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THE Hi reformulated its control and postpaid portfolio and launched a very aggressive offer, with an unlimited mobile internet plan to use with any application. The operator has also increased the data franchise for cheaper plans. The new packages are part of the Mother’s Day offer, and the regulation states that adhesions can be made until May 1, 2021.

Plan with unlimited mobile data costs R $ 99.90 per month (Image: Reproduction / Oi Site)

Oi’s unlimited 4G plan costs R $ 99.90 per month

The offer that draws the most attention is, without a doubt, the unlimited plan. The monthly fee is R $ 99.90, and the customer has the right to make calls and use the Internet at will, without data franchise or speed reduction.

There are two ways to contract the plan, and in both cases the monthly fee is R $ 99.90. Understand the differences:

Unlimited plan Control Postpaid
Form of payment Credit card Digital bank slip
Loyalty No minimum stay 12 months
The customer will have to pay a termination penalty if he decides to cancel the service before the period
International roaming Does not have Use in the United States
2 GB of internet and unlimited WhatsApp
Hi Play Does not have Oi Play with Oi Collection
Included apps Hi Newspapers
Hi Magazines
Hi Books by Skeelo
Read Online
Hi Newspapers
Hi Magazines
Hi Books by Skeelo
Clic News
Hi Info Games
SMS messages 2,500 per month Unlimited

THE Tecnoblog checked the plan’s regulations and did not find any rules that impose a policy on the use of the unlimited package. The text mentions the package of other plans, and informs that “there is no data limit, and, consequently, use of deductibles for any applications in the Oi Post Unlimited Plan”.

Oi’s R $ 99.90 per month plan was already very competitive. Prior to this change, the service included a 100 GB data franchise and unlimited access to Netflix, YouTube, Instagram and other social networks. With the new offer, it doesn’t even make sense to describe apps without discounting the franchise, since there is no limit.

Another detail is that Oi’s unlimited plan does not allow the inclusion of dependent lines. In previous offers, it was possible to include chips up to 4 additional chips that shared the data franchise.

Plans with higher 4G franchise from other operators

While Oi sells the unlimited package for R $ 99.90 per month, all other operators charge dearly for plans with generous deductibles:

  • The clear charges R $ 399.99 per month on the plan with 100 GB of internet and another 100 GB to use with streaming video applications;
  • The TIM has the 180 GB TIM Black Family postpaid which costs R $ 499.99 per month, and allows you to include 5 free dependent lines. The plan also includes a subscription to Netflix, HBO Go or YouTube Premium;
  • The Alive has Vivo V, which has 500 GB of internet. The monthly fee costs R $ 1,299.99 and the plan allows you to share the internet with 8 dependents at no extra cost.

Oi increases internet in control plans

For those who do not see the need for unlimited mobile internet, Oi also increased the 4G franchise of the cheapest plans:

Internet franchise Unlimited apps Monthly price
10 GB Whatsapp
Facebook Messenger
R $ 39.99 on credit card
Regular price $ 44.99
20 GB Whatsapp
Facebook Messenger
Regular price $ 54.99
25 GB Whatsapp
Facebook Messenger
R $ 49.99 on credit card

All plans also include unlimited calls, including DDD, in addition to 1,000 SMS to any operator in Brazil. There is no minimum stay, and the customer can cancel the service at any time without paying a fine.

Oi also offers value-added services Oi Livros by Skeelo, Coquetel Magazine, Consumer Portal, Oi Magazines, Oi Vida Saudável and Leia Online; apps vary depending on the data franchise or payment method chosen.

Oi Móvel was sold to Claro, TIM and Vivo

It is important to remember that operators Claro, TIM and Vivo bought Oi Móvel at an auction held in December 2020. The deal has yet to be approved by Cade and Anatel, and if the transaction is completed, customers will be divided among the telcos.

Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the unlimited offer will last for a long time, since the purchasing operators can adapt the plans after the minimum contract period.

Customers will be divided according to market share in each area:

  • TIM will have 14.5 million lines;
  • Claro will receive 11.7 million customers;
  • Vivo will incorporate 10.5 million chips.

The three operators are expected to pay R $ 15.7 billion for Oi Móvel, in addition to a R $ 819 million capacity contract. Oi hopes to end the judicial reorganization process with the conclusion of the deal, and will focus its efforts on the expansion of fiber optics in Brazil.

All plans and values ​​cited in the article refer to São Paulo (DDD 11) and may vary according to location.

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