One-Punch Man: Saitama’s top 10 anime fights

Saitama is the main protagonist of the anime One-Punch Man, the most powerful hero alive in the world whose strength must be recognized as the strongest of all superheroes. Want to know what were your most exciting battles in the anime?

Check out Saitama’s 10 biggest fights in One-Punch Man.

10. Against the Vaccine Man

The purple monster known as the Vaccine Man was one of the character’s greatest opponents. After destroying the Smile Man and Max, it is hard to imagine that anyone would have the power to destroy him. That’s where our hero comes in!

When Saitama appears, the villain becomes very aggressive and attacks him. However, it doesn’t take long for Saitama to defeat him.

9. Against the Mosquito Woman

After unsuccessfully trying to fight a mosquito, Saitama discovers that the Mosquito Woman is behind the swarm and she is winning the battle against Genos. However, its size becomes an advantage, since Sensei basically manages to beat it until it disappears.

(Source: Televix / Disclosure)(Source: Televix / Disclosure)Source: Televix

8. Against Speed-O’-Sound Sonic

Everything seems to be fine until Saitama realizes that a shadow is over him. The villain Speed-o’-Sound Sonic tries to fight, but none of his strategies seem to be effective. So, the villain uses his famous kick, but Sensei manages to hit him directly in the groin and the fight ends.

7. Against Geryuganshoop

Despite having checked all the security around the thieves, Saitama goes to the spaceship looking to find out who invaded the place. He destroys Goribas and thereby alerts Geryuganshoop of his presence.

The monster boasts about being the largest telekinetic in existence and uses a gravitational wave, but it doesn’t hit Saitama. In return, the hero basically manages to break the villain into two parts.

(Source: Televix / Disclosure)(Source: Televix / Disclosure)Source: Televix

6. Against the King of the Underground

This is undoubtedly one of the best battles of One-Punch Man. In this episode, a group of underground creatures begin to attack Saitama, but he proves to be strong enough to fight everyone at once. In the end, he faces the King of the Underground!

The monster says the battle hasn’t started yet, but his pride is one of the factors that gets in the way. The other, of course, is the fact that Sensei is an opponent he has never faced. And then Saitama’s alarm goes off and he wakes up from the dream!

5. Against Garou

Garou has fought many superheroes, which made him overconfident in his battles. After facing the Golden Ball and Spring Mustachio, he seeks a new opponent to defeat. And what a mistake!

Garou knocks out Saitama with surprising strength, but he responds with twice as much power. In fact, the attack is so strong that Garou hardly remembers what happened when he regained his senses!

(Source: Televix / Disclosure)(Source: Televix / Disclosure)Source: Televix

4. Against the King of the Deep Sea

Even though it takes time to reach the battle site, Saitama is the only one who manages to defeat the monstrous creature that inhabits the oceans. Almost as if he is tired of all the action, he says he wants to get it over with and he makes a hole in the abdomen of the Deep Sea King.

3. Against Carnage Kabuto

Another one of the best fights in anime is the battle against Carnage Kabuto, one of Dr. Genus’ inventions. In fact, it is precisely in this fight that Saitama reveals its special superpower. And who would say that all the fury to defeat the creature would come when our hero remembered that he would lose a great offer in the market for having to stop to fight!

(Source: Televix / Disclosure)(Source: Televix / Disclosure)Source: Televix

2. Against Genos

Had he known the result, perhaps Genos would not have insisted so much on Saitama to participate in a friendly fight against him. With his death punch, he easily knocks out his colleague and proves, once again, that he is the most powerful sensei in animation!

1. Against Boros

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the battle against Saitama’s greatest opponent. After all, only the Dominator of the Universe had managed to defeat him, that is, until Boros finally found his opponent and was knocked out by the punching sequence of the sensei.

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