

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In 2017, something very strange happened during the presentation of the traditional video that pays tribute to the artists and professionals in the audiovisual field who passed away in the last year. When costume designer Janet Patterson appeared on screen, in fact, a photo of someone else was displayed. In this case, from Australian producer Jan Chapman.

The gaffe may have gone unnoticed by many people, after all, both worked behind the camera, but the confusion caused a great shock to Chapman, who was even a good friend of Janet Patterson.

5. The winners in the newspaper

(Los Angeles Times/Reproduction)(Los Angeles Times/Reproduction)Source: Los Angeles Times

when the favorite … Gone with the Wind (1939) was nominated for an Oscar 1940, many already knew that the epic production would win many awards on the night of the statuettes delivery. And while it was indeed a historic night, as Hattie McDaniel became the first black actress to win an Oscar at a time of great segregation, the ceremony was also marred by newspaper spoiler. Los Angeles Times.

The names of all the winners in all the categories had been published on the front page of the entertainment section hours before the party started.

4. The worst host at the Oscars

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Seth MacFarlane hosted the 2013 ceremony. Early on in the broadcast, he did a sort of video call with someone posing as Captain Kirk, from Star Trek, to know what would happen in the future about that night. Amusingly, there were headlines that showed that MacFarlane had become the worst presenter in history.

With that in mind, he tried to make it happen for real. One of the most embarrassing numbers of the night came when he himself decided to sing about the bodies of the Best Actress nominees, talking, among other things, about her breasts.

3. The naked

Actor David Niven was on stage at the 46th Academy Awards about to announce the entry of actress Elizabeth Taylor when a fully naked man stormed the stage. Although he held the pose, the audience couldn’t help themselves and everyone was shocked by what they had just seen.

Taylor had a few laughs when he was already in possession of the microphone. The man in question, who had managed to bypass security, was Robert Opel, a photographer.

2. Amy Schumer x Kirsten Dunst

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Not only did the clash between Will Smith and Chris Rock make the 2022 Oscars ceremony heavier. A specific moment, of pure embarrassment, was played by comedian Amy Schumer, one of the presenters of the ceremony.

When talking about the people hired by the producers to fill specific spaces in the audience, in an unusual way, she took Kirsten Dunst from where she was sitting to talk to Jesse Plemons. Schumer’s attitude was criticized on social media and she spoke on the matter saying that she never intended to disrespect the actress.

1. La La Land x Moonlight

Finally, one of the most unexpected things that ever happened during the Oscars. When stars Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty took to the stage to announce the big winner of the night in 2017, the expectation was to know which movie between Moonlightby Barry Jenkins, ou La La Land, by Damien Chazelle, would win. Beatty opened the envelope and did not understand what was written, but Dunaway soon said that the winner was La La Land.

Turns out the movie musical wasn’t the winner. The company that audits Oscar votes always has two envelopes for the same category and, during an employee failure, the second envelope for Best Actress—named Emma Stone by name. La La Land — was given to the presenting duo.

Did you like the list? Which of these moments is forever etched in your memory?

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