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We have reached the end of another week and I’m here to let you know everything that happened. At the technoblog, the agenda that had the most repercussions was the move by the Brazilian government, at the request of billionaires like the owner of Havan and Magalu, to tax illegal products coming from China. already in TB community, we had some discussions about the Nubank app interface and mobile games. Come with me to see what was featured between January 29th and February 4th.

TB Comunidade #105 (Image: Reproduction/Tecnoblog)

Top 5 TB Community Discussions

  1. Do you find the Nubank interface “easy”?
  2. “Flopverse” What is your opinion about the Metaverse?
  3. What mobile games do you play?
  4. Store charging interest on the card, can it?
  5. typing speed

The Nubank app is often used as a reference when talking about user experience (or at least it was). Reader Gabriel (Vngp85yz) told the Community that he always heard good things about the application’s interface, but that he had a totally different perception when he started using it. Some people even said that the app was good, at the beginning, but that with the arrival of new services, it changed. According to Breno (bbcbreno), he became a Frankenstein.

And the Metaverse, huh? There are many people (and companies) betting that, in fact, this will be the new reality — Tim, for example, has already created a space there. But, on the other hand, there are those who say that the flop comes. Luiz (Luiz-Maker) has even given a name: flopverso 😂. What is your opinion on the matter? Share with us.

TIM store in the metaverse (Image: Disclosure/TIM)
TIM store in the metaverse (Image: Disclosure/TIM)

What never flops are mobile games. According to a report by AdColony, together with Nielsen, 77% of Brazilian adults play on their cell phones. If you are part of this list, I invite you to answer: what mobile games do you play? That was CarlosAranha’s question in the Community, but I’m also curious here. Run there in the topic to give your contribution (and give me some tips).

The 5 best discussions about Tecnoblog agendas

Change is coming 👀. The Brazilian government should start taxing illegal products that come from China to meet the request of large Brazilian businessmen, such as the owners of Havan and Magalu. The initiative comes at the same time that Shopee increases its customer base in Brazil. What will the next chapters be?

It’s summer and all Brazilians want is to keep their drinks cold longer. That’s why the Stanley cup has won the hearts of many people. But, if it depends on Philco, this doesn’t last for long. The company launched a new thermo cup that promises up to 5 hours of cold drink — if you have ice in the glass, the time increases to up to 20 hours. The releases also maintain warm temperatures for up to 2 hours. On the company’s website, you can find the product for R$ 199.

New thermos cups from Philco rivals the Stanley cup keep drinks cold in up to 20 hours (Image: Philco / Disclosure)
New thermos cups from Philco rivals the Stanley cup keep drinks cold in up to 20 hours (Image: Philco / Disclosure)

A statement made by Damares Alves, Minister of the Family, Women and Human Rights, was also featured here. During the opening of an event, she linked TikTok to early pregnancy and claimed that 8-year-olds are on the app to sell their bodies. The social network has not commented so far, but it is important to remember that in early 2021 the social network included some restrictions for accounts of users under the age of 18. So, what’s your opinion on the matter?

I close our weekly summary here. Don’t forget to follow the technoblog and participate in the discussions in the Community to stay on top of all the news. To the next!

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