Oscar 2021: milestones, records and facts from the list of nominees

The list of nominees for the Oscar 2021 brought some surprises and snub names. But more than that, the nominations also ensured records and facts that will forever change the history of the ceremony.

The power of women

Known for being predominantly a male and white award, the Oscar 2021 brought pleasant surprises. For women, it is a year of many first times.

Source: Amanda Edwards / Getty ImagesSource: Amanda Edwards / Getty ImagesSource: Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

During its 93-year history, the Academy had never nominated two female names for the category of Best Director. Now, we have Emerald Fennell (Beautiful Vengeance) and Chloé Zhao (Nomadland) vying for the prize.

In Fennel’s case, she is also the first woman to be nominated for her debut film as a director.

Zhao, on the other hand, broke other records, such as: the first woman of color and Chinese to be nominated for Best Director, the first female director to also be nominated for editing and the first woman to receive four Oscar nominations in a single year.

Diane Warren is the first songwriter to add 12 nominations in the Best Original Song category. This year, she competes with the song ‘Io Sì / I’m Standing With You’, from the movie Rosa and Momo. Her co-author, Laura Pausini, is the first Italian woman to run for the Oscar.

The strength of blacks

The 2021 nominee list also featured some important milestones for black people.

Source: Netflix / PlaybackSource: Netflix / PlaybackSource: Netflix / Playback

Mia Neal and Jamika Wilson, from Supreme Blues Voice, are the first black women to be nominated for the Best Makeup award. The film also features black nominees for Best Actor (Chadwick Boseman) and Best Actress (Viola Davis), being only the third time this has happened.

For the first time in Oscar history, a film (Judas and the Black Messiah) has a production team formed only by blacks.

With her nomination for Best Actress, Viola Davis is now the black actress with the most Oscar nominations. Davis was nominated four times, twice as a principal and twice as an adjunct. Formerly tied with Octavia Spencer, the actress is also the first black actress to be nominated more than once for the biggest acting award of the night.

Source: Paramount Pictures / ReproductionSource: Paramount Pictures / ReproductionSource: Paramount Pictures / Reproduction

The presence of Viola Davis and Andra Day (United States vs. Billie Holiday) in the same category also marks a new record. Since 1972, two black women have not been nominated for Best Actress at the same time.

For the first time in Oscar history, the award for Best Supporting Actor will be contested by three blacks, Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfiel for Judas and the Black Messiah and Leslie Odom Jr. by One Night in Miami.

The year of diversity

In addition to all the milestones shown so far, the Oscar 2021 still has more moments that will be marked in history.

Source: A24 / ReproductionSource: A24 / ReproductionSource: A24 / Reproduction

The long Minari secured several milestones for the award. Christina Oh is now the first Asian woman to receive a Best Picture nomination. Steven Yeun is the first Asian nominee for Best Actor and Youn Yuh-Jung is the first Korean nominee for any acting category.

With 9 “colored” actors on this year’s nominee list, Oscar has never had such diversity.

Nor can we forget that Maria Bakalova (Borat: Next Film Tape) is the first Slavic actress to compete for the Oscars since 1966.

Riz Ahmed, from The sound of silence, is the first Pakistani actor and the first Muslim to be nominated for Best Actor.

Anthony Hopkins and Glenn Close

Source: Sony Pictures / PlaybackSource: Sony Pictures / PlaybackSource: Sony Pictures / Playback

The two film legends could not leave their mark outside the Oscar 2021. Anthony Hopkins is the oldest actor to compete for the Best Actor award and the third person to receive more than two nominations over 80 years old.

Glenn Close, on the other hand, is the fifth person to receive four or more nominations for acting awards. In addition, she is the fourth professional to receive eight Oscar nominations without a win.

Close is also the third actress to be nominated for the Golden Raspberry and Oscar for the same role.

Other interesting facts

Source: STXfilms / ReproductionSource: STXfilms / ReproductionSource: STXfilms / Reproduction

Since 1976, a Golden Globe winner for Best Supporting Actress has not been nominated for an Oscar. This year, that’s exactly what happened to Jodie Foster for his performance in The Mauritanian.

For two consecutive years, those nominated for Best Actress – Drama at the Golden Globes and at the Oscars were the same.

Soul is the first animation to be nominated for the Best Sound award in 10 years.

For the first time, two Pixar features compete for the Best Animated Film award at the same time (Soul and Two Brothers: A Fantastic Journey).

The Mole Agent is the first Chilean film to be nominated for a category other than Best Foreign Film. The feature competes as Best Documentary.

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