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The cryptocurrency mining novel ethereum on GPUs Nvidia won another chapter this week: the company accidentally released a driver that was able to release this function on the RTX 3060, without any restrictions. This small incident went against what the brand itself had recently promised, by making the video card 50% less effective for this job.

Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (Image: Disclosure / NVIDIA)

Graphics card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (Image: Disclosure / NVIDIA)

Video cards concentrate a lot of processing power, several times used to help other tasks besides games, like helping to render a video, or to edit images in Photoshop. Another endeavor for GPUs is mining, which at the moment is only efficient with the cryptocurrency ethereum and Nvidia saw its recently launched RTX 3060 disappear from the shelves for just that reason.

To discourage these buyers of this GPU, which caused the price of the board to skyrocket while store stocks were practically empty, Nvidia decided to cut the efficiency of the board for mining by 50%. Some people were concerned about the games, but the company responsible for the RTX 3060 swore that the focus of the hack was only on this task, not the games.

Shortly thereafter, the 470.05 driver in beta was released by Nvidia and it solves this problem for miners: the firmware puts all the power back in the hands of those who want to make money with the GPU, starting hell again. players looking for the hardware.

Nvidia realized the problem almost a day later and, on Tuesday (16), removed the possibility of downloading this driver from its platform. “A developer inadvertently inserted in the driver a code used for internal development, which removes the limiter for the RTX 3060 in some configurations. The driver has been removed, ”commented Nvidia to the American press.

The driver does not affect all RTX 3060 models that are in the hands of manufacturing partners, but it does reach a considerably large group of board variants.

The RTX 3060 driver is still available over the internet

Even with the removal of the official download from Nvidia’s side, the damage has already been done. The file can be found in various places on the internet and it continues to work as expected by the miners: unleashing all the firepower for the ethereum cryptocurrency.

The curious thing is that during the announcement of the driver that decreases the performance of the RTX 3060 for cryptocurrency mining, the company stated that the work for this purpose is done in conjunction with between part of the silicon and the BIOS of the card itself. Guaranteed security, which was automatically switched off with another driver.

Nvidia knows that attacking miners is not a choice with full support from the marketing industry, as these users are buying graphics cards and thus handing over money to the company. To this end, the brand has a line with models dedicated to this function, called Nvidia CMP, or Cryptocurrency Mining Processor.

Nvidia CMP GPUs have some changes so as not to affect the card market for gamers, such as the absence of a graphics output and even internal adaptations to make mining even more efficient, while the cost of selling this model ends up being lower.

The problem is that there is a shortage of other components on the market, which also help with the inventory problem of the RTX 3060, as well as other graphics cards and even other products such as SSDs. Anyway, at least one of the dilemmas seems to be resolved – for now.

With information: The Verge.

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