Nvidia advises to uninstall the latest Windows 10 update if your RTX 3000 is lagging

The Windows 10 updates of March and April are said to be the source of bugs with the latest Nvidia RTX 30 graphics cards. An employee of the founder recommends, to resolve the problem, to return to a restore point prior to this update. up to date. The catch is that the April update, in particular, fixes over a hundred 0-day flaws.

Nvidia RTX 3000 performance bug

Messages multiply on Reddit and forums : Since the April 2021 update, owners of Nvidia graphics cards, especially the latest GeForce RTX 30xx, have noticed strange drops in performance. An editor explains for example: “This update [d’avril ndlr] seems to cause an avalanche of freeze with my machine equipped with an RTX 3070 and an R5 3600. I initially thought that it was related to a corruption of the system or of the graphics drivers, but no, the freeze came back with each reinstallation , and came away with each uninstallation ”.

Another : “I have a big problem with the vsync. When vsync is active unable to maintain 60 FPS. The figure falls like crazy towards 55 or even 40. Without the vsync the same game gives more than 180 FPS. I uninstalled [la mise à jour d’avril] and everything is back to normal. I will not reinstall any updates until this is fixed ”. But according to our colleagues from Windowslatest, an Nvidia employee replied on the graphics card manufacturer’s official forum. With some unusual advice : “If you see performance drops in games, check to see if uninstalling the KB5000842 update fixes the problem”.

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Nvidia advises uninstalling the latest Windows 10 update… don’t listen to it!

Update KB5000842 also known as the March 2021 Optional Preview Update contains the same changes as the April 2021 update (KB5001330) but without the latest security patches. Both updates appear to be causing the exact same problem. There is currently no technical explanation for this bug. Uninstalling these two updates is therefore the equivalent of reverting to the March 2021 tuesday patch (KB5000802). The problem is that the patches contained in the April 2021 update fix more than 100 security vulnerabilities including many 0-day vulnerabilities actively exploited in the wild.

The advice of this Nvidia employee should therefore be taken with the necessary hindsight. First, it is still strongly recommended to leave automatic updates enabled in Windows Update, to keep your computer’s security up to date. It is also advisable, before considering reverting to an earlier restore point, to check that your graphics drivers are up to date, and attempt to reinstall them if necessary. Finally Microsoft is due to release a new cumulative preview update today or tomorrow: try installing it and check if the graphics issues persist.

In any case, we underline it: as annoying as they are the updates of Windows 10 are essential. Microsoft constantly has to adapt its updates to millions of different hardware configurations, which is not an easy task and occasionally leaves these types of bugs spinning. The firm is nonetheless very responsive to the fixes, and more often than not, you just have to be a little patient and wait for an update to arrive.

Source: Windows Latest

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