origins and date in France, what you need to know!

Black Friday 2020 is a great bargain for bargain hunters just before the holiday season. This commercial event comes straight from the United States. This “black Friday” took place in France in the early 2010s and the phenomenon is increasingly important. Origins, dates, we invite you to learn more about Black Friday.

Black Friday (translate as Black Friday) is the biggest business event in the United States. The day after Thanksgiving, Americans flock to the shops to jump on the best deals of the year. Since the 2010s, the phenomenon has crossed our borders, especially on the web. Here is all you need to know about Black Friday in France 2020 edition.

What are the origins of Black Friday?

Black Friday is a pure consumerist tradition straight from the United States. This day of madness first saw the light of day in 1960. Every day after the famous Thanksgiving feast, Americans flock to the stores or play click on merchant sites. Thanksgiving literally means “thank you for giving”. It is certainly the biggest holiday celebrated in the United States. It is in fact a religious festival during which people thank God with prayers and other joys for all that he has given them during the year.

There is nothing religious about Thanksgiving anymore. It’s a bit like Christmas. It is a secular holiday celebrated by all American families. Like at Christmas, most people don’t work, businesses are closed, and families get together to celebrate this day.

The day after the festivities, another tradition was born. That of Black Friday. Thanksgiving is always held on the last Thursday in November, so the next day always falls on a Friday. This is the day that traders chose to apply huge discounts on their prices.

But then why “black”? If we tend to believe that this color was chosen in reference to “crowded” stores, the primary origin would not be this one. It would in fact be linked to the way businesses kept their accounts.

In most stores at this time of year, the accounts tended to be in deficit (people waited until the holiday season to spend). As the account books were kept by hand, traders therefore wrote in red (deficit). But the day after Thanksgiving, businesses were posting record sales and counting them out of the red. Originally, we therefore wrote in black. And it is this black color that would have given the name “Black Friday” or rather “Black Friday” in original version.

In which year did Black Friday arrive in France?

“Ok Thanksgiving it’s American so we don’t care”. Yes that’s true, but Halloween is also “American” and yet the phenomenon has taken hold in France (even if it has been less trendy in recent years). Since 2010, Black Friday has been imported into France. Obviously, it was the American web giants like Amazon that saw an opportunity to generate cash. Initially, Black Friday in France took place exclusively on the internet, it is now found in physical stores. The reductions in France are generally less attractive than across the Atlantic, where prices go very low.

Faced with the success of the first editions, more and more companies joined in. And not just American companies. Today, French giants such as Auchan, Boulanger, Cdiscount, Darty, Fnac and Rue du Commerce and many others have embarked on the adventure. It was during the edition of November 28, 2014 that the phenomenon took on the greatest importance and that it almost imposed itself in France. Almost all sectors are concerned, but tech in particular is taking pride of place at this event.

Every year since then, consumers have been eagerly awaiting Black Friday. Especially high-tech fans who can take advantage of some pretty crazy discounts. If the beginnings were timid and had nothing to do with the discounts that we see in the United States, the traders start to make more and more efforts and we can come across some real good deals from one or two years. Black Friday 2020 is therefore particularly anticipated.

When did Black Friday 2020 take place in France?

Unlike Christmas, Thanksgiving doesn’t fall on the same day every year. The party takes place on the fourth Thursday of November. Black Friday therefore takes place the next day, the fourth Friday of the month. The next edition of Black Friday takes place on Friday, November 27, 2020. But the promotions are not going to end there.

While Black Friday originally only lasted 24 hours, traders tend to extend their offers throughout the weekend. The last day of this consumerist madness has even been dubbed Cyber ​​Monday. It is the Monday following that famous weekend, a day during which crazy promotions allow traders to sell their last stocks. And it works. In 2016, for example, Amazon hit a record 1.4 million products sold in a single day. This is the equivalent of 16 commands per second.

How to take advantage of the best Black Friday 2020 deals?

Black Friday 2020 is an opportunity to access many good deals and thus make great deals in anticipation of the end of the year holidays. To help you find your favorite products at the best price, we invite you to discover the good deals Black Friday 2020 in high-tech here.

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