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Now it’s official: Nubank Ultraviolet was announced this Tuesday (6), a premium category with a credit card made of metal and inscription visible only under UV light. It offers the advantages of the Mastercard Black banner, plus immediate cashback on purchases with an automatic yield of 200% of the CDI. However, all of this comes at a price.

Ultraviolet Nubank Card (Image: Disclosure)

How is the Nubank Ultraviolet card

Nubank Ultravioleta has some characteristics to differentiate itself from Roxinho, which is a credit card with no annual fee. In the new product, the card itself has a metal core, is heavier and has a darker purple color.

The card number is only stored in the app., along with the expiration date and CVC (three-digit security code). That way, if it is stolen or stolen, no one will be able to make improper purchases. The customer can consult the last 4 digits in the app, in the “My cards” section, and online purchases will depend on the virtual card.

On the physical card, only your name, the new logo and a secret message that can only be seen under ultraviolet light; it is imported because it cannot be produced in Brazil. Customers will receive from Nubank a flashlight with UV light to check what is written; will be one of seven preset phrases.

Cashback at Nubank Ultraviolet

Ultraviolet Nubank Card (Image: Disclosure)

Ultraviolet Nubank Card (Image: Disclosure)

With Nubank Ultraviolet, all purchases in the credit function generate 1% cashback. The amount is credited immediately and never expires; he yields 200% of the CDI as long as you don’t use it.

You can use this cashback in purchases, in Smiles miles and, in the future, in Easyinvest investments – company that was acquired by Nubank. All of this is controlled by the app.

Mastercard Black at Nubank Ultraviolet

Nubank Ultraviolet uses the flag Mastercard Black, therefore brings its respective advantages. This includes protection against accidental damage, theft or aggravated theft for 90 days; and double the original warranty when purchasing products.

In addition, for travelers, free international health insurance is issued; Unlimited free WiFi at airports; insurance against loss or diversion of luggage; and unlimited and free access to the VIP Lounge in Guarulhos. (At other airports, the VIP Lounge Key will cost $32 per person for each access.)

The free Roxinho, in turn, uses the Mastercard Gold and Platinum flags.

Nubank Ultraviolet is free for high-income customers

Ultraviolet Nubank Card (Image: Disclosure)

Ultraviolet Nubank Card (Image: Disclosure)

Cristina Junqueira, co-founder of Nubank, said at the launch event that Ultraviolet is a premium option “for those who feel stuck with traditional banks and haven’t found an option yet”.

The Ultraviolet Nubank it will cost BRL 49 per month. Fintech explains in a statement that, “because it is a card with more benefits, it has a different operating cost and is designed for customers with a certain spending profile.” Still, the company points out that this is about 40% lower than the rate charged by banks for Black cards.

The Ultraviolet will be free in two cases:

  • for customers with an average of R$5,000 in credit bill transactions in the last 3 months;
  • or for customers with R$150,000 saved or invested in Nubank or Easynvest.

How to purchase Nubank Ultraviolet?

Nubank Ultraviolet will be released gradually over the next few months, first for those who are already a customer. If you are interested, just register your CPF on the official website.

The moment Ultraviolet is activated, the current physical card ceases to function. And if you are a Nubank Rewards customer with accumulated points, they will automatically be converted into cashback if you migrate to Ultraviolet; each 100 points of the loyalty program are worth R$1.

Will Nubank Annuity Credit Card End?

No. “The Nubank credit card you already know – the famous purple one – remains free of any maintenance or annuity fees.“, guarantees the company in a statement.

Cristina Junqueira explained at the event that the Ultraviolet card is an anchor product to attract high-income customers, who will receive a higher credit limit. It will be allied to future launches, such as investment funds by Nubank Ultravioleta.

However, you can cancel Nubank Ultravioleta and have free Roxinho, requesting the change of category to receive a new card (Gold or Platinum).

And Apple Pay?

Nubank gave few details about Apple Pay support, but confirmed that it will be released soon. fintech also clarified that this will be available to all customers, both free Roxinho and Ultraviolet.

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