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The plan gigabit gives Hi Fiber was launched in April 2021, but it didn’t take off much: the operator charged a high monthly fee and unrealistic for most Brazilians. After Claro, TIM and regional operators launched internet de 1 Gb/s with a lower price, Oi finally reduced the value of the service.

Modem used by Oi Fibra (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)
Modem used by Oi Fibra (Image: Lucas Braga/Tecnoblog)

When the 1 Gb/s Oi Fibra was launched, the monthly price was R$ 499.90 per month for those who opted for payment by automatic debit — in conventional bank slips the value jumped to R$ 520. Not cheap: it was cheaper to have three 400 Mb/s contracts, for example.

Time passed, and other companies launched their 1 Gb/s internet packages at a lower price than Oi’s. In December 2021, the telecom began to hide the plan on its website; Interested parties were still able to hire the speed, but only through telephone service.

How did Oi Fiber’s plans turn out?

The prices below refer to the city of Rio de Janeiro (DDD 11), and the portfolio varies by location:

download speed upload speed monthly price
200 Mb / s 60 Mbs BRL 99.90 by credit or debit card
BRL 119.90 in bank slip
400 Mb / s 200 Mb / s BRL 119.90 by credit or debit card
BRL 139.90 in bank slip
500 Mb / s 250 Mb / s BRL 129.90 by credit or debit card
BRL 149.90 in bank slip
1 Gb/s 500 Mb / s BRL 279.90 by credit or debit card
BRL 299.90 in bank slip

In some markets, such as Belo Horizonte (MG) and São Paulo (SP), Oi sells 400 Mb/s for a year at the same price as 200 Mb/s, while 500 Mb/s internet has the same price of 400 Mb/s

All Oi Fibra plans include access to Oi Play Basic, in addition to Oi Leitura, Oi Notícias, Oi Mundo e Negócios and Oi Esportes em Revistas. Options from 400 Mb/s onwards give Oi Expert remote, while the 1 Gb/s package has Oi Expert face-to-face.

The operator does not charge an installation fee, but the packages have a one-year loyalty. Anyone who cancels before the contractual period must pay a fine of R$ 540, with an amount proportional to the remaining months.

Is it worth hiring 1 Gb/s Oi Fiber?

First, it is necessary to consider the need to have a broadband of 1 Gb/s. This type of plan makes sense for those who use many devices simultaneously, such as companies and offices.

For home use, having gigabit speed internet doesn’t make much difference in the usage experience compared to a 400 Mb/s plan, for example. It is very rare for content servers to have all this bandwidth for a single connection.

In addition, it is necessary to consider the devices to be used. It is hardly possible to reach speeds close to 1 Gb/s via Wi-Fi. In other words: none of this will be useful on smartphones or tablets, only computers.

Lastly, Oi’s 1 Gb/s price is still high. With a monthly fee of R$ 279.90, Oi Fibra was able to attack Claro, which sells gigabit broadband in the amount of R$ 399.99 per month. However, other providers charge less for similar capacity:

  • A TIM Live sells 1 Gb/s internet download and 500 Mb/s upload for a monthly price of R$ 193.80. The service also includes a standard subscription to Netflix, Paramount+ and Deezer Premium;
  • Several regional operators charge better prices. THE Unifyfor example, has 1 Gb/s download fiber and 250 Mb/s upload for BRL 179.90 per month — BRL 100 less than at Oi Fibra.

Oi Fibra plans no longer include landlines

Another novelty of this latest update in Oi’s plans is that the main plans no longer include a landline. However, little has changed in practice — it’s confusing, but I’ll explain:

Previously, all Oi Fibra packages included landlines with unlimited calls. The operator sold the service at “promotional” prices: the 200 Mb/s package, for example, cost R$99.90 for a year on automatic debit; from the 13th month onwards, the value increased to R$ 119.90 in addition to the annual adjustment.

Now, Oi Fibra’s main plans do not include a landline, but also do not increase R$ 20 from the 13th month onwards — they only have annual adjustment.

Anyone who wants an internet plan with a landline phone can still contract with the same conditions as before: the same price as the standard package, but “promotional” for one year and an increase of R$ 20 after the period. In this modality it is not possible to pay with a credit card, only a bank transfer or automatic debit.

Oi Fibra plan with landline is now hidden in the footer of the site
Oi Fibra plan with landline is now hidden in the footer of the site (Image: Reproduction)

With the change in the focus of Oi Fibra’s standard plan, the operator started to discourage contracting internet plans with a telephone. Those who opt for a fixed version need to find the right package, which is quite hidden on the site.

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