Online video editor: know 4 sites for the function

Video editing is a feature used by millions of people around the world, whether for professional or personal purposes. However, many video editors currently used require download and installation on the computer, bringing obstacles for those who have little storage space or a slower processor.

Thus, in order to circumvent this situation, the TecMundo list four options online video editors to carry out audiovisual work without worrying about downloading any type of application. Despite not being as complete as solutions like Adobe Premiere or Davinci Resolve, the programs guarantee basic functions straight from the browser.

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1. Canva

(Canva/Reproduction)Fonte:  Canva

Canva is an Australian graphic design platform that allows its users to create a range of content such as slides, videos, infographics and social media artwork. Although it is possible to create a video from scratch on the platform, such as those used for tutorials, the site also allows importing media from the computer to edit the material.

The tools available are simpler and serve mainly those who need to make few changes to the media. In addition, Canva has a free and a premium version, whose main differences are in the release of certain functions and in the removal of the watermark of some images.

2. Adobe Creative Cloud Express

(Adobe/Reproduction)(Adobe/Reproduction)Source: Adobe

Similar to Canva, Adobe Creative Cloud Express is an online program for creating multimedia content. Therefore, in addition to editing videos, it is possible to create brochures, logos, banners and even advertisements through the platform.

The video editing tools do not disappoint and have functions that can be used for professional or day-to-day activities, such as joining different videos, decelerating audio and image, among others.

To use Adobe’s services, you can have a free version and a paid version, which differ in the amount of storage, design templates and access to more than 20,000 fonts licensed by Adobe Fonts.

3. Clipchamp

(Clipchamp/Playback)(Clipchamp/Playback)Fonte: Clipchamp

Clipchamp is a software entirely dedicated to video editing. Therefore, in addition to having more advanced functions, it allows its users to create content in the format of various platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Its features are very interesting and allow the user to be careful with the video quality even before filming, such as the possibility of recording through the computer’s camera or capturing the device’s screen for online class cases.

Its usage plans start with the basics, offered for free, and go through the creator and business, which provide extra functionality from a monthly subscription. The application does not have a watermark in the free version, but the video export takes place at a maximum of 480p.

4. Visme

(Visme / Reproduction)(Visme / Reproduction)Source: Visme

Visme calls itself a digital workshop, where its users can create visual experiences for business and personal projects. Therefore, it provides tools that go beyond video editing and enable the creation of graphic materials.

Thus, users of the software can correct a good part of errors that may occur in the video, in addition to enhancing it with other resources, such as the use of images and backgrounds.

In the same way as the previous programs, Visme also has free and paid plans, which vary according to the features offered to its audience. However, the video export function is currently limited to the $24.75 monthly paid plan. In other words, the use is only worthwhile for those who are really going to enter the company’s ecosystem.

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