Nubank: see how to create more than 1 virtual card

The virtual card is a tool that has become essential to pay for online purchases and services or to be used in an integrated way with digital wallets, such as Google Pay and Apple Pay. The service offers a combination of security and practicality, being able to avoid major headaches with possible fraud, in addition to facilitating the cancellation of services contracted over the internet.

Since 2017, all Nubank customers, when opening their account and requesting a debit card or having an approved credit card, can unlock the electronic version of the card through the application, without bureaucracy or need to talk to an attendant, even before receive the physical card.

As of September 22, the digital bank allowed the issuance of more than one virtual card simultaneously. For now, the service is only available to some customers, but it will be released to other users over the next few weeks.

How does the virtual card work?

The virtual card works like an additional card, with a different number, expiry date, security code (CVV) than the physical card. However, in addition to not being physical, the digital card can be created and canceled easily through the app.

It is also possible to customize what will be the maximum resource that can be spent with the virtual card, to make it even more difficult for malicious people to misuse it and to make it easier to control expenses.

However, the digital version shares the same limit, in the credit function, and balance, in the case of debit, as the physical card. Thus, if the customer has a free limit of R$3,000 and makes a purchase of R$400 with the virtual card, he will have R$2.6 thousand in balance to spend.

Transactions carried out using both types of cards are billed in a single bill, with the same expiration date, but presented separately, which facilitates financial control.

What are the advantages of having more than one virtual card?

App allows you to control expenses according to each card, both virtual and physical. (Source: Nubank/Reproduction)Source:  Nubank/Reproduction

The possibility of having more than one virtual card allows the customer to separate the limits and expenses with each purchase and service. The user can choose, for example, to establish a maximum spending on delivery or transport applications, as well as a cap on payment for streaming services or transactions carried out by digital wallets.

Expenses will be presented separately on the invoice, making it easier to follow up on the personal budget. If desired, the customer can change the limits of each virtual card so as not to lose financial control, facilitating the adjustment of expenses to their financial planning.

Nubank’s virtual card can be used for one-time payments or frequent transactions. In case of problems with the physical or virtual card, such as theft or fraud, it can be canceled without altering the functioning of the other cards, whether physical or digital. Like the physical card and the first virtual card, Nubank does not charge a fee or annual fee for creating other digital cards.

How to activate the first Nubank virtual card?

Creating the virtual card in the app does not require bureaucracy or conversation with the attendant. (Source: Nubank/Reproduction)Creating the virtual card in the app does not require bureaucracy or conversation with the attendant. (Source: Nubank/Reproduction)Source:  Nubank/Reproduction

Nubank’s first virtual card is released in the debit function for new account holders as soon as the account is opened. In the case of the credit function, new customers should expect an email a few days after credit card approval. The service can be activated easily, using the following steps:

1. within the application, in the “My Cards” area, tap on the “Virtual Card” shortcut;

2. enter your 4-digit password (same as the physical card);

3. Choose the name for your new card, for example: “Vacation trip”.

4. The app will create your virtual card and display information such as number, cardholder name, expiration date and security code (CVV) on the screen.

How to create more Nubank virtual cards?

The procedure for creating other virtual cards is the same used for issuing the first digital card. However, the user should be aware that the option is not yet available to all customers. To find out whether or not you can create more than one virtual card, just visit the Nubank app.

How to use virtual cards?

Virtual card data can be copied and pasted to make life easier when shopping. (Source: Nubank/Reproduction)Virtual card data can be copied and pasted to make life easier when shopping. (Source: Nubank/Reproduction)Source:  Nubank/Reproduction

All information on virtual cards is available on the Nubank app. To access them and start shopping, just follow the guidelines below.

1. Tap “My Cards” on the home screen.

2. Choose which virtual card to use.

3. Enter your 4-digit password.

4. The virtual card data will be displayed, so you can copy and place the data so you don’t have to enter all the numbers.

How to block or delete the virtual card?

If you no longer want a virtual card or suspect that you have placed the information on an unreliable website or that the data has been stolen in some way, you can choose between blocking or deleting the electronic version of your card.

To permanently delete the virtual card, just tap the trash can below the virtual card image. If you choose to lock the card, tap the padlock next to the trash. If you want to unlock the digital card, just tap the same lock again.

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