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THE Nubank warned on Friday (28) that the issuance of collection slips in the PJ Account will be paid from September 1st: the app mentions values ​​from R $ 1 to R $ 3 depending on the customer. In this form of billing, it is possible to choose the name of the payer and the due date. Meanwhile, payment slips will continue to be free, but are limited to five units per month. The change does not affect individual NuConta customers.

First of all, it is important to make clear the difference between bill of collection and bill of deposit:

  • The bill it is available only in the PJ Account and is thought of as a tool for corporate clients: it allows you to enter the name of the payer and the CPF / CNPJ, in addition to changing the expiration date;
  • The deposit slip, available to individual and PJ clients, serves as an alternative to TED and other transfer methods: it is issued by Nubank always under your name and with a predefined expiration date.

Nubank had warned that payment slips would not be charged until August 31, 2020, to help customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic; fintech also said it would reevaluate the charge after that date.

Now it is official: collection slips will be paid from September 1st. In a statement to the Tecnoblog, Nubank states that “for the time being we do not have a forecast of what will be the new fixed fee for payment slips, but we will notify customers as soon as this value is defined”.

Currently, the cost of issuing a bill of exchange varies according to the customer. Some users have been advised that they must pay R $ 1 per unit; others say the service costs R $ 2 or R $ 2.50. Here, the app displays the value of R $ 3:

Nubank account PJ

Nubank recalls that issuing a ticket generates costs

“As it was a critical moment for thousands of Brazilian entrepreneurs impacted by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, we released the use of the collection bill at no cost until August 31,” explains Nubank in an official blog. “As of September 1, however, payment slips will be charged.”

Fintech argues that issuing and paying bill slips “generates costs for Nubank that we are unable to exempt for our customers forever”. The charge would be necessary to continue offering a PJ account without maintenance fees and with free services, such as unlimited bank transfers.

The collection slips can be issued in unlimited quantity and must have values ​​between R $ 6 and R $ 15,000. In the meantime, it is possible to issue a maximum of five payment slips per month in the PJ Account.

It is worth repeating that these changes do not affect Nubank’s digital account, formerly known as NuConta. THE Tecnoblog found that individual customers can issue up to 15 slips a month; the app warns you when the user tries to issue the 16th bill.

How to issue payment slip in Nubank PJ Account

Nubank PJ Account

To request the PJ Account, it is necessary to open the Nubank app, touch your name, select the option “Request PJ account”, enter your CNPJ and follow the instructions.

AND to issue a bill of exchange, follow these steps:

  1. in the Nubank app for the PJ Account, tap Demand;
  2. enter the value you want to charge;
  3. select the option Accept via billing slip;
  4. set the due date of the boleto;
  5. enter the full name of the payer, as well as the CPF (if you are an individual) or CNPJ (if you are a legal entity);
  6. touch Generate Boleto;
  7. touch Send ticket to send the file in PDF and share it via email, WhatsApp and other applications;
    • or touch Copy code and send it to the payer.

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